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Biz stuff can sound pretty boring. Or complicated.

Or even kinda scary and intimidating.

But y’know, it can also be fun, and interesting, and much, much easier than anyone thinks.

And I loooooove to talk about that… With anyone.

People in the check-out line. The delivery guy. My plants. 

But what I’d really like to do is share my knowledge with people who are interested, looking for top-notch content, and ready to drink up all the business knowledge they can. 

Like your audience 😎 

I’ve got the business, marketing, and mindset know-how, all wrapped up in a neat 2-decade package. I’ve also got a no-BS attitude, a you-CAN-do-it approach, and a burning desire to help others realize that it’s not all as scary as it seems! 

Please do get in touch if you’d like to arrange a podcast appearance or a podcast swap!

Topics & Expertise

I have a vast amount of experience in multiple different industries, so whatever your show caters to, I’m sure we can get some really great stuff in! 

Here are a few topics I’m always keen to drop a few golden nuggets or truth bombs about:

How to Use Your Content to Promote Your Biz

A large part of my background has been in content marketing, and I absolutely recognize its importance in any business! This is one area that any entrepreneur can get up and running with no tools, no capital, and just a bit of creativity. 

Becoming a Hotshot Salesperson

… without feeling like a slime-covered sleazeball, losing confidence halfway through, or underselling yourself. The fact is, everyone can learn to sell, and to do it effectively. In most cases, it’s just a confidence thing! 

Shifting Your Mindset to Work for You, Not Against You

I’m a huge advocate of mindset training as a part of learning how to run a super successful biz. You’d be surprised how a few simple tweaks to your thoughts and beliefs can carry over into business and take you from meh to magical in the business arena. 

Attracting Clients To Form Ben-and-Jerry-type Partnerships With

Without clients, you have no biz! And for many entrepreneurs, drawing people to you like bees to bright flowers is not an easy task. A large part of what I do is helping people find their dream date clients and keep them around. 

Becoming a Funnel Fundi

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of funnels, but they’re super easy to understand, put in place, and profit from. I love talking about how putting systems and processes in place can bring the cash in with very upkeep. 

How to Write for Forbes (and other gigantic publications)

Guest blogging is a super underestimated way of gaining organic traffic and getting your name out there. It’s something I promote in my own business coaching sessions, and something I love sharing ideas, tips, and tricks for. 

If there’s anything specific you’d like me to talk about, feel free to drop me a line and let me know! I’m there like a bear if it’s something businessy or mindset-related that I can really get behind. 

Quick ‘N Easy Readable Bio

With almost 2 decades of experience, a dash of humour, and a true desire to help, Lilach Bullock uses her extensive experience to teach others just how they can get ahead in business and life.  With an excellent understanding of both business and mindset, her mission is to get you to think differently… And therefore, do differently.  With a whole host of accolades behind her name, including making Forbes’ top 20 women social media power influencers list, being named the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, and a Global Women Champions Award for outstanding contribution to business and leadership, there’s no denying Lilach is at the top of the business and mindset coaching game.

Where to Find Me

I’m always happy for listeners to connect with me on social media.

Other Links Your Audience Might Like

I love sharing free, valuable content with people to help them get ahead in business and in life. You’re very welcome to direct listeners to any of these resources if it makes sense to you to do so. 

Free weekly Magnificent Marketing and Mindset Masterclass 

Every Wednesday I hold a small live-action digital get-together, where we go over a bunch of tips, tactics, and tools to inject your biz with a little dose of magic. Plenty to learn, and no selling! 

Free Facebook group, Magnificent Marketing & Mindset 

A valuable, buzzing (in a good way) community of like-minded entrepreneurial peeps. I post every day, but so do others, so there’s always something of high value floating around. Plus, the occasional clever marketing meme, of course. 

My no-blah marketing & mindset blog 

If you’re looking for fluff, pat a puppy. There’s none of that here – it’s a no-blah, fluff-free, packed-with-good-actionable-stuff blog, aimed at teaching you stuff you didn’t know you were missing out on. 

My own podcast, the Lilach Bullock Show 

New info bombs, insider secrets, and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas from a different biz whizz every week! P.S. I’d love you to be on it sometime? Let’s do a trade?

My mailing list 

I’ll drop into your inbox once a week with something exciting and useful for ya. It might be an idea, it might be a task, it might be a tool… You’ll just have to sign up and see.

8 Money Blocks ebook 

Aaah, money… The arch-nemesis of most entrepreneurs! Sure, we all want more of it…. But you could have deep-set beliefs and fears that are actually keeping it at arm’s length. If you want to take your relationship with money from friend zone to forever, this ebook is for you.

Free, no-obligation strategy call with Lilach 

Coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who need an injection of magical mindset transformation or some help exploding their biz and bank account like a treat-filled piñata, this complimentary face-to-face chat is for you. 

It’s also an opportunity to find out more about my 1-on-1 business coaching program and the Magnificent Marketing and Mindset Program. BUT, there’s no obligation for a second date. 

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My Podcast Past (Podpast?)

If you want to get an idea of how my English accent sounds, see what others like talking to me about, or just make sure I’m not a total fraud, check out other podcasts I’ve been on before!