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Where it all started…

I like to think of myself as a digital matchmaker of sorts.
I love helping people achieve their dreams online and helping them turn their passion into profit.
For the past 15 years, I’ve built several successful blogs and businesses (and even sold one of them!) that generated hundreds of thousands of visitors and email subscribers. 
I got my ‘big break’ back in 2006, when I started my first company, asklilach, a virtual PA company which evolved into providing social media marketing services. I sold my ‘baby’ in 2009 so that I could focus building and launching a social media marketing tool.

But let’s rewind a little…

I was never career-focused. In fact, my true passion was travelling. I’m very fortunate to have travelled all around the world. But it meant that my career took a back seat. It also meant that I never continued my education past secondary school. I never went to college and I don’t have any formal qualifications (apart from my secretarial ones!). Fortunately, I’ve discovered over time that life experience can be just as valuable as book knowledge (if not more).

On paper, I was destined to fail. 

In 2006, I’d just had our daughter, Emily, and desperately didn’t want to go back to my old job commuting 4 hours a day and being apart from her for 12 hours a day were sacrifices I didn’t want to make any longer.  I decided to go back to my roots and offer virtual PA services to small businesses.  This was before social media took off, when businesses had to rely on other methods to generate business (the powers of networking led me to have the NHS as a client!).

You can see just how happy I was in this picture

Fast forward a few years, and it turned out I was pretty good at running a business.  Sure, I made a few mistakes – like not getting money upfront or not being paid (I always recommend you get money upfront now!) and working crazy long hours before I realised the advantages of outsourcing work to others.  The business was so successful that I hired staff, had offices and even went to Downing Street for Best Mumpreneur of the Year (an accomplishment that I’m still very proud of to this day!) 

I was fortunate enough to get an offer for the business and at the same time, I really wanted to invest and go down the software route and create a tool (think Hootsuite/Buffer) that would save people time and money in managing their social media.

In 2009 social media was starting to take off in a big way and I could see huge potential in the membership model business. At the time, there were very few tools compared with today!

The good news is that I managed to raise considerable funds through 7 investors (including myself!) and it catapulted me into the software world and launched my consulting work with dozens of high profile entrepreneurs and prominent software developers, many of  whom I still consult for.

The bad news is, like many start-ups, it failed.  For a number of reasons.  I’d like to blame the developers (for not delivering as promised) but the truth is that I also have to take responsibility for not managing the project strongly enough.  I was burned out and it took me a while to realize and accept this.  I had a huge decision to make:  I could either raise another million dollars and find new developers and in-effect start again or continue my consulting services which were gradually building up on the sideline, whilst waiting (far too patiently!) for the tool to launch. 

I look back on this experience as a huge learning experience and, having spoken to 100’s of successful entrepreneurs over the years, I realise that failure can actually be a blessing in disguise.  Without these important lessons, we can’t succeed and grow.  Take a look at all the big entrepreneurs in the world, they all have stories of failure.  The difference between them and the others (those you never hear about), is that they learn from them and move forwards.   

Around the same time, I started to develop a multi-site blog which rapidly reached over 600,000 visitors per month.

Fast forward and the last few years, I’ve been running a content marketing boutique agency and business consultancy, and I’m happier than ever. Over time, my articles have been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, Wired, The Sunday Times, Huffington Post, The Next Web, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Content Marketing Institute, Twitter, and the Guardian, among other publications. I’ve also spoken worldwide at industry conferences and events and become a social media influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

I love helping new entrepreneurs and struggling entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and strive for greatness. I look forward to hearing about your business and seeing how I can help you reach (and hopefully exceed) your goals!  

My mission (and my passion) is to adopt my personal strategies to help others achieve the same results and even surpass them (I won’t be jealous, I promise!) 

Top 20 Social Media Influencers

being listed in Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers- this one makes me blush.

Winner- Social Influencer of Europe

This one blew my mind.

No. 1 Digital Marketing Influencer

Named the No. 1 Digital Marketing Influence by Career Experts

No. 1 Bestseller in 2 categories

Written books that have hit the number 1 spot on Amazon in two categories,  Sales & Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Global Woman Champion

Being awarded the Global Woman Champion award for outstanding contribution and leadership in business from GC4Women Foundation.

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