Everybody - and every business

- has a story

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My story isn’t earth-shatteringly dramatic

or poignant enough to move people to tears.

But it’s what makes me me, so naturally, I think it’s pretty darn important. 

And you may actually be somewhat familiar with it, too. I’ve always felt a bit like a fish out of water… a square peg in a round hole… the odd person out, the weird one, an Oreo in a packet of graham crackers.

Here’s a quick bit of background for you: 

I was adopted by my father, which made me feel both loved and weirdly different

At school, I was bullied for being Jewish, so I became the classic shy wallflower

Nobody could ever get my name right! (although now it makes me stand out 💥 in my biz)

My teachers not-so-subtly pushed me towards secretarial or beauty school, because I was just a non-academic girl who “didn’t have much talent”

So that left me… As a young, quiet, unconfident, different girl who wasn’t quite sure how she fit into anything. 

But there was that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I could be more. That I didn’t have to be a graham cracker just because everyone else was a graham cracker. 

(they make great cheesecake crusts, but have you ever tasted an Oreo crust?) 😎

The Story Continues

So now might be the time that you’d expect a revelation, or a rebellion, or something huge and significant to happen in my life. 

*waits a beat* 

I went to secretarial school, just like a good girl. While it wasn’t a “cool” job, it did give me a bunch of useful skills, which I used to get a job as a training manager. I was also able to travel, work in other countries, and meet a whole lot of amazing people (so I can’t sneeze at my secretarial experience!). 

And now’s the time for that big thing to happen. 

*leans forward* 

I had a near-death experience.

Just kidding… 

But I did have a daughter, which is almost the same, right? 😝

Now while having my daughter was an amazing and life-changing experience all on its own, there was one part of the whole experience that really kicked off a new kind of life for me. 

My company wouldn’t down my hours from full-time to part-time. 

Now, there’s a strange type of courage that I think comes with having a small, helpless kiddie to protect. That little voice in my head that once told me I could be an Oreo no matter what anyone else thought suddenly got a whole lot louder. 

And it told me to quit. 

So quit I did.

And it ended up being my biggest blessing ever, because that’s when I started my first business, as a virtual PA. 

Within 2 years, I had multiple offices, was employing full-time staff, and had even visited 10 Downing Street as part of Best Mumpreneur of the Year! 

My entrepreneurship career had officially begun 😎 

Fast Forward …

I eventually sold my first PA business, but the business-building bug had bitten and I built and sold several more. 

I also started coaching others on how to do the same, or how to use that knowledge to skyrocket their own business’s success.

And that’s when I realized a few things:

From there, things went haywire. I spent the next 17 or so years…

Running wildly successful content marketing / digital marketing agencies

Starting, running, and selling multiple businesses

Coaching many, maaaaaaany entrepreneurs (all of whom have since become biz stars)

Consulting for some really big-name companies (think IBM, Twitter, Dropbox…)

Writing for huge publications (Forbes, Huffington Post, BBC, Social Media Examiner, to name a few)

Being paid to travel the world as a guest speaker and keynote speaker, and presenting in front of crowds of 50 to 10,000+ people! (for a shy person, this was a huge milestone!)

Despite my massive success, I also went through the sucky part of struggling, failing, and wondering if I’d ever be more than just a crummy graham cracker! I’ve:

“I’ve loved this journey, and I’ve had the opportunity to experience so many things!

Professionally speaking, I’m super proud of my Global Women Champions Award for my outstanding contributions and leadership in business, from the Global Connections for Women Foundation, and my #1 UK influencer crown, from Career Experts. 

I’ve also written for top publications, like Forbes, Social Media Examiner, Alexa, The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC, and the Times, as well as spoken in front of crowds of 50 to 10,000+ people! 

It’s been a wild ride, but I know there’s plenty more to come. Hopefully I’ll be taking you to the same heights in your biz!”

Oreo FTW!

It’s been almost 2 decades since all that happened, and this Oreo is still going strong. 

I’m loaded with experience, and while I still learn new things, my biggest passion is using my experience to help other Oreos do their thing. Or to help graham crackers become Oreos. Orrrrr to help graham crackers become the best graham cracker they can be. 

In other words, whatever your business goals, I’m here to help you get there. Smarter, quicker, and in the most fun way possible. 

Can’t wait to work with you!

Important Nuggets

About Me

I’ve toured with Guns N’ Roses ✌

I was once very pierced (nose, tongue, belly)

I’m a lefty 👈

I'm adopted

I’ve traveled to 25 different countries!

I love dramatics and performing for audiences

I grew up in the UK and moved to Israel a few years ago

I’m not a fan of tea or coffee (not very English of me)

I’m part of the 5am club ⏰

I always battled to be kind to myself. Which is why I love helping others be kind to themselves and kick butt while doing so!

Now that you know who you’re talking to,
here are some of the things

I can help you with:

Set and smash epic goals

Let’s get you used to aiming high (and actually hitting those goals!). Dream big, act big, and you’ll see big results.

Bring in dream clients like bees to honey

Learn how to attract those dream date clients, and keep them as regulars. And when you need more… Have a foolproof attraction at hand.

Level up your confidence

If you see yourself as smart, talented, and the best person for the job, chances are clients will too. Fake it ‘til you make it!

Build a quality leads pipeline

Finding those clients is much harder without a structured leads pipeline. Get this up and running, and you’ll be surprised how things flow!

Find motivation in unlikely places

Discover you WHY and your WHO and you’ll never be short on motivation again. Let’s dive into what’s behind your business!

Become a superb seller… But not a sleazy one

Learn how to sell recipe books to a chef, ice to an Eskimo, and dog toys to a cat person… Without being unethical, sleazy, or feeling uncomfortable.

Understand & remember what you’re worth

Be who you are, charge what you’re worth, and you’ll find the clients who respect you for that. Stop underselling yourself!

Explode your bank account (in a good way)

All mindset and no money makes Jack a poor boy! While you’ll be doing great things for your mindset, pairing it with practical biz tips will make your bank account boom.

Get comfortable being outside your comfort zone

Outside your comfort zone is where real, lasting change happens! Get comfy being uncomfortable, because it’s an amazing tool for growth.

Find financial and lifestyle stability

That booming bank account is only helpful if you know it’s going to be that way month upon month upon month. I’ll help you find that consistency!

Learn to embrace and even create change

Change can be your friend if you let it. Prioritize what you need to for your biz to flow. If it’s not working, change it!

Trust those instincts!

Nobody knows your business better than you do! Trust that gut feeling and learn to make decisions based on it… They’ll be the best ones you make.