Everybody- and every business- has a story

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Mine is one that may be

somewhat familiar to you.

It’s the story of a girl who never truly felt comfortable with herself. Ever since I was young, I felt isolated, like an outsider who didn’t quite fit in. At a young age I was adopted by my father, an experience that made me feel both loved and different than everyone else who came from a more traditional family. In high school, I was bullied for being Jewish, and I was never able to stand up for myself or respond with confidence.

Perhaps equally difficult was the fact that I felt that I wasn’t particularly academic, and my teachers essentially pushed me towards secretarial school or beauty school – they didn’t think I had the talent or skill to do anything else with my life. Despite the naysayers, I always had an internal voice feeling like I need to prove everyone wrong, to show them that I COULD make something of myself, even if I wasn’t at the top of my class, and even if it wasn’t easy.

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I didn’t want my story to be one of despair; I wanted it to be one of triumph, success, and joy. It took me years to overcome my own self-doubt and low self-esteem. Very slowly, I did. I learned how to believe in myself, be kind to myself, and to embrace both my strengths and limitations, and use them both to my advantage. Now, decades later, I want to do the same for you. ​

The Story Continues….

As my teachers suggested, I did go to secretarial school, and the skills I learned there allowed me to travel and work in many countries and meet many wonderful people. When my beautiful daughter was born, I was working as a training manager, and the company wouldn’t allow me to transition to part time work. This disappointment ended up being the biggest blessing – it prompted me to open my own business as a virtual PA. At the time, there weren’t many virtual PA companies, and demand was high. I learned how to network and grow my business (and this was before social media!), and within two years, I had offices, full-time staff, and visited Downing Street for Best Mumpreneur of the Year.

I started coaching other entrepreneurs on how to grow their own businesses, and I discovered that I truly loved helping people realize their dreams more than I ever imagined I would. I’d discovered my passion in the place I least expected it. I eventually sold my virtual PA business, and over time I built and sold several other businesses and pivoted countless times.  

Among the things I’m most proud professionally of are receiving a Global Women Champions Award (from the Global Connections for Women Foundation) for outstanding contributions and leadership in business, and being listed as the number one influencer in the UK by Career Experts. I’ve also written for Forbes, Social Media Examiner, Alexa, The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC, the Times, and I’ve spoken in front of crowds of 50-10,000+ people

But, I’ve learned over the years that personal achievements also contribute to your success as an entrepreneur, and that no success comes without hardships. While building my businesses, I also struggled, as all people do – specifically with the challenges of motherhood, painful infertility, and a move to a new country.

Today, I couldn’t be prouder to have pivoted into full-time coaching. Though I’ve been doing business and mindset coaching for years, there’s something innately satisfying about focusing solely on what I’m truly passionate about and seeing how it makes a difference in the lives of others. 

I learned many important lessons and developed many skills during 17 years as an entrepreneur, and I’ve been honored to share them with many entrepreneurs. I look forward to using my experiences and expertise to help you build your business and fulfill your dreams!

I've toured with Guns N' Roses

I used to have multiple piercings, including my nose, belly, and tongue

I love travelling and have been to 25 countries

I used to be very involved in amateur dramatics and love performing

I'm left-handed

I emigrated from the UK to Israel 2 years ago

I get up every day at 4:45am and am part of the "5am club"

I'm adopted

I don't like tea (or coffee) which is not very English

My mission is to help people be kind to themselves and believe in themselves, something I battled with for many years

But enough about me, here are

some of the ways I can help you:

Build your confidence

learn to think about yourself as smart, worthy, successful – and your clients will think the same!

Find motivation and inspiration to do hard things

discover your WHY, and you'll always have the desire to reach for your dreams.

Set and achieve BIG GOALS

the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Dream big, and you'll achieve big things.

Understand your worth

stop undercharging your clients and learn to understand your true value (both as a business person and as a person!).

Manage your time and efficiency

discover how a few tweaks to your daily routine can enhance your productivity and change your life for the better.

Attract new clients

growing your business won't happen in a vacuum. Learn how to market yourself and reach new audiences.

Step outside your comfort zone

the first step is the hardest, but you'll definitely learn a thing or two in the process.

Learn to prioritize

shifting your priorities can change your workflow, your energy levels, and your success. Don't stay stuck in something that isn't working – turn your pain into gain.

Trust your instincts

nobody knows your business better than you…and don't let your self-doubt (or anyone else) tell you otherwise.