Build Strategies, Build Processes… Build Your Business

Do you have a great-looking website that isn’t getting great results?

A social media campaign that isn’t feeling very social?

A content marketing strategy that you’re not quite content with?

You’re (sadly) not alone.

Sometimes all you need is an unbiased outsider to take a look and identify the problem. But be careful: Anyone can offer opinions or suggestions for change, but
few people have the expertise that I have when it comes to building a business. Even fewer people offer real, practical strategies that can really improve your bottom line. I’d love to help you fill in the gaps and take your business to the next level.

I can help your business with:

Conversion Optimization

Many of the enterprises I encounter struggle to convert even 2% of their visitors – but it doesn’t need to be this way (and if you ask me, it absolutely shouldn’t be this way). One way to double your conversions is to double your traffic, but that is often the more expensive and difficult path to take. The best way to start is by increasing the conversion rate on the traffic that you already have – and trust me, it can be done.

You don’t need to pay someone to tell you how great your website is. You want to pay someone who can tell you how to turn it from good to great (or better than great). I’m your gal.

I’ve helped many websites improve their conversion rates by 100% – or more. (Yes, you read that right!)


I can teach you how to:

address the customer’s needs rather than yours
make subtle changes that can yield HUGE results
create a friction-free user experience from website entry to checkout
remove distractions from your conversion funnel
optimize your landing pages so that they get real, measurable results


When you implement my strategies, conversions will become the norm, NOT the exception.

Social Media Strategies

Social media is about more than posting a few notes on Facebook or Twitter. It requires a bit of sass, fabulous graphics, attention to the right time of day, and so much more.

When it comes to social media, you need to push the envelope, test your boundaries, and put your company out there.

I built my own business through social media as well as the large, loyal following I enjoy today. Most importantly, I know how to get results when it comes to social media.

Let me take a long, hard look at what you’re doing socially (and, just as importantly, what you’re not doing), and give you some real, practical ideas that you can use to radically improve your social media performance.

Social media is overwhelmed with noise, and these days, it’s not just the number of likes and shares that matter – it’s about generating leads that convert.

I’ve discovered how to harness the power of social media to generate more revenue for your company. I will generate personalized ideas that can help your business achieve equally impressive results.  

Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing isn’t just a buzzword. Nor is it an optional activity for any serious business today. It is (or it should be!) a holistic approach to promoting your brand in a way that will boost your reputation, drive traffic, and achieve conversions. You need to know where your target audience is lurking, how to find them, and how to entice them.

Every industry works a bit differently, so it’s important to learn from someone who has seen a lot – and I have. I’ve consulted with enterprises in a range of industries, from tech companies to charities, and have seen fantastic results.


Let me help your company refine, meet, and even surpass its KPIs. Let me build you a roadmap for your online marketing, including:

Content marketing
SEO optimization
PPC campaigns
Email marketing

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is a form of online marketing that involves creating relevant, valuable content and distributing it among a highly targeted audience. It’s not enough to just write great articles or other online content. You have to know how to use them. I can help you brainstorm content ideas, create an editorial calendar, and discover networks where you’ll want to get published. Does that sound overwhelming? I’ll also create a an efficient work flow that will not only help you save time, but will yield measurable results.

After all, what’s the point of writing great content if it’s not getting read?

I’ve helped develop dozens of businesses – let me help yours grow, too.


What are you waiting for?

Want to hear more? Drop me a line!

Lilach Bullock
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