What percentage of your budget should go towards social media advertising

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What percentage of your budget should go towards social media advertising

Today almost everyone understands the importance of social media in business but it’s importance then raises the question ‘how much budget should be allocated for social media advertising?’

This is often a tricky question as the value of social media advertising in business continues to grow like never before.  Business wants and needs to be where the people are – and the people are definitely spending a lot of their time on social media.  So, business understands where it needs to be seen but how do they determine what their social media advertising budget should be?

Completing a social media and digital marketing course will not only help you understand how social media marketing works but also just how important it is nowadays to your business success.

Social media advertising advantages

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With the number of adults actively using social media on a daily basis increasing its obvious there are many benefits to including social media marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Here are a just a few social media advertising benefits.

  • Real-time analysis –With traditional marketing techniques it takes a while before a business is able to weigh up the success of their marketing campaign. This is certainly not the case with social media advertising, which allows you to constantly and instantly analyse the performance of your advertising campaign and decide what works for you and what doesn’t.  It’s an amazing tool which enables to you tweak or complete rearrange a particular promotion
  • In-depth audience targeting – If it’s a particular audience your business is looking to get the attention of, then social media advertising allows you to do this brilliantly. There are powerful tools available on the social media platforms that helps you target your ideal audience which lessens the burden on your digital marketing budget and increases your conversion rate just by getting in front of the people who matter to your business.
  • Cost effective – Compared to traditional marketing avenues, social media advertising is by far the most cost effective, therefore offers your business a higher return on investment (ROI). Even better, is the fact that you can engage and promote your business on a lot of the social media platforms for free.
  • Brand awareness – This is where social media advertising gets powerful. Social media is essential to grow your brand awareness and create a good brand reputation.  Studies have shown that social media promotion is one of the best tools available in the world of marketing today to build brand awareness.
  • Conversion rate increase – Social media is one of the best platforms for generating leads for your business. As we all know only too well, generating leads is only the first part of the marketing process, those leads must be converted into sales.  Social media advertising is definitely a great way to generate leads, but don’t be sluggish when it comes to increasing your conversion rates.
  • SEO improvement – Every marketer wants to improve their SEO rating, and this has become a huge part of any digital marketing strategy. Advertising on social media platforms most definitely improves your SEO as there is undoubtedly a connection between them both.
  • Traffic increase – All digital marketing has one goal – to get more traffic to your website. Undeniably there are other important elements related to digital marketing like generating a good online reputation and increasing brand awareness, but the holy grail of digital marketing it to increase website traffic.  By advertising on the social media platforms, you are broadening your advertising channels, which in turn, creates awareness and directs more people to your website.

What percentage is right for your business?

According to recent studies it has been suggested that most digital business are currently allocating between 10% and 15% to their social media advertising spend.   However, the consensus is that it doesn’t really count how much of your budget goes towards social media advertising, but rather how you plan to spend it so every cent counts.  It has been proven that social media advertising is just as important as SEO strategies and is often a less expensive route to take. The best digital marketing strategy will take their specific social media advertising needs into account and ensure that it is executed effectively.

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