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Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing if You are a Local Small Business

Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing if You are a Local Small Business

Advertising has really morphed with the advancements in technology. Many businesses are exceedingly embracing digital marketing in an effort to reach out to as many people as possible. With the increasing use of smartphones and the internet, it only makes sense for local small businesses to embrace this form of advertising to keep up with the rest. There are a variety of advertising agencies around Sacramento, but Instinct marketing is one digital marketing agency that will get you running in the digital world and surpass your goals. In addition to expanding your target market, here are a few other reasons why you as a local small business should invest in digital marketing.

Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing if You are a Local Small Business

Cost Effective

As a small business, you probably do not have a lot of resources to put into advertising and marketing. Reaching out to as many people as possible with minimal cost can be challenging with traditional marketing. If you want to save and still market your small business, then digital marketing is the way to go. Apart from the paid ads in various social media sites, you can invest only time resource and still reach out to a large number of potential clients. Many small businesses have realized the potential within online marketing, and are shifting their budgets towards this method.

Generate Better Revenues

The aim of any business, small or big is to maximize profits. If you employ effective digital marketing tools and techniques, you are more likely to increase your revenue and hence your profits more than those that do not. According to a recent Google survey with IPSOS in Hong Kong, businesses that invest in online marketing recorded 2.8 times better revenue than those that did not. So, if you want more revenue, you know what to do.

Better Engagement

Customers, whether loyal or potential value engagement. Clients feel as if they are part of the brand or business when they interact with them. Traditional forms of marketing offered very limited opportunities for interaction. Most of them were direct and passive. With the numerous digital marketing tools, customers can now easily and freely with brands. This interaction gives businesses insights about what consumers need and are able to bring products and services that cater to these needs. It is also a good way of getting clients’ loyalty vital for business growth.

Mobile Consumer

More than four billion people in the world own and use their smartphones. More than four billion also use the internet and most of them access the internet via their smartphones. It is this mass of people that the digital market is designed to reach out to. More than 90% of adults in the United States use smartphones. These statistics show you the potential online marketing has considering the number of people you can reach. Despite the intensive competition to carve out a loyal following, it is much easier and cheaper to reach out to this mass via digital rather than traditional marketing. 

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