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Your business is hopefully ticking along nicely, you have happy clients and all is well… Or you are just making the first tentative steps into the scary and exhilarating world of launching your own business.  Most business owners are, let’s face it, driven by an almost insatiable desire to continue to improve, to grow and, in all honesty, to make more money! We have started our own business because it’s doing what we love and we all have to put a little extra work into what we love sometimes…In this blog post, I am going to talk about the top 10 business books that every marketer should read.

If you are a little stuck or have plateaued and just need a little guidance or inspiration, here is a list of the top 10 Business sales books I have read that have given me a bit of practical help, and to put it bluntly, the kick up the backside I have needed… They are in no particular order and each one has its merits and differing philosophy on sales and business. So turn off that box set on Netflix (we all do it) and get reading!!!

10 best business books every marketer should read:

  1. Sell or be sold, by Grant Cardone
  2. The 10x Rule, by Grant Cardone
  3. The Chimp Paradox, by Prof. Steve Peters
  4. Thou Shall Prosper, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  5. The Ten Pillars of Wealth, by Alex Becker
  6. The Psychology of Selling, by Brian Tracy
  7. Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook, by Gary Vaynerchuk
  8. Money Master the Game, by Tony Robbins
  9. If You’re not First, You’re Last, by Grant Cardone
  10. Happy, by Derren Brown

10 business books every marketer should read 1.    SELL or be SOLD, by  Grant Cardone

“Everything in life should be treated as a sale”

So states Grant Cardone. A superb book that will enable you to handle rejection, turn around negative situations and shorten the sales cycles.  After each chapter, there are a few questions to work through that help to cement the learning and focus from the chapter you have read. It is really worth working through these and taking your time to really gain the maximum benefit.  If you don’t see yourself as a sales person, this book will help give you the confidence and motivation to break down those barriers.

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2.    THE 10X RULE, by Grant Cordone.

10 business books every marketer should read I promise I am not on commission, but yes, here is another one from Grant Cordone. Take action and stop procrastinating, easier said than done sometimes. Aim 10 x higher than you are now and even if you come up short you will be further along than you are now… Sounds pretty obvious really. The 10X RULE gives a step by step guide of how to implement and take action with your ideas. If this book doesn’t reenergize you, nothing will.

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3.    THE CHIMP PARADOX, by Prof Steve Peters

10 business books every marketer should read A very different philosophy from the first two books. This book is truly life-changing; It will enable you to understand the inner workings of your brain and help you to recognise how your mind is working and how to manage it. The Chimp Paradox is written in a way that makes a very complex subject matter easy to digest and understand. It may take you a few months to fully read it, and put into action the exercises it gives you at the end of each chapter, but if you do you, it will change your life – it changed mine.  So, get reading and start to understand your inner chimp.

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10 business books every marketer should read 4.    THOU SHALL PROSPER, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

This is a very spiritual and interesting book that gives a different perspective on how we all view money and the pursuit of wealth. Rabbi Daniel Lapin gives his 10 basic principles (Commandments) to making money. Thou Shall Prosper gives a refreshing insight into the Jewish way of thinking about business, people and interactions. There is a very interesting perspective on money and wealth and a more ethical understanding of both. Using the wisdom of religious text, the book advises on how to move with the times, believing in the morality and dignity of business and learning how to become a leader. Regardless of faith or background, this is a must read.

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10 business books every marketer should read 5.    THE TEN PILLARS OF WEALTH, by Alex Becker

A great book, that is both humorous and is also straight to the point. Beliefs, understanding and views, your “Pillars”, as Alex Becker explains in his book, these are what reinforce your every action. He shows you how to understand them and then attempts to enable you to rethink how you view your life and how to gain financial freedom. It gives a blueprint to success and it is a highly motivating read.

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10 business books every marketer should read 6.    THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING, by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy writes in a very easy style that makes the content easy to digest. The Psychology of Selling, as the title suggests, gives insight into psychology and how that can enable you to sell. It is full of timeless snippets of wisdom that can help you become a high achiever in life and not just in business and selling. It gives you a series of methods, strategies and techniques that will enable you to sell faster and easier than you ever have before.

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10 business books every marketer should read 7.    JAB, JAB, JAB RIGHT HOOK, by Gary Vaynerchuck

Don’t let the title fool you; this isn’t the Autobiography of Frank Bruno. This is a blueprint on how to implement strategies in the social media marketing world that really work. It gives a great understanding of social media and how to improve your results across the various platforms and the best ways to use them, as well as how not to. Gary Vaynerchuck shows how communication is key in this social media world and how to develop high-quality content that is adaptable across all platforms. In short, how to improve the “right hook” to improve profits.

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10 business books every marketer should read 8.    MONEY MASTER THE GAME: 7 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM, by Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins needs no introduction to the business world, as worldwide known inspirational speaker and author. Robbins helps to simplify the strategies to enable you along the path to financial freedom. This book gives insight into not just business, but how to put plans in place to create a lifelong income plan and to get your financial house in order. If nothing else, it will give you a more objective view of everything in your life.

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10 business books every marketer should read 9.    IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST YOU’RE LAST, by Grant Cardone.

You may have noticed that Mr Cardone has made it onto the list again. I make no apologises for this, you want to read books that will, hopefully, bring you more success don’t you? Another motivational book from Grant Cardone that will give you the tools to boost sales and increase sales in a difficult financial climate. It is all about getting there before the competition does and this book explains how to succeed and dominate. Next for World domination.

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10 business books every marketer should read 10. HAPPY. Derren Brown

To finish us off, I am recommending a book that I am fully aware is not one that would ordinarily be described as a “business book”. However, one cannot read all these books on how to grow your business, and how to make money, without taking some time out to balance our minds and give ourselves time to reflect on our lives and realise that everything is more or less absolutely fine. This is a beautifully written book full of love and wisdom that suggests routes to happiness and success through self-belief and positive thinking, all written in a very humorous and intelligent way.  So take some time to read this book to help yourself live more Happily.

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So, there are my top 10 business books. All of these books are great for somebody just starting out, but also for somebody well on their way in their business. All of them give great and advice and motivation for when we need that extra push.

Thanks for taking the time to read and visiting my blog. Please feel free to let me know what you think in your comments and please share:)

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10 business books every marketer should read 

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