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Are you looking for the best resources on social media marketing? Well, you’re in the right place: in this blog post, I’m going to list my 5 favourite – and what I think are the best – social media blogs.

This was a difficult list to put together, to be honest; there are just so many amazing social media marketing blogs out there. So, I decided to focus on the ones that provide the best, most actionable advice – the ones that can help you become a better, more successful marketer.

5 best social media blogs:

  1. The Agorapulse Social Media Marketing Blog & Social Media Lab
  2. Social Media Examiner
  3. The CoSchedule Blog
  4. The Buffer Social Blog
  5. Social Media Today

The Agorapulse Social Media Marketing Blog & Social Media Lab

5 Best social media blogs

Agorapulse is best known as a social media management tool; however, they’re also great at content marketing – because they’ve certainly managed to create one of the best social media marketing blogs out there.

The reason why it stands out is that it’s honest and it always provides value – if you’re getting a tip or piece of advice from them, you know it’s worthy of your attention: it’s thoroughly explained, using screenshots and any other materials that can help you understand better, and oftentimes, it was tested by them.

You can check out the Agorapulse social media marketing blog here.

And since we’re on the subject, make sure to pop over on their Social Media Lab page as well – it’s a really cool project they’ve started recently, where they invest at least $15k every month to test different social media marketing methods and practices, like, for example:

  • A strategy for getting 100 new Instagram followers in 24 hours
  • How using Facebook hashtags can affect your reach
  • Which converts more web visitors: Facebook or Google Display Network?

They then share the method they used for the test, as well as the results they got – in detail and with the accompanying screenshots. Make sure to check it out – you’ll find some very valuable advice that is proven to work.

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The Social Media Examiner Blog

5 Best social media blogs

Just like with Social Media Today earlier, I have to include the Social Media Examiner blog – consistently, year by year, one of the best social media marketing blogs out there.

They cover most anything you need to know:

  • Social media marketing tips for all major social networks
  • News and developments in the social media world that could affect your marketing
  • Lists of useful tools and apps that can help enhance your marketing

Plus, they’ve recently started a really cool new project – an episodic video documentary featuring Social Media Examiner’s own Michael Stelzner where you get to see him in action as he (and his team, of course) tries to grow his company’s customer base by over 62% year by year. Will they, or won’t they? Watch and find out – the second episode was just recently released on the blog.

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The Coschedule social media blog

5 Best social media blogs

Coschedule have one of the best blogs on content marketing, but head over to their social media marketing blog and you won’t be disappointed with what you find there either.

Why? Because they are clearly very strict with the type of content they publish on their website: only the best, most researched and most insightful articles make it.

Their articles are usually quite long, and yet they are very easy to read; that’s likely because they always use plenty of screenshots and visual aids to support their tips and advice and because you know that by the end of reading this article, you’ll be ready to make some truly impactful changes to your social media marketing strategy.

Plus, not only do they offer amazing blog posts on a regular basis, but they also have a very impressive collection of free templates (over 200 at the moment!), such as:

  • Social media editorial calendar kit
  • Instagram marketing strategy template
  • Social media competitive analysis template

And many, many more – over 197 more, to be more exact – although not all of them are related to social media marketing.

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The Buffer Social Blog

buffer social media blog screenshot

The Buffer Social Blog has been around for years, consistently proving itself as one of the best, most informative sources of social media marketing tips, advice, and resources.

They publish all kinds of content, including lists full of useful tools, in-depth guides, quick tips, as well as social media news that you need to know about.

Like the blogs I mentioned earlier, what makes Buffer Social great (apart from the usefulness of their tips and advice) is that it’s very well-written, the articles are easy to read, and they always use screenshots to help you understand their point easier.

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The Social Media Today Blog

5 Best social media blogs

As one of the biggest social media marketing blogs (for years!), I couldn’t not mention Social Media Today in this list.

Why? Well, there’s a reason they’ve gotten so big; and it’s because, for years, they have stayed at the forefront of social media news and tips.

Check it regularly to get all the latest news in social media that can affect your marketing, such as new features you need to know about, or changes to algorithms that will turn your marketing upside down.

Plus, they also feature all kinds of articles on social media marketing; you’ll find useful social media strategy tips for all kinds of social networks, useful for both business owners and marketers alike.

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Conclusion: 5 best social media blogs

There are so many social media marketing blogs out there, so I hope I managed to help you discover some of the better sources of information and advice (at least, I think so!).

What social media marketing blogs do you subscribe to? Which ones are your favourite and why? And which ones do you think offer the most value?

Let me know in the comments section below – and please do share if you enjoyed the post 🙂

Oh, and before I leave you… don’t forget about my blog either – there’s plenty of useful social media marketing bits on here as well 🙂

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5 best social media blogs

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  1. I completely agree – personally speaking, I read SME and Social Media Today on an almost daily basis, as the former deals thoroughly with tools and tips, while the latter is always up-to-date on the latest news from the Social-sphere 🙂

  2. Hello Lilach,

    Thanks for sharing these great list of Social Media blogs. I am a regular reader and commenter on Socialmediaexaminer and Coschedule blog. However for Social media management I am using hootsuite and never tried Agorapulse. I will sure give it a try. Thanks again for this amazing list.

    have a great day 🙂

    1. Thanks Vishwajeet 🙂 Me too 🙂 Yes, I really recommend it – I used to use Hootsuite but have been using Agorapulse for the last couple of years (so much more effective).

  3. Good list. I mostly read CoSchedule, but the other four blogs on your list are very good as well. Two more blogs I would wholeheartedly recommend are Jay Baer’s (check his books, Youtility and Hugh Your Haters) Convince and Convert and Socially Sorted.

  4. When I read “best”, then I know immediately that a subjective opinion is transported here. There is not the best. What one finds good, the other does not like. Therefore, such headings are always misleading 🙂

    1. True – “best” is almost always subjective. But, it’s also how we express ourselves and in some cases, like this one, when you have the experience, you can objectively judge the quality of a blog (even if I don’t know ALL social media blogs) – in the blog post, I explained how these are some of my personal favourites, which would probably not make for the best headline 😀

  5. Social media examiner is a huge blog and I am really in love with it but as you shared others too I will try to visit them on weekly basis. As we all know that social media marketing is really important to get new users on daily basis. Thank you so much

  6. Hi Lillach
    Thank you so much for sharing your list, I sure will check these out. One qestion; do you have by any chance an example of good fashion/retailer blog – someone doing exceptional job?

  7. Awesome list! I regularly use social media metrics, CoSchedule and Buffer to engage with the latest marketing resources. Will try the rest hereafter.

  8. Nice article, now a days social media plays key role to develop our business activities this type of article very useful for improving business.Thanks for sharing keep going.

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  11. Great useful post for me. We own a coffee shop and would like promote it in Social Media networks. Here I got great useful blogs to improve our brand visibility and stay updated.
    Thanks for the post

  12. Thanks for sharing the good list of social media blogs, it would be an amazing list and it really takes more time to put all the details together in a single post. The post is very dedicated to social media marketing person this useful tip will make them a successful marketer.

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  15. Hey Lilach,
    Everyone has given you many applauses, take one from mine. The information is really helped me to know a few things, it is great information that Social Media lab is spending $15k on experimenting with new methods. Thank you

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    I read your blog and it is very nice . I go through list of other social media blogs but when I read your blog and I finally decide for which type of social media is perfect for me. Really, its too good.

  20. Social media is like magic, where everybody uses those platforms to spend their time and also search for new things and trend somethings. By using those platform we can make some good leads among it.

  21. Thanks Lilach for sharing the valuable information on 5 best social media blogs .Being a digital marketer I look for different blog to know more insights about the social media and for sure social media is like miracle to people like us .

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    Thanks for sharing such a great insight of social media blog . I read many blogs but your blog is stands out of the crowd and I agree with you social media blogs are must in present era to create awareness among the people.

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  24. Social Media is everything, especially for business. Where users engaged with business on a daily basis with our customers then you can grow your business.

  25. Hey Lilach
    Thanks for sharing such great insight into the social media blog . I read many blogs but your blog stands out of the crowd and I agree with you social media blogs are a must in the present era to create awareness among the people.

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