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By this point, you’ve probably heard this a million times: video is IT. It drives the most engagement, it’s the most popular form of content, and by the end of this year, online video will account for 74% of all traffic. So, how can you start creating quality content for your blog, for your social media, for your products and services, as quickly as possible and without spending a fortune on production? In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to create amazing social media videos in minutes.

One of the biggest issues with video creation in the social media age is that you need to constantly create new videos – meaning, you need to find ways to create new videos quickly and efficiently, while not compromising on quality.

The reason why you need to create so many videos is that video is currently one of the best performing types of content – and by all accounts, this will continue to be the case (as I mentioned earlier, online video is expected to account for 74% of all traffic by the end of this year). Over 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day and on YouTube, over 500 million hours – Every. Day.

Another big issue with social media videos is that people don’t listen to videos while on social media. In fact, if you’re like me, your sound is completely off when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, or your latest tweets – that means that any video that can’t be viewed without sound on, will most likely lose a lot (and I do mean a lot) of potential views.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you create a video for social media – but there are few that have the capabilities that has: namely, that it’s incredibly easy to create social media videos with text, in just a few minutes.

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What is

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes is, quite simply, a video creator, primarily used for creating social media videos. You don’t need to know anything about video producing, you don’t need to film anything yourself, and you need no design experience – the tool is easy enough to use even for beginners.

Although you can also upload your own media (photos and videos), the beauty of using to create your video is that it has a library of approximately 2.5 million videos and images that you can use for your video. Furthermore, it’s designed to help you create social media videos: you can easily add text to any second of your video you choose – I’ll show you exactly how further on.

Another big plus of using It’s incredibly easy to use. Once you get the hang of the tool, you can create a short video in under five minutes – it’s that quick.

Why get Wave and who is it for?

If you’ve got a business and you’re online (and you probably are, if you’re reading this blog post), then you’d benefit from using

It’s no secret that video is huge right now – even though it’s always been one of the most popular forms of content, now it seems to be practically exploding. Videos on social media are absolutely taking over other types of updates – and that’s where comes in, as the tool is completely dedicated to helping you create videos for social media (all videos can be formatted for all the different major social networks – but I’ll get into that a bit later on).

Of course, there are quite a few other options for video creation; but, what makes stand out to me is that it’s so easy to use and that you can quite simply create a 2-minute, 5-minute, however long you want, video without shooting even a second of video yourself.

A few other benefits? The short answer: watermarks, calls to action, free music library. The longer answer? Well, I’ll just show you how I created my first video with, and you’ll get a better understanding of what makes it stand out:

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How to create a social media video easily, with

Click on “create new video” – isn’t that how it always starts? Once you’ve started your project, you’ll notice at the top of your screen, that you have a few different format options: landscape, square, mobile, and if you click on those 3 little dots, you’ll notice there are a few more options:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

Any video you create, you can click on the desired format to edit it so it fits with the platform. The list of options includes Facebook covers – a great option if you want your Facebook Page to stand out and attract peoples’ attention. But, back to video creation.

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

As you can see from the screenshot above, once I set it on mobile, the text is automatically fitted in that space, and the background remains as is.

The images in your video, whether static or in motion, will need to be edited to fit properly. Use your mouse to move the image around the video’s format, and zoom in and out to make sure everything fits in the space provided:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

In this case, I’ve had to move the video a bit and zoom it out so the main action still appears in my video. And while you’re doing this, don’t worry about your other video formats – those will remain as is, until you decide to make any changes to them.

Adding a video clip or image to your video, is very easy; simply click on the “+” sign at the bottom right of your dashboard and you’ll be taken to the library, where you can upload your own video/image, or search for others:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

If you want to upload your own video, click on “uploads” and simply drag and drop it there. If you want to search the library, simply browse through the different categories, or, better yet, use the search bar to find what you’re looking for. With 2.5 million stock videos and photos, you’re bound to find something for any occasion.

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Once you’ve added a video to your project, you can start playing around with it and editing it to your liking. Your main editing options are on the right-hand side of your video preview:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

As you can see, there are 2 options: text and video (or image, if it’s an image). Use this space to make changes to your video:

  • zoom it in and out
  • speed it up (or down)
  • select the desired brightness
  • trim the video
  • mute or unmute it was built to help those who want to create videos for social media and these videos need text – most people watch videos on mute (they’re probably at work…) so if you don’t write down what you want to say, then they just won’t watch it.

With, editing the text on your videos is very easy:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

  • Add text wherever you want on your video
  • Use one of approximately 300 different fonts
  • Change the text size
  • Add text box colours, and change the text colour
  • Create effects with your text: fade in and out, make it appear from different sides of the screen, and so on
  • Highlight certain words with different colours
  • Choose exactly when text appears in your video

All of the editing options are very straightforward and easy to get the hang of; if you’ve used any photo/video editor before, it will be like running a bike. If you’ve never used one before, it will take you minutes to figure out. It’s that easy – really.

The other editing options can be found at the bottom of your dashboard:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

Here is where you control how long each clip in your video lasts, what text appears based on the image in the video, as well as the transitions between different clips in your video:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

If you want to add more clips to your video, simply click on the “+” sign – you can add as many as you like and move them around by dragging and dropping the different clips.

Furthermore, you can add a call to action to your video. When you add a clip to your video, you’ll see there are 2 options: add text and add a call to action.

Simply click on “add call to action” to add yours, along with your logo:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

You also have the option to watermark the entire with your logo. Go to “watermark” in the main menu to upload your logo and add it to the video:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

It will then be automatically added to all the clips in your video so that it’s always clearly visible.

As I mentioned earlier, you can also add some background music for your video, using their library of royalty-free music. Go to “music” and browse through the different music categories, or try searching for the right one using the search bar – there are over 300k audio clips, so you’ve got your job cut out for you if you’re thinking of browsing through the whole thing:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

Once your video is done, you can easily download it and post it wherever you want – just click on ‘publish’, choose your format, and download it from there. Or, you can post it directly to social media, YouTube and other platforms:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

As you can see from above, you can not only post your video directly to top social networks, but you can also share it with colleagues and others via Dropbox and Google Drive, and add it to your Hubspot File Manager (so you can use the videos for your landing page, emails, etc.).

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But, before I leave you, I must mention another very useful feature – setting up brands. If you work with multiple businesses/brands and want to use certain settings for each one, you can easily set up different ‘brands’ and switch between them based on the project you’re currently working on.

To set this up, click on “default” at the top of your dashboard, and then on “add new brand”:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can select fonts, colours and logos for your brand.

Facebook Cover Photos

One of the standout video formats on, in my opinion, is the Facebook Cover photo – or, rather, video. As I mentioned earlier, you can use to create your very own Facebook cover video – just like you would a normal video.

You first need to choose the Facebook cover format:

How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

From there, you can use the available videos and images from their library, or upload and use your own.

The benefit to creating a video Facebook cover is that it attracts people’s attention – and it can also help your profile look more professional. But the biggest plus is that you can add an eye-catching call to action.

Final thoughts:

Videos are a necessity in today’s digital marketing space. But, there’s no time or money to constantly film new videos, at least for the average business owner. And that’s the big struggle, after all; before, if you couldn’t create videos by yourself, you’d have to hire someone to do if for you (and that can get very expensive). But, with, you can now easily create multiple videos every day, in a fraction of the time that it would’ve taken you to film and edit a video by yourself (and it’s arguably better too, because let’s face facts, only a few of us have this talent).

Oh, and before I forget – please do check out my very first video below – and please share if you enjoyed the post 🙂

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How to create amazing social media videos in minutes

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  1. Hello Lilach,

    I have never tried wave for creating videos. Its looks like interesting. I will definitely give it a try. I am using Camtasia for creating videos. Facebook live is also a good option. Thanks for sharing this illustrative post.

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  2. Great Article. You are right that everybody is talking about videos these days. That’s why I keep repeating one certain point over and over again: now is the time for (video)marketers to start looking at tools like Adobe After Effects. Since more and more apps are coming up addressing only one specific task with premade elements it’s just a matter of time that everything will look the same and therefore people will need something else to stand out. As an Adobe Certified Expert I get more and more requests from marketers to introduce them into these tools. I understand that all these apps satisfy a certain need to come up with content that can be used for social media. But since these tools are getting more and more complex the gap between quick & easy solutions like these and professional programs like After Effects is getting smaller and smaller. I mean, I’m looking at your amazing feature images for these articles (great work by the way) I’m sure these have been created with Adobe Illustrator, correct? It’s just a small step to take these elements and animate them with After Effects into animated infographics or rather ‘gifographics’ to use the right term. These tools have always been there and evolved over a long time. So if I had to start over now, I’d rather bet on learning these tools rather than fiddling with dozens of apps to be honest. But again on the other side I do see the value of tools for small tasks and articles like these are really valuable ressources. P.S.: I’d really like to see these gorgeous feature images animated, should I give it a shot? 😉

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