Managing Different Online Marketing Channels Effectively as an SME

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Managing Different Online Marketing Channels Effectively as an SME

With the change in behavior where everyone moved online, companies have struggled for several years to find an effective way to deal with multiple marketing channels effectively. From the social media channels to e-commerce platforms or drop-shipping opportunities, and everything in between, knowing the best marketing approach has been especially challenging for SME’s. Having the resources to get the most out of every marketing channel is tough for smaller businesses that have the versatility but not the personnel or budget to compete at the same activity level as the conglomerates. Let’s look at how to manage different online marketing channels effectively as an SME.

how to manage different online marketing channels effectively as an SME.

Review Your Result So Far

It’s a good idea to start by examining how your online marketing efforts are going so far. Perhaps you’ll find that your Facebook posts get a high level of interaction and more people clicking through to your website. Check your visitors’ logs to see where your social media traffic is originating from.

For products that appeal more to women, are you utilizing Pinterest to “pin” images to multiple pin boards to get people interested visually in what your business has to offer? Is there some interest and level of interaction that could now be built on to develop it to a 3-5X level over the next year?

Also, are there marketing channels that have fallen flat, and you don’t see a way to develop them better? Unless you’re going to seek out a marketing professional either for a consultation or for hire, then you’ll probably want to stop the time suck entirely.

Missing Any Major Marketing Channels?

Is the company missing the opportunity to market in other areas? Perhaps you have visually-appealing products, but you’ve never gone to a trade show as an exhibitor? Is your website as interesting to look at as it could be? Do you have professional photography or video clips showing off your products to put them in the best light or could they be improved upon?

With online marketing, there are always interesting new marketing channels that are up and coming to gain an early foothold on ahead of the short-sighted competition. Steemit is a case in point currently as a blended blogging, social media and cryptocurrency site that pays contributors and is gaining acceptance with key marketers who see its unique offering as a worthy one.

Going Deeper into Strategy

An online MBA studied at George Washington University is an interesting possibility for key people in businesses who can find the time to study on a part-time basis over the internet. The Healthcare MBA covers most of the ground of a traditional business-oriented Master’s degree, but the online healthcare MBA also delves into aspects of the health sector too. The course is interesting for professionals because it lends a greater perspective than one solely focused on business administration with case studies that help understand critical business thinking across different industries.

Being effective with marketing online requires considerable discipline. It doesn’t happen right away and it’s a learning process that never ends as new marketing channels appear and others either develop and grow or fall by the wayside. An SME must remain nimble and be willing to experiment with new sites like Steemit to find advantages over their competition.

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