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10 of the Best Landing Page Builders for Marketers, Bloggers and Businesses

Countless hours have been spent by marketers to create the perfect landing page – the design, the copy, all of it counts towards creating a winning, high-converting landing page. In the past, I’ve discussed how to optimise your landing pages at length, but in this blog post, I want to talk about 10 of the best landing page builders for marketers.

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers:

1.    Leadpages

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Leadpages have an impressive selection of over 350 mobile-responsive landing page templates for you to choose from, which you can then make your own with the drag and drop feature.

But it’s not all about landing pages at Leadpages – they also offer a few other useful lead generation tools, such as lead capture pop-ups which you can add anywhere on your website, mobile opt-in codes for capturing leads via text messages and 1-click sign up links for letting your subscribers instantly sign up for one of your products or services (like a webinar, for example).

Plus, you can access your analytics to see how your pages and forms are performing, and you can set up A/B testing for conversion optimisation.

In terms of integrations, Leadpages works with over 35 other tools, such as Mailchimp, SalesForce, Acuity and Aweber.

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2.    Unbounce

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Unbounce is a landing page and convertables builder. With no coding skills required, you can easily create landing pages with the drag and drop functionality available. But, best of all, there are over 125 different templates that you can use, for a variety of needs and industries.

Here’s a rundown of some of their best features:

  • Dynamic text replacement – selected keywords can be swapped with the keywords your prospects are using to search for your business, which is great for optimising your landing page copy for conversions, as well for boosting your Adwords Quality Score.
  • Mobile responsive – all landing page templates are mobile-ready
  • Completely customizable – you have last say over the design of your landing page so that it matches your overall design
  • Video – you can add videos to your landing pages, as well as add videos as full-screen backgrounds
  • Overlays – add targeted overlays on your landing page, website or online store

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

  • Integrations – you can integrate Unbounce with a plethora of tools, including for email marketing, marketing automation, analytics and CRM tools
  • Optimisation – there are different lead generation tools that you can use, such as the aforementioned Dynamic Text Replacement, and A/B testing
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3.    Pagewiz

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Pagewiz provides you with optimised landing page templates, all tested and optimised, which you can then customise as you wish with their drag and drop builder.

Pagewiz also offers built-in A/B testing, so that you can create different versions of your landing page. The results of each landing page version are tracked by the tool so that you can easily see what your audience responds to best.

And since we’re on the subject of analytics, Pagewiz offer up to date, real time statistics.

You can embed all kinds of widgets, such as YouTube and Facebook, and the tool integrates with other apps, such as SalesForce and Mailchimp.

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4.    GetResponse

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform for businesses, with features for email marketing, marketing automation and creating webinars and landing pages. But, we’re here to discuss landing pages, so I’ll focus on that for the moment.

Creating one is very easy – there are hundreds of templates to choose from, for sales, opt-ins and download pages. Plus, you’ll also get access to over 1000k free iStock images to add to your landing page.

Once you’ve chosen the template, you can customise it as you wish and quickly publish the page with one click. No coding is needed, as they provide an easy-to-use drag and drop editor that allows you to customise every element on your page.

You can also optimise your pages for mobile devices, just to be sure it looks like you want it to: just switch between the previews for desktop and mobile.

GetResponse also provides built-in forms for capturing leads, as well as A/B testing for finding the highest-converting version of your landing page and analytics.

The tool integrates with other apps and tools, like Facebook and Google Analytics; plus, you can add a PayPal “buy now” button, as well as embed videos and add a tab to your Facebook Page.

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5.    Instapage

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

One of the stand out features that Instapage offer, is that they offer collaboration tools for teams so that your team members (and your clients) can review the work you’re doing on the landing page and make notes on changes they’d like to see.

In terms of landing page creation, Instapage has an extensive library of templates for different industries, all conversion tested to ensure the best results.

Or, you can also import your own template, or start completely from scratch – and rest assured, customising your page is very easy.

Like many of the other tools in this list, Instapage has conversion optimisation features – A/B testing – and they integrate with a plethora of tools, such as CRMs, email marketing tools and advertising.

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6.    Landingi

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Landingi is a landing page builder that you can use to build landing pages from scratch, or you can use one of their fully customizable templates.

To create a page, you can use their drag and drop function, which makes it very easy to add all kinds of elements to your page and changing their placement. Plus, if you’re not a beginner and want to really make it your own, you have the option to use HTML.

You can then make changes to your pages anytime you want and they will be published immediately.

As you generate leads, Landingi will keep track of them and provide with different insights; plus, you can integrate it with CRM and marketing automation tools to create different marketing campaigns.

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7.    Kickofflabs

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Kickofflabs offer quite a few different tools designed to help businesses generate more leads, such as contest creation, setting up a reward system for referrals, opt-in form creators and more.

But, we’re here to discuss landing pages –KickoffLabs have a selection of over 60 different templates to choose from, all optimised for maximum conversion rates.

You can easily customise these pages with your own images, videos, fonts and whatever else you wish to change.

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8.    OptimizePress

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

If you’re looking to create a landing page, a sales page or any other marketing site, OptimizePress provides with all the tools you need – and a few extras, such as for building membership portals.

There are a little over 30 templates that you can choose from, as well as an easy to use live editor, for making your pages your own.

If you’re on WordPress, you can get OptimizePress in the theme or plugin formats, which means it’s fully integrated with the WordPress CMS.

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9.    Lander

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Lander is a landing page builder with, like other tools in this list, an extensive selection of tested templates, as well as a drag and drop visual editor for easy editing and customizations.

If you want to get more out of your PPC campaigns, they also have a Dynamic Text Replacement feature, which basically helps you dynamically match the keywords in your PPC ads with the content of your landing page.

Plus, they offer an A/B testing tool, analytics through Google Analytics integration, email integrations and a Facebook Page tab.

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10. Wishpond

10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

Wishpond provides all kinds of different marketing tools: landing page builders, contests and promos, pop-ups and opt-in forms and marketing automation – pretty much a tool for generating and nurturing as many leads as possible.

Getting back to landing pages, you can use Wishpond’s selection of over 100 templates (all mobile responsive) to start creating your page; plus, use the drag and drop editor to customise your pages as you wish.

You can also create A/B and multivariate tests and you’ll get real-time reports to help you figure out which version converts the best.

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Conclusion: best landing page builders

When it comes to landing page builders, the perfect tool should have:

  • Some awesome, tested templates
  • An easy-to-use editor
  • And integrations with the lead generation tools you already use

What are some of the landing page builders you’ve used in the past? Which ones are your favourite and why? Let me know in your comments and please share if you found the post useful:)

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10 of the best landing page builders for marketers

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12 thoughts on “10 of the best landing page builders for marketers”

  1. Hey Lilach,

    Thanks for the great article! I noticed you didn’t mention Clickfunnels and I’m trying to compare it to the ones above as I find the price is really high. I came across this review and although it looks like a good system I don’t really like the price I don’t like that review much either they seem to love ClickFunnels a bit too much. I just need a basic landing page creator so I assume any on the ones in this article will be fine?

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes there’s a lot of tools available out there! I included the ones that I’ve heard the most about so any of them I’m sure you’ll be very happy with 🙂

  2. Thanks for putting up this list.

    But I won’t recommend Getresponse or Wishpond as landing page builders.

    Both are very primitive and buggy. I am currently stuck with both because my clients opted in for annual contracts.

    Still they are good to user for automation.

    Thanks again

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