Influence OutreachYou work hard to get in front of the audiences that count and you can create content and reach out on social networks – that’s a great way to build connections and build your reputation.


But, the endorsement of an influencer, such as a journalist or blogger, can make a huge difference to your business – done right and done strategically.


Being seen where your audience is hanging out, on high traffic and credible websites, and getting shares and comments from influencers can be like a sprinkling of fairy dust because:


Benefits of Influencer Outreach


Influencer outreach – done right


There is a risk with influencer outreach – if you don’t do it right then it can damage your reputation and that is the last thing you want to do.  An approach that just asks for tweets and shares won’t get you anywhere.  It takes time to build these relationships and it’s all about putting the needs of the influencer and their audience first.


You have to approach the right influencer in the right way at the right time.  And, that is exactly how I can help you.


This is all about building relationships that will support you and your business in the years to come so it’s worth doing it right, don’t you think?


I tap into my extensive network to connect you with the right influencers.


Influencer outreach – what I do for you


Influencer outreach typically includes:


Benefits of influencer outreach


This programme of work is laser focused.  It starts from a sound strategic base with a view to extending your reach, elevating your profile and credibility and giving you highly sought quality influencer endorsements.


So, if you want to build your profile, credibility and reputation and amplify your message too then influencer outreach is for you.  Get seen where you audience is already hanging out.


Contact me today to chat through how influencer outreach can work for you.

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