Custom Merchandise Giveaway Ideas For Your Next Exhibition

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Custom Merchandise Giveaway Ideas For Your Next Exhibition(1)

Best Custom Merchandise To Give Away At An Expo Event

Expo events help to meet your potential customers directly. Custom merchandise giveaways at these events create a strong impression between your customers and your brand. You may occasionally run out of options for the best-customized giveaways. Choose simple products that are durable enough, and the recipients can use them frequently.

Advantages Of Expo Events

  • Raising Awareness

It is easy to raise your brand awareness at expo events as you have direct contact with the customers. Inviting customers to your stands helps to create the brand’s awareness where you explain more about your brand.

  • Networking

When brands come together in such events, it’s easy to interact and learn more about each other. This also helps you to identify your competitors and learn a few tips about what they do that you haven’t incorporated into your brand. Through networking, you learn new ideas and skills.

  • Product Launching

Expo events offer excellent opportunities to launch new products. You can directly explain your product and answer any questions. By demonstrating your products at the exhibitions, it’s straightforward for you to reach the intended audience.

  • Builds Relationship

According to studies, 95% of top-level personnel usually meet with their client at exhibitions. Personal interactions during expo events give you the chance to establish a direct relationship with your customers. These relationships are vital and help to maintain a connection with the clients. From this relationship, you can further create a customer base through business cards.

  • Small Business Benefit

Establishing a marketplace for your small business may be difficult. However, with the expo events, you can conveniently get your brand out there and reach thousands of customers at a go.

  • Giveaway Opportunity

After an expo event, you want your prospects to keep remembering your brand. It is, therefore, wise to grab the opportunity and distribute your customized merchandise during the expo events. This will enhance your brand awareness.

Choosing The Right Product To Promote Your Brand

  • Budget-Friendly

Things like mugs and USB drives are valuable to customers. When they buy these products, the chances for them to be displayed are very higher. They are affordable and effective in raising your brand awareness, and they are also very durable.

  • Product Flexibility

People get a lot of gifts, especially at expo events. The greatest mistake you can do is add more baggage to your prospects. Choose a product that is light in weight, therefore easy to carry along. That way, it’s easy to keep reminding your customers about your brand.

  • Know Your Audience

It is imperative to know your audience before authorizing any brand customization. This will help you avoid any inconveniences through guesswork. If you head out on a sports event, it’s more advisable to hand out small towels with your logo than handing out flash drives.

  • Quality

The quality of these products must be good enough for prolonged durability. Look at it as a way of enhancing your brand image by providing high-quality products.

Expo Event Custom Merchandise Ideas

1. Custom Laptop Sleeves

Everyone is going the digital way, and the use of laptops is on the rise. Laptop sleeves help to prevent laptops from dust water and accidental falls. Custom laptop sleeves will help to protect your customer’s investment and, at the same time, market your brand.

Lightweight laptop sleeves do not increase the laptop weight; therefore, the chances of carrying the laptop with your customized sleeves are very high. With the waterproof laptop sleeves, your customer’s laptop is free from water splashes that may destroy their item.

2. Custom USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are small in size and very light in weight. High-quality USB flash drives will help your customer in data storage, among other uses for long. With the incredible storage capacities, you can preload these drives with your brand’s information.

An autorun feature on the drives allows you to launch your preloaded data automatically. You can also add some accessories to the flash drives, such as key chains.  

3. Branded Power Bank Chargers

Most people want to keep with technological which they can do if their devices are kept on. This makes it easy to use power bank chargers whenever they lose power. Handing this to your customers would make them very grateful, and this makes them remember your brand when charging their devices.

The power bank chargers can be shared, and this translates to increased awareness. They are light in weight and, therefore, portable. Everyone at home and offices uses smartphones, which are always power-hungry.

4. Custom Drink Bottles

Drink bottles are budget-friendly, especially when purchased in bulk and very easy to use. These bottles are easy to carry around, and they market your brand as other people will see your logo, and they may want to learn about the company. Bpa-free plastic or stainless steel custom bottles are usable for long as they are rustproof.

5. Custom Tote Bags

The use of plastics has been banned in most nations, and people are turning to tote bags. Custom tote bags should be high quality to withstand the frequent washing and rubbing without tearing. When your customers use these tote bags in the market, they expose your brand. You have the power to design the custom tote bags in your attractive way.

Make sure that your custom tote bags are ecofriendly to avoid environmental pollution. They can withstand the higher weight and long distances due to the quality used in the making. Custom tote bags will also help your customers to save a lot as they won’t pay for another bag every time they go shopping.

Marketing Brand Successfully

When your customers receive the giveaways, they are likely to use them consistently, which helps to market your brand. You can never go wrong with custom products, and the style never goes out of fashion. Go on expo events and trade shows, and that way out will have your brand out there within a short period.

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