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A conversion rate represents the number of customers and clients that you have succeeded in converting into a sales opportunity. And let’s be honest, who would not want to increase their conversion rate? It is one of the hardest things to succeed in. Only 22%of the businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. (Econsultancy, 2016).top marketing challenges

And it is therefore important to properly analyze which ways work best without losing time on the things that don’t work. In this article, I’ll share 5 lesser known tips that can help boost your site’ conversion rate.

Let’s get to it!

How to boost your site’s conversion rate

  1. Use a countdown timer (with a genuine limited time offer)

One way to boost your site’s conversion rate is by making use of a countdown timer which creates urgency to buy. If the customers want a product, they need to take action or the offer will become invalid.countdown timer for conversions

“Countdown timers aren’t just applicable in the world of eCommerce, they’re also useful if you’re trying to get people to sign up for your company’s course, webinar, or something else”. – Cherie Foo, Marketing Exec at UpLead

With a countdown timer, you increase the urgency of your offer by utilizing a countdown timer to highlight the time left until your introductory price or promotion price is no longer valid.countdown timer for conversions

If you use them right, they can be very effective but it’s important to stay honest. Urgency is an effective tactic, but it has to be used carefully and truthfully or you risk getting annoyed customers.

For example, some companies offer a webinar for only 6 hours. And if you return the next day, it shows 10 hours for that same webinar. There are still many buyers that fall for these false low stock levels, a common practice by e-retailers. But people are becoming more aware of the misuse of such timers which, ultimately, results in drops in conversion rate.

So in short, make sure you stay honest, in that way your audience will trust you.

  1. Use interactive content

Focus on your audience’s biggest pain points and greatest desires – unleash empathy and emotions. An effective example to do this with is making use of personalized content and interactive content.

Personalized content doesn’t require expensive setups and AI. A lot can be achieved by building little pieces of content that are interactive and that return personalized information that is of value to your audience.

Take this calculator for example. In which Eneco used Survey Anyplace to create a calculator that could give people an idea of what it would cost to buy an EVSE (“Electric Vehicle Service Equipment”, a home charger for your electric car) and convert them into leads.

By offering this content interactively, people found out more quickly what they needed (what type of charging station they needed for electric cars).

The content therefore not only provides information, that information is also highly relevant and gives an answer just what the site visitor needs.

In exchange, Eneco was able to collect more than 1000 leads in just 6 weeks, additionally, they have the data from the questionnaire to help each lead with exactly what they are looking for.

Offering tailor-made information is extremely valuable. In addition to the personalized result from a calculator or any type of interactive content, you could use the collected data to auto-generate a PDF report.

Such a personalized PDF report can take your content to the next level and increase your conversions even more. Knowing that a detailed report with deeper insights, extra tips is waiting for them is a great stimulus to leave their contact data.

Offering something that makes your respondent feel special and appreciated as an individual is always a good way to go!

3. Use a callback solution

A new way to boost your conversion rate which you might not have heard of is using a callback solution instead of just a number on your page. Your website often gets visits from visitors that are still hesitating and they leave without completely understanding your product or service. Maybe your website did not answer their questions?

Making use of a callback solution is a good example to avoid scaring potential customers away by asking for their data. They do not want to receive weekly emails about newsletters if they only have a specific question about the product you offer.

With a callback solution, website users can fill in a widget to schedule a call with website representatives or can get you in contact with a professional right away.

Any conversation can be a conversion right?

Using a callback solution could increase your conversion up to 80% according to Limecall. This and Novocall are examples of a callback software that allows users to schedule a call instantly.

A platform, like these, gives a personal one-on-one answer to your potential customer questions and allows for callbacks with your sales team.callback


4. Follow your competitor’s flow

Focus on unique value propositions, especially on your landing pages.

But a pro-tip? Follow your competitor’s flow…

They’ve invested a lot of money in their websites, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. For example, if their call to action button is: “Register Here For 14-day Free Trial”, this is a good indication of how to build up your own CTAs.

Blatant copying isn’t advised, but taking the same concepts and shaping them to fit your own unique product or service will help you set up more effectively converting landing pages with less trial-and-error.

Knowing what your competition changes on their website will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and possess the vital information necessary for strategic decision making. So the intention is that you look closely at your competitors and therefore respond to that and offer a better version than they do.

You won’t waste time on tests because you implement changes and improvements which you know are already working for your competitors. Regularly visiting and scrolling through your competitors websites requires time.  An app that ensures that you can use that time for something else is Competitors app. On the Image below you can see a dashboard with an overview of all competitors’ activities.competitor tracking

5. Make use of videos and animation for your content

The creation of landing pages that convert is all about clearly expressing your value as soon as possible. So that the visitors know exactly where you stand for as a company. It doesn’t mean that you have to explain all the benefits of your offer or service onto the first page.

Instead of using too much information you can create gifs, videos or interesting images that will explain your company. Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see, while only 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. On top of that, content with visuals is usually viewed 94% more than without. So you could conclude that strong visuals have way more impact than just information.

The more interactive your animations are, the more engagement you should see.

“Making use of video testimonials and tweets testimonials by industry leaders could help you as well. Many sites are using fake testimonials, and that’s obvious. Often you will see that if you right click on the image of the person who gave the testimonial you see that it’s just a stock photo image. That’s terrible and it kills trust.”- Georgi Todorov, Marketing Consultant.

If you use real video testimonials, tweet testimonials by industry leaders, well-known people in your niche, you will get more conversion. In fact, Using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%.

Like this landing page on the Clickcease site which shows exactly what the feature can do. Which is excluding invalid IPs and block fake clicks with their fraud protection software.non-human traffic concept

Conclusion: boost your site’s conversion rate

So, if you want to boost your site’s conversion rate you know what to do. Just make sure you apply these tips properly and you will see a remarkable change in your conversion rates. If you have any other unconventional ways to boost your site’s conversion rate please let me know in the comment section below.

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About the author:

Isabelle Bleeker is an International Business and Languages student in the Netherlands. She enjoys traveling and she is eager to learn everything about international business and developments. She’s mostly passionate about marketing and intercultural management.


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A Top 5 of Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate

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