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Three tricks that all high converting websites use

What in your opinion makes for a high converting website? What is it that makes some websites convert consistently better than others, even sites that are offering the same products and services?

If you were to mention mobile-friendliness, a clear call to action and a well defined value proposition, you’d be right. But over and above that, I can think of three traits that all high converting websites share, regardless of whether they involve content marketing or ecommerce.

Would you like to hear what they are?

Okay then. In no particular order it goes like this:

1. They add lifelong value

You know what’s better than making the sale? Making repeat sales to the same customer. High converting websites feature recommended products and accessories and then use automation to follow up items that customers show a particular interest in.

2. They’re incredibly easy to browse

There’s clear navigation, a search bar, product reviews, an easy to find call to action button and a checkout or lead capture process that involves as few steps as possible.

3. They say more with less

If your images, headers and calls to action are on point, you don’t need to expend hundreds of words on dense walls of text. It’s understandable to want to create indexable page content but you don’t need to write a novel. Strong images, taglines and a CTA will do far more than 1,000 persuasive words of copy ever could.

Want to know some more tricks that define all high converting websites?

I’d love to share some with you…or better still to help you apply those tricks to yours. Book a free strategy session and we can discuss steps to turn your site into a high converting powerhouse. I’ll show you how.

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