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“It was obvious from our initial strategy call Lilach ‘got it’.”

“Lilach is an expert but so willing to share her expertise!”

“If you are not satisfied with how your business is progressing, I highly recommend you have a chat with Lilach. It's free and it may just change your life!”

Want to be the next entrepreneur with a captivating success story that starts here?

No obligations, no expectations… Just an honest chat between me and you!

… bring coffee.

Really, it’s time we talked.

I get it.

You’re passionate about your biz. 

You know you’re talented. 

Your work ethic is off the charts.

It’s just… Progressing like it’s stuck in quicksand.

In other words, it’s just…
Not. Progressing, that is.

Here’s the thing

Your biz deserves better.

You deserve better.

And I can help.

All you need to bring is 100% dedication to getting those treats out of the piñata that is your business. 

If you can give me that, I can help you build a biz beyond your wildest dreams. 

Sound good? Book a call and let’s get down to business 😎

If you’re a little nervous about taking our relationship to the next level, I think you should know something. 

I’m a bit different from all the others. 

Sure, when we meet, I’m hoping for something long-term. 

Because of that, you’re going to see the real me and I’ll happily share my honest thoughts, my advice, and my experience. 

But when we say goodbye, there’s no obligation for a second date

You can take my advice, run with it, and move on. 

Or you can set another date. 

It’s on you! 

You can take my advice,

run with it, and move on.

Or you can set another date. It’s on you! 

Now, that coffee and cake won’t consume itself!

Let’s have a virtual meeting and get to know each other. Tell me: 

And I’ll tell you how we’re going to put together a battle plan for you to explode your biz and bank account like a colorful, treat-filled piñata that just keeps on giving. 

What To Expect:

“Over my 2 decades as a coach, I’ve realized that business problems aren’t unique. They can pretty much be summed up as...


Not getting quality leads,


Not knowing how to attract your dream clients




A mindset that’s working against you!

Which leads to too many bills, not enough moolah, and a constant state of mind-shattering, energy-sapping stress. Together, we can fix that. Your success is my success!”