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Call to Action is Key in Digital Marketing

Call to Action is Key in Digital Marketing

A clear call to action (CTA) is a key part of any digital marketing campaign. Ideally, the messages in all of your marketing pieces should be interesting and informative to readers. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, a CTA is almost a subliminal hook to encourage further engagement. You want to capitalize on the interest generated by your content and get people to your landing page where they can learn the details about all the great things your company has to offer.

Call to Action is Key in Digital Marketing: CTA Tips

Be Specific

Avoid generic calls to action like ‘for more information’ or ‘to speak to a representative’. You want to build on the information you’ve already given a potential customer and hold on to the interest generated by your copy. People who are already engaged with a product are likely to follow through on a call to action if it’s presented compellingly. A clear and concrete call to action can even add to the details you’ve already shared with the reader. Here are a few examples:

  • Click here to see the newest models.
  • Take advantage of our current sale.
  • Learn about popular upgrades.

Enhance Your Call to Action with Graphics

Today’s digital customers are used to colorful graphics that grab the attention and add information to the pitch. A Buy Now button is a common graphic that can be highlighted with bold color and prominent placement. An added touch is coordinating graphic elements with the company logo and color scheme. This beckons a potential customer to make a purchase and drives home your branding elements at the same time.

Be Friendly

Avoid hackneyed calls to action like the ones mentioned above, and use a CTA that speaks to the reader as if they were a neighbor or casual friend:

  • See how it can work for you.
  • Start enjoying yours today.
  • Experience what thousands have discovered.

Notice that the last CTA not only tempts the reader to go further, but it also gives an extra little subliminal push. Thousands of other customers must know something positive about the product, right? Social evidence of success can be an effective tool to generate interest in a service or product. Today’s marketing courses stress proficiency in social marketing techniques for generating interest and confidence in a product.

Create Trust

Similar to social proof, the use of words like guaranteed and free trial help put to rest any reservations a potential buyer may have about the product. Short customer reviews are another valuable (and more direct) way to generate confidence in the product. And if you’re using a graphic button to catch the reader’s interest, the space next to it is the perfect location for a short list of benefits and/or guarantees. Your CTA should speak directly to the reader as an individual with phrases such as:

  • Find the best option for your needs.
  • Choose the model that works for you.
  • Let us help you find the perfect solution.

CTA Placement

In many cases, a call to action works best at the end of the text. After the prospective buyer has learned the highlights about your product, including the benefits, a CTA can tip them in the direction of acting on that information. Sometimes, though, a CTA is better placed front and center. In a photo advertisement, a Buy Now button that stands out gives an extra nudge to someone who’s already tempted to purchase.

Product Alignment

The call to action should also fit with the theme of the service or product advertised. Offering something of value related to the product is one way to draw readers to your website, but it should be a good fit for your product. The interest in what you’re selling and what you’re offering as incentive should be aligned if you want to hold the customer’s attention. A video, list of tips or free e-book are typical giveaways to help funnel clients to your page, increasing the chance of a conversion.

Test and Re-test

A call to action can provide measurable metrics if you test different versions in your marketing campaign. Try two similar CTAs with different keywords to see which ones are the most effective at drawing traffic to your website. Measure which free offers or testimonials have the most impact. Tracking which copy leads to the most conversions will help you tweak your CTA for optimal results.

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