8 Steps to Look After Yourself in the Workplace

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8 Steps to Look After Yourself in the Workplace-min

When we talk about health, many of us concentrate on our physical health. The way we look and move; how our bodies run. However, it is vital to remember that there are two components of health and wellbeing. You need to focus on your mental and physical health and look after yourself in the workplace so that one can run with the other smoothly.

8 Steps to Look After Yourself in the Workplace

Physical Health

There are many steps when it comes to looking after our physical health. These include:

1.    Eating healthily

If you work in an office, then be mindful of what foods you eat. There will be limited movement and exercise during workday hours, so eating healthy greens and foods low in sugars and saturated fats means you will limit the accumulation of excess weight. Eat salads with grains and vegetables, and for a snack, eat fruit.

2.    Be mindful of office obstacles

While offices have health and safety codes to abide by, this does not mean you are immune from accidents. Keep an eye out for loose wires, trip hazards and sharp edges on desks. If you are ever injured, and it is the fault of the employers, be sure to speak to The Compensation Experts for guidance on how to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

3.    Exercise during your lunch break

This doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon in your lunch break or even change your clothes, but it is highly recommended that you go for a walk. Thirty minutes of cardio can work wonders for you, so be sure to fit regular exercise into your schedule now and then.

4.    Stand up now and then

It is not good for you to stay sat down for such long periods of time. Therefore, stretch your legs, be it to make a hot drink or fill up your glass of water. You can always invest in tables that ascend so that you can work standing up, too.

Mental Health

A person cannot neglect their mental health. Here are 4 additional steps to also help you maintain a healthy mentality.

5.    Learn to breathe properly

We can sometimes catch ourselves gasping for air or unable to breathe in regular rhythm. This can cause anxiety and panic to swell. Learning breathing techniques to aid such issues can help you cope with such mental stress.

6.    Look after your gut

The saying goes, “Healthy gut, healthy mind.” Before, people did not realise there was a link between a person’s digestive system and the brain. Nowadays people are much more mindful of the correlation. You should eat fatty fish, which is full of omega-3, as well as whole grains and yoghurt and active cultures amongst other things.

7.    Confide in friends, family members and professionals

You may not wish to speak to your manager or employers right now, but make sure not to bottle up your emotions. Speak to friends and family members. Have them listen to your worries and ask for their advice on certain matters. If you wish to speak to someone with more experience, then there are always professionals who can offer counselling services.

8.    Ask for flexible work

Not only do businesses often accommodate flexible working, but nowadays it is becoming more of a staple when drawing in potential candidates. If your business does not, however, there is no harm in asking. Flexible working, every now and then, can allow you more breathing room.

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