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15 Reliable Lead Generation Companies to Work With

Do you plan to scale up your lead generation efforts this year? You aren’t the only one. The HubSpot report stated that 40% of marketers plan to prioritize lead generation in the next 12 months. 

Now, why won’t they when B2B companies with mature lead generation plans produce 133% more revenue than average companies? 

But, lead generation is not an easy task. Connecting with potential prospects is the biggest challenge for marketing teams. On average, it takes 8 sales calls to convert a lead.

So, unless you have a dedicated marketing team with the latest marketing and productivity tools, you cannot improve your lead generation rate.

But, there is another solution. You can simply outsource your lead generation services.

Yes, there are many great lead generation companies available worldwide. These companies have a large customer database, tools, and experienced staff. 

Moreover, outsourcing services is always less expensive than creating an in-house workflow. So, you can generate more leads and save money by hiring a competent lead generation partner. Now, that sounds like a good plan!

All you need is to find the best lead generation company, which is tricky because so many great companies are available today. But, to help you out, we have narrowed the list down to the top 15 lead generation companies you can trust blindly.

How to Find the Perfect Lead Generation Company?

If you type “lead generation company” in Google, you can find infinite results across the globe. You might feel overwhelmed after seeing so many lead-generation companies doing such great work.

So, don’t get frustrated with all the amazing services and data-driven results that all lead generation companies offer. Instead, just focus on your business goals and requirements to find the perfect outsourcing partner.

Here are some basic things that you can consider to find the best lead generation company to support your business goal:

Service type

Foremost, you must check the type of lead generation services the company offers. Usually, lead generation companies offer inbound and outbound services. 

Inbound lead generation companies create high-quality content and use different lead magnets to drive traffic to your website, like e-books, blogs, etc. These agencies help to implement the correct SEO strategy to grow your business.

Contrary, outbound agencies use external methods to generate leads like emails, phone calls, ads, etc. 

Both services are equally important to generate qualified leads. Thus, you must hire a lead generation company that offers both inbound and outbound solutions.

Sales funnel stages

Do you have a long and complex sales cycle? Then, asking your lead generation company how they plan to help you out is crucial. Ask them what sales funnel stages they will cover in their initial plan.

You should specify the following things:

  • Which customer acquisition strategy will they follow?
  • How do they plan to generate quality leads?
  • Which lead generation operations will your team handle, and which will be handled by an outsourced team?

Leads quality 

Every lead generation company will say they offer the best quality leads. But, this is not always the case.

So, you must ask where and how the company generates qualified leads. This can help you understand whether we have a quality database in your business industry or not.

Also, ask what tools they use to manage and control their database. Many companies use data integration software like Coupler to integrate data between several tools—HubSpot to Google Sheets, Shopify to Google Sheets, etc. 

You must ask the following questions from the company:

  • Do they use third-party data to create lead databases?
  • How often do they clean their lead database?
  • How do they ensure the quality of leads collected from forms?

Tools and technologies

Lead generation is impossible without the right tools. You need tools to collect, manage and analyze your lead generation campaigns. 

Besides this, you need several tools to support your lead-generation campaigns and internal workflow. For example, you need accounting software like Sage to manage your campaign budget and pay your staff on time.

In addition, you might need a series of content creation tools to create dynamic inbound leads like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, etc. 

So, ensure that your lead generation agency has all the essential tools and technologies to support your lead generation.

Experienced team

Tools are essential to implementing successful lead-generation campaigns. But, tools are inefficient without experienced and knowledgeable people. If people who are using those tools are not competent, tools can take you nowhere.

Therefore, make sure that your lead generation agency has a qualified and knowledgeable team. You can ask these questions about team members before hiring a company:

  • Do they have dedicated lead generation managers to handle your project?
  • What will be the role of each team member?
  • What is the qualification and experience of individual team members?

15 Reliable Lead Generation Companies to Must Hire

Ready to generate more qualified mean the coming year? Then, start looking for reliable lead generation companies that can understand your business goals and help you achieve them.

Here are the best 15 companies that can support your lead generation efforts for sure: 

1. UnboundB2B 

UnboundB2B is committed to meeting the needs of Technology and Enterprise companies worldwide. It provides a wide range of services such as B2B lead generation, appointment setting, demand generation, etc. 


The company’s mission is to assist businesses in increasing their ROIs, shortening the sales cycle, and making the most of their marketing efforts. 

UnboundB2B has assisted industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon AWS, Adobe, Oracle, and others in developing their lead generation campaigns.

Lead Generation Services 

  • Fill B2B companies’ funnels with marketing and sales-qualified leads. 
  • Appointment settings to help you connect with the right leads. 
  • A custom account-based marketing campaign to help you reach your key decision-makers. 
  • Content syndication services expose your content on multiple marketing channels. 
  • UnboundB2B studies your competitors’ and partners’ install base data before creating a lead generation strategy. 
  • Effective email marketing campaigns to land in your prospects’ inboxes. 

Price: Get a custom quote

2. Salespanel.io

Salespanel is a technology platform for first-party intent data analytics and customer journey tracking. 


With Universal Analytics sunsetting and Google Analytics being banned in several European countries, Salespanel is the ideal solution for B2B businesses looking to track first-party customer journey data and connect it to their sales and marketing systems. 

With Salespanel, you can identify, track, qualify, and analyze your leads.

Lead Generation Services 

  • Use first-party buyer intent data in your marketing campaigns. 
  • Optimize lead generation funnel based on the lead’s journey. 
  • Real-time lead tracking and instant alerts on qualified leads. 
  • Segment leads based on accounts, profiles, and behavioral data. 
  • Customer journey tracking, buyer personas, lead qualification, and more. 

Price: Basic plan for $149/month. Growth plan for $499/month. Scale plan is customizable.  

3. Lilach Bullock 

Your humble Lilach Bullock is in the third position. No need to applaud my modesty. But she’s in the third spot because she offers different B2B lead generation solutions. 


Instead of offering tools or services, she offers lead generation coaching. Lilach trains B2B businesses to better manage their time, suggest the right tools, and more. 

Contact Lilach here if you want to learn how to generate qualified leads. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • B2B lead generation coaching. 
  • Interviews with leading business gurus on Lilach Bullock podcast
  • Tips for maintaining work/life balance. 
  • Help to build a business growth blueprint. 

Price: Get a custom quote 

4. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a holy grail of lead generation. It is an IT consulting partner to generate more leads. 


ScienceSoft is a Texas-based company with offices in the EU and Eastern Europe and clients in more than 40 countries. It has been solving digital and business challenges for Fortune 500 corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, and startups since 1989. 

ScienceSoft is an IBM, Oracle, AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and Magento partner. It holds six Microsoft Gold Competencies in Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, Datacenter, Data Platform, and Messaging.

Lead Generation Services 

  • Full range of QA and testing services. 
  • Reliable and scalable software development solutions. 
  • Data Analytics to support lead generation strategies. 
  • Complete IT consulting. 
  • Application development and management. 

Price: Get a custom quote

5. Social Status

Social Status is a robust set of four social media analytics tools. First, there is Analytics to manage your social media profiles. Integrate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts to see complete funnel insights.


 Analytics for Ads helps you manage your Facebook Ads Manager account to get a complete picture of your paid performance. 

The Analyzing Competitors feature compares your performance to competitors and the industry. In addition, influencer Analytics tracks the performance of Instagram Influencers you work with.

Lead Generation Services 

  • Streamline your social media accounts. 
  • Analyze Facebook Ads Manager to track your lead generation campaigns. 
  • Track and set benchmarks against your competitors. 
  • Connect and track your Instagram influencers. 

Price: Free up to 3 profiles. Starter plan for $29 per month. Pro plan for $199 per month. Business plan for $399 per month. Corporate plan for $599 per month. Enterprise plan for $1,499 per month. 

6. Coresignal

Coresignal is a data-driven solution to support lead generation. This tool helps you collect raw data from public business platforms to build a firmographic data set. 


Using parsed JSON or CSV, you can transfer your data via a link or directly send it to your preferred locations. This is the perfect solution to keep your data silos fresh and effective. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Every month Coresignal’s employee and firmographic records are updated. 
  • Maintain up to 40 months of historical data. 
  • API solutions to access, filter, and query the main database. 

Price: Get a custom quote 

7. Marveta 

Marveta is a leading digital advertising and marketing company. It provides content-based and SEO with PR solutions to generate high-quality leads. 


The company has an experienced team that can offer content-led leads. They use content marketing to bring traffic to your site. 

Marveta team also customizes PPC and social media marketing strategies to attract relevant leads. If you want humans to assist you in generating leads using the right tools, Marveta is the best lead-generation solution. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Complete content marketing solutions, including planning, creating and distributing. 
  • Social media marketing on the right platforms. 
  • Run ads on digital platforms. 
  • Get featured in the leading PR publications. 

Price: Get a custom quote

8. Snov.io

Snov.io brings more leads, sales, and revenue your way. It is a complete lead generation solution with an email finder, verification, sales CRM, and more features. 


Snov.io is the ideal CRM for effective contact management and cold outreach. You can find more convertible leads, validate contacts, track the progress of your leads, and automate cold outreach with it. 

With personalized automated outreach and over 2000 integration options, you can save your sales team time while increasing revenue.

Lead Generation Services 

  • Helps to create a manageable, clean, and segmented ICP database. 
  • Find prospects’ emails and run drip campaigns. 
  • Sales CRM to store, arrange and create a lead funnel. 
  • Integration with several tools, forms, social media platforms, and more. 

Price: Small company plan for $33 per month. Medium company plan for $83 per month. Large plan for $158 per month. XL plan for $308 per month. XXL plan for $615 per month. 

9. CloudTalk 

It is a VoIP telefon lead generation solution to make sales calls around the globe. With CloudTalk’s powerful auto-dialing software, your agents can handle more calls in less time. 


CloudTalk is used by over 2,500 businesses, including DHL, Yves Rocher, and Glovo, for its superior call quality and auto-dialing functionality. 

CloudTalk comes with 70+ time-saving features and simple integrations with your existing Helpdesk, CRM, and eCommerce software to make things easier for your sales and customer support teams.

Lead Generation Services 

  • Easy call center setup to support customer service and sales teams. 
  • Supports inbound and outbound lead generation. 
  • Virtual call center to manage remote teams. 
  • A complete business phone system. 

Price: Starter plan for $25 per user/month. Essential plan for $30 per user/month. Expert plan for $50 per user/month. Contact for a custom plan. 

10. Muffin Group 

Your business website or landing pages are the places where leads convert. Thus, you need Muffin Group support to customize your website to generate quick leads. 


You can find readymade lead generation WordPress themes to start your growth journey. Besides this, you will get 650+ pre-made website templates. 

In addition, this tool is integrated with many other WordPress plugins like the Slider Revolution WordPress slider plugin, WooCommerce, Layer Slider, HubSpot, and more. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Dynamic and customizable website templates. 
  • Smooth WordPress plugin integration. 
  • Experienced team for custom web designing. 

Price: Get a custom quote 

11. YoYoMedia

Do you want to generate leads via social media marketing? Then, YoYoMedia is your perfect SMM panel. 


This lead generation company can help you create brand awareness, connect with prospects, drive traffic, and boost your sales. 

It is the cheapest SMM panel that provides access across PayPal, Paytm and Shopify panels. Also, the company offers excellent customer support and reach. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • A panel to increase social engagement
  • Payment SMM support. 
  • Offers personal guidance to grow your business on social media platforms. 
  • A dashboard to manage social media campaigns and monitor them. 

Price: Get a custom quote

12. KlientBoost 

KlientBoost is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing. If you want to build a digital brand, it is an excellent lead generation company. 


The company has a large team that is dispersed all over the world. They offer lead generation services to e-commerce, technology, and other industries. This company has all the right marketing solutions for both startups and large corporations.

They typically use Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads, and email marketing to increase your conversion rates. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Paid advertising solutions, such as Facebook and Google ads, and PPC management. 
  • Content marketing and link building are two prime SEO solutions. 
  • Designing and optimizing landing pages.
  • Building an email list to launch email campaigns. 

Price: Get a custom quote 

13. WebFX

Do you want to increase your lead generation, sales, and revenue? If so, you should work with this reputable and highly-rated digital marketing firm. 


WebFX promises to boost your revenue lead generation rate. The company employs various marketing strategies to generate significant leads, including phone calls, content marketing, email marketing, and others. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Organic SEO services for large corporations and small businesses. 
  • Management of Google ads for local services. 
  • SEO audit, including page speed and core web vital optimization. 
  • Digital advertising services include programmatic advertising, enterprise PPC management, and more. 
  • Social media growth solutions.

Price: Get a custom quote 

14. Belkins 

Belkins is a top-rated lead generation firm with experience in over 50 industries worldwide. It assists B2B businesses in reaching their full sales potential. 


The company employs various strategies to generate high-quality leads, including appointment setting, influencer marketing, and others. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Appointment setting services are available to nurture hot leads. 
  • Conduct research using the extensive database. 
  • Plan for a LinkedIn influencer program. 

Price: Get 20 free leads. On the website, calculate your ROI.

15. Mouseflow 

Mouseflow is a behavior analytics portal that optimizes web experiences and increases conversions. Traditional attribution software can answer analytical questions such as web traffic, session rate, etc. 


However, Mouseflow provides web users with deeper analytical insights to better understand their visitors. Mouseflow allows you to create six different heatmaps to see what draws your visitors’ attention and create a funnel to monitor your visitors’ drop rates. 

Mouseflow enables you to increase lead generation while creating analytical forms and campaigns to learn more about your website visitors. 

Lead Generation Services 

  • Forms can be analyzed and optimized field by field. 
  • Improve website usability. 
  • Marketing campaigns that use A/B testing.

Price: Free for a website. Starter plan for $24 per month. Growth plan for $75 per month. Business plan for $159 per month. Pro plan for $299 per month. 

Have You Chosen the Best Lead Generation Company Yet? 

There you go, peeps. You have explored the best 15 lead generation companies to outsource services from this year. 

You must define your lead generation needs first and then look for the company that can best support them. 

Also, ensure the company’s database and culture is a perfect fit for your targeted audience. 

That’s it for now! Check all the reliable companies list properly and select the most suitable one.

Author Bio

Sumeet Anand is a B2B Marketing Expert and Founder at Marveta. He helps brands and businesses generate leads with his top-notch content strategies. He has featured on various major media publications across the globe. Connect with him on social media!

LinkedIn profile link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sumeet-anand/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sumeetanand143 

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