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What’s the silliest excuse you’ve ever heard?

I’ve heard many, not just as a mom, a friend, & a normal human, but as an entrepreneur too.

One of the most common ones I hear as a business owner is something along the lines of “I can’t afford it.”

Now, it might not seem silly. It might seem quite legitimate. After all, we’re in pretty bad economic times & pinching pennies has become a habit for most of us.

But here’s the thing: everything is affordable if you want it badly enough.

The truth behind the excuse?

People don’t want to take action. They don’t want to change.

I had a call with a client recently who outlined with great enthusiasm all the things she wanted to achieve with her business. She had some really great goals, but she wanted to achieve all of them without doing more than what she is already.

When I told her she would need to make changes and do the hard work to reach her goals, she was horrified & quickly turned it into an “I can’t afford it right now” situation.

It’s a pity, really, because she’s full of good ideas and intentions. With focused action, she could scale her business to spectacular heights.

And it’s not unusual for me to have this exact experience.

People come to me because they want more money, more dream clients, to be more productive, to know how much they’re making each month, or to scale their business beyond what it is now.

But some of them seem to think a business coach is like a magic potion that will bring everything to them without them lifting a finger. Or a VA who will manage their business for them while they sit back and relax. 

And when they realize that you won’t work for them or let them be lazy, out comes the #1 excuse: “You’re too expensive.” “I can’t afford it right now.” “It’s out of my price range.” “I haven’t budgeted for it this month.” And so on.

The truth is, money is an excuse to not take action.

Some of my clients:

  • Took a loan
  • Saved up
  • Borrowed
  • Gave up other things
  • Arranged a payment plan

If you truly want it, money won’t stop you. 

And if you truly want it, you’ll take the necessary action.

Wondering why your business isn’t changing? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the hard questions and be honest.

  • How much do you really want it?
  • How much are you prepared to change?

Not “are you ready to change”… Because it’s not about that. Change is inevitable. It’s about how much you’re willing to change in order to see those outcomes.

If it’s about the money for you, it’s time for a mindset shift.

Stop making it about the money. Make it about what you’re willing to do to hit those goals. To make more money. To scale your business. To be successful.

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It’s Not About the Money

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