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3 Common Website Glitches and How to Fix Them

In today’s digital world, more and more consumers are searching for valuable information to help them make better buying decisions. Because of this, your business should have a professional website to be successful in the digital marketplace. Typically, a website plays a vital role in carrying out all your online marketing efforts. It provides your consumers with a better idea of your business and the types of products/services you sell. Not only that, it can make your business more visible in the online world— thereby increasing your chances of making more sales.  

However, as a website owner, you have several tasks and responsibilities that you should perform to keep your site running smoothly without problems. Failing to maintain your website can lead to serious adverse consequences, including making your brand look bad and affecting your site’s user experience. 

To avoid these issues, getting familiar with the common website glitches you may encounter is essential.  From slow loading screens to broken links to an inability to work on mobiles, there’s nothing more irritating than a website that just won’t work. All too often, however, these troubles occur. It’s true; website glitches are incredibly annoying and, unfortunately, they are also incredibly common.

This is where performing website maintenance on a regular basis enters the picture. There are many service providers out there that can help maintain your website to provide an excellent user experience and faster site performance. 

Unfortunately, when the problems have already affected your website, it’s time to take some other action. 

3 Common Website Glitches and How to Fix Them

Slow loading and buffering

Slow loading and buffering is the bane of many internet users’ lives, and it will be enough to send people packing from your website without a second thought. This is because nobody ever seems to have any patience when it comes to the internet, and rightfully so — websites should load quickly, and they shouldn’t buffer.

The fix:

To stop slow loading times from plaguing your website, you should, first, get in touch with your hosting company. You should ask them if your site is being hosted on a dedicated server or whether it is sharing it with thousands of other sites — if it is the latter, to stop your site from being slow to load, you should request for your site to be moved to on to its own server. This may entail an additional cost, but it’ll be worth it.

Something else that you can do to fix slow loading is to check your speed score with Google. The search engine will not only check your score, but it will offer you suggestions on what you can do specifically to get your site working at its optimum speed.

Broken links

Having broken links dotted around your website will prove to be a nightmare. For one, these sorts of errors will make your site look unprofessional. Also, it will, again, divert traffic away from your site rather than attract it to it. For these reasons, you should resolve to rid your site of all the broken links that sit on it unnecessarily.

The fix:

You should run regular checkups on your site to ensure that all of your links are still working. If one of them isn’t, quite simply, remove it. You should aim to check links as often as possible.

General downtime

Downtime is the worst website glitch of them all. When your site is down, nobody will be able to access your site at all — seeing your site down, even just in one instance, might even be enough to put some internet users off your site for life. It is for this reason why, if you do take any of the advice laid out in this guide, let it be this: keep your site up at all times!

The fix:

To prevent your site from going down in the first place, you should consider using a web hosting service that knows how to deal with downtime, such as Having a strong hosting platform, and the cached backups that one provides, will see your site remain up at all conceivable points.

To fight the three website glitches above, make sure to take the advice provided on how to fix them.  By doing so, you’ll know exactly what to do to handle the issues and minimize the consequences of a poorly designed or maintained website for your business. On the other hand, If you want to fix other common issues, have a look at this article by CollectiveRay on how to fix Contact Form 7 sending problems.

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3 Common Website Glitches and How to Fix Them

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