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How to Get More YouTube Subscribers and Views: A Detailed Guide That Will Help You Out

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. And the first search video platform in the world. 

It has already become mainstream to use YouTube for entertainment purposes. Likely, clever businesses have adopted their marketing activities to YouTube as well. 

Nowadays, you can find whatever business channel you want on YouTube. 

Therefore, it would be fair to ask – how popular business channels get so many views and subscribers?

Is there any specific formula that can help achieve these goals?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the exact formula. It doesn’t exist. However, there are certain tips that you can use in practice to get more subscribers and views. 

In this guide, you will get familiar with the tips that can help you boost your YouTube channel for sure.

P.S. This guide is composed of two parts. The first one is how to get more subscribers. The second – how to get more views. 

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube Channel 

You won’t deny the importance of growing subscribers on YouTube channel. The subscribers are a driving force that spreads and shares the word about your video content. Only subscribers move your channel forward and help it grow. 

Thus, you must know how to grow your subscriber list. Here are nine tips you should be armed with.

Suggest Topics That Your Target Audience Wants to See 

There is a strong correlation between “views” and “subscribers” your channel will have. If nobody watches your videos, nobody will subscribe to the channel. 

Consequently, you must know what topics your target audience would love to see on your channel covered. 

To find these topics you can use a free YouTube keyword tool. It works pretty simply. All you need to do is to put the topic into the search bar and get the keyword ideas with monthly search volume.

When you know what topics your target audience searches on YouTube, you can start producing video content. For this, you will need to use some video editing software and optimize videos promptly. 

“According to Berina Karic, marketing manager at Top Influencer Marketing Agency, the subscribers are a driving force that spreads and shares the word about your video content. Only subscribers move your channel forward and help it grow. ”

Follow the Niche-Related Topics

Keep in mind that you must cover only those topics on your channel that are related to your niche. Otherwise, you might stumble upon these two bad scenarios for your channel:

  • Unsubscribes. If people start to unsubscribe from your channel, it means your content doesn’t meet their needs.
  • User engagement fades away. Your video content receives dislikes, negative comments, short watch time of the videos.

Your video’s engagement plays a crucial role. It affects ranking on YouTube and whether your videos would appear in the sidebar as video suggestions. 

According to this logic, you must focus your channel on the main theme related to the niche. Especially, at the very beginning of your channel life.

Be Aware of What Your Subscribers Want to Find on Your Channel

Let’s say you’ve uploaded a video “Ibanez EHB1005 vs. Ibanez BTB846V”, but at the beginning of the video, your subscriber can see the review of Warwick bass-guitar. They didn’t get the information they wanted. Eventually, they bounced. 

If you want subscribers to watch your video content from start to finish, you must know what they want to see in the videos. 

How to find it?

Some of the topics are self-explanatory. For instance, when people type “how to make an infographic” they want to get a detailed tutorial.

But there are tons of topics that are not straightforward. For example, the topic “nes games” can embrace whatever you want – a list of NES games, NES game soundtrack, NES games review, etc.

As you can see, the majority of the results are “Top” list videos and game soundtracks. Pay attention to this information and use it in your own video content planning. 

Don’t Mess With the Experimental Content

Sometimes experiments can work for your hand. However, practice shows that the experiments with topics for your video content might turn bad for your channel. 

We have a video that highlights Visme attending the 2016 South by South West Interactive in Austin. The video has nothing in common with infographics, presentations, and other visual elements. As a result, it has 264 views only.

And now review the number of views that have topic-related video content.

To sum up, don’t run experiments if you are not sure about their success. 

Follow Video Uploading Schedule

How often do you need to publish your video content on YouTube?

It is completely up to you. There is no certain schedule you must stick with. From one side, the more videos you upload, the more views you have. The growth of views leads to more people who would probably subscribe to the channel. 

One thing is a hundred percent correct – don’t publish a single video once in a couple of months. Instead, create your own schedule that would work for you (e.g. a few videos per month.)

Don’t Forget to Add All Your Videos to a Playlist

YouTube functionality allows you to create multiple playlists that can be devoted to specific topics.

Playlists can’t get new subscribers to the channel directly. However, by having different topically-related playlists you will increase the chances that people will watch more videos. From this perspective, the more videos people watch, the more likely they subscribe to the channel. 

Plus, playlists can improve user experience, channel navigation, and user engagement. 

Refer to YouTube Channel on External Resources 

You must spread the word about your YouTube channel on external resources. 

What does it mean? 

It means you need to mention and link back to your video content hosted on YouTube. For example, here at Visme, we have a number of video tutorials and tips suggested on our website. But when you want to watch some of the video tutorials, you can clearly understand that they are located on our YouTube channel. 

What else can you do?

You can make a reference to YouTube video content on the blogs where you are invited to contribute. Also, if someone from the marketing team is interviewed on a podcast, it is a wonderful opportunity to mention a YouTube channel with the videos to watch. Plus, you can always use social media tools that could help you automate this process in a certain way. 

Play With New Interactive Features YouTube Can Suggest 

YouTube offers a range of different features that can help you make your videos more engaging. One of these features is called “watermark”.

If people pass the mouse on this watermark, they will see a subscribe button appear. Plus, you can add end screen buttons, like on the screenshot below. 

Don’t hesitate to use them in your video content optimization.

Incline People to Subscribe 

You must realize that not only your subscribers watch the videos on the channel. There are a huge amount of people who watch them as well but they haven’t subscribed yet. 

Your task is to ask them to subscribe to your channel literally. 

It could be something like “don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t yet”, or “make sure you click the subscribe button down below the video and don’t miss our next episode” – it is up to you. The only thing that you should remember is not to overdo this friendly request. 

To conclude, use these nine tips and you will grow your list of subscribers drastically. 

Now, let’s review actionable pieces of advice on how to get more views on your YouTube channel. 

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel in a Few Actionable Ways

As has been stated, there is a strong correlation between “subscribers” and “views” on the channel. Naturally, the number of views gives your channel a big promotional push that leads to channel growth and earning more money (if your video content is monetized, of course). 

In the chase for views, people pay money to get them right off the bat. These paid views either have an aim to persuade people that the videos are worth their attention or to follow YouTube’s algorithms. In both cases, you delude yourself with buying views. 


At least due to these three simple reasons:

  1. a) You put lots of money into the trash bin
  2. b) YouTube’s algorithms draw attention to users behavior rather than to the views
  3. c) YouTube’s bot is quite smart to detect the quality of the views 

Therefore, it makes more sense to focus on getting views organically. Here is a list of tips on how to do this.

Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Be Ranking on Google

Put any query on Google and see what it suggests. 

The first result that you can see for the query “how to change strings on a bass guitar” is a video tutorial from a YouTube channel. 

It would be fair to ask “how to know what videos will be ranked on Google?”

The answer to this question is simple. You need to analyze competitors’ videos that are already ranking on Google and get traffic accordingly. To analyze the videos you can use Content Explorer tool from Ahrefs. Everything you will have to do is to use this formula:

site:youtube.com inurl:watch title:topic

Then, sort the results by “Organic traffic” and analyze what you will get. By having an idea of what video topics rank on Google, you can start creating your content. The rest you must do is to optimize them properly. If you don’t know how to do optimization for video content on YouTube specifically, you can find all the necessary information in various tutorials available on Google or hire a freelancer who would be an expert in YouTube SEO. 

Work on YouTube Videos’ Description

Video description has a direct influence on CTR. It tells people what the video is about. 

Aside from this, you should create a description that is placed under the video. Your task is to encourage people to watch other videos on your channel and subscribe as well. 

From the example, you can see that the owner of the channel prefers to create a description following a few general rules:

  • A short introduction to entice the click
  • A detailed description of what the video is about
  • A link to subscribe
  • A brief promo of the website (with the link)
  • 1-2 sentences about the next video to watch on the channel (with the link)

Do it by yourself and you will improve not just the number of views but channel navigation as well. 

Thumbnail Must Be Creative and Eye-Catchy

To get more views you must prompt people to click the video. But people won’t click the video if the thumbnail doesn’t catch their eye.

Here is a wonderful example from the channel about video games.

You would agree that these thumbnails catch attention and if you are interested in video games, you would watch some of the videos. Let’s analyze what makes these thumbnails stand out.   

  • The uniqueness of design. If the thumbnails are unique, they will catch people’s attention for a hundred percent. Therefore, you must brainstorm ideas on how to choose the correct angle for thumbnail’s design
  • Add a proper image. Your thumbnail must show people that the video solves a target audience’s problems. Thus, if your video is about “how to fry chicken”, the thumbnail should demonstrate the chicken and the process of frying
  • Thumbnail should include descriptive text. To put it simply, if your video is about “tying a belt”, the descriptive text of the thumbnail must include the words “tying a belt”
  • Make sure the thumbnails are colorful. You noticed that YouTube’s main colors are white, red, and grey. Your task is to make sure the thumbnail’s array of colors doesn’t blend with the colors of YouTube

The tips you have just reviewed can boost the number of views tremendously. Use them whenever you upload another video on your YouTube channel.


Creating and promoting a channel on YouTube is not a science. You can see it by yourself by exploring various channels related to different business niches. 

Nevertheless, you can’t count on getting views and subscribers without any additional activities from your end. Yes, your main task is to create high-quality and informative video content. But by applying the tips you will have more chances to boost the number of views for your videos. And increase your list of subscribers. 

If you think that this guide misses some more tips, feel free to share them in the comment section. 

Guest post by Sergey Aliokhin.  Sergey Aliokhin is a community outreach manager at Visme. When not at work, he likes to spend his time with family, read books on science-fiction, practice playing the bass, and visit the gym.

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