You have 10 seconds to impress me. GO!

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You have 10 seconds to impress me. GO!

What’s your elevator pitch?

Suppose I was a high-powered investor and you bumped into me in a lift. What could you say in those 10 seconds to captivate my attention?

Go on, impress me.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about impressing me. I’m just a digital marketer; investment isn’t really my thing. If our paths cross, I promise I won’t ask for your elevator pitch.

But out there on the web, it’s a different story…

You might not be pitching your entire company, but your content gets pitched against thousands of other articles every day, each vying for precious time and attention from the same audience. Winning that click and getting a visitor onto the page is only half the battle. Next you’ve got to engross them and you’re not even afforded the full ten seconds in which to do so: research has shown that the average web user’s concentration span has now dropped to under 9 seconds.

How do you impress someone in 9 seconds?

That’s going to take me more than 9 seconds to explain, but if you give me your time by booking a free strategy call, I can promise that the return will be well worth it. If you’d like to impress your readers, contact me now to discuss my content creation service.

Every second counts.

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