How do you feel about selling?

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How do you feel about selling?

Is it a bit of a swear word to you or are you comfortable with the idea that you have something to offer the world and that you need to get it in front of anyone who would benefit from your help?

Entrepreneurs seem to be split into 2 different camps. There are those who are worried about being salesey and do their very best not to be seen to be selling anything for fear that someone will accuse them of being a salesperson, and before you decide this isn’t true have a look around Facebook. There are whole courses dedicated to “how to sell without being salesey” which to me is bizarre.

Then there is the kind of business owners who follow Gary Vee, Grant Cardone and others who believe in the power of sales. These guys are not afraid to stand up and be counted and sell you their product (if they believe it will change your life).

Where do you fit on this spectrum?

I am somewhere in between if I’m honest. I do like selling my products and services (after all if you don’t ever sell anything you don’t actually have a business, do you – that’s more of a giant hobby that takes all your time and prevents you from earning a living) but I’m also aware that there needs to be a balance between sales and marketing.

Here are some good questions that you could ask yourself to decide whether you need to scale your sales activities up or down:

1. How many emails did you send to your list a week?

2.  How many of these include a link to where your clients can buy from you or book a call with you?

3.  How often do you post on social media?

4.  How many of these social media posts include a link to buy from you or book a call with you?

5.  Do you use cold outreach or emails? Again, how many a day.

6.  Do you reach out to past clients on a regular basis?

Have a look at what you’re doing each and every day and work out if you are selling enough. I like to aim for between 8 and 10 sales actions every single day. This might sound like a lot but in fact it’s easier to do than you’d think.

Just make sure you always have a good balance between adding value and selling to your clients. Your business won’t survive if you are never selling but if you are always selling and not adding any value through Facebook lives, blog posts etc then you won’t be able to reach your highest potential.

A business is like a relationship, you need to give and take. If you don’t ever ask people to buy from you then you can’t be surprised when they don’t. But if you are one of these people who is always trying to sell then don’t be surprised when people pull away from you.

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Lilach Bullock


16 Nov, 2020


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