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Are you focusing on this one tactic to generate more leads?

Are you focusing on this one tactic to generate more leads?

Today I want to show you how to scale your business by focusing on one monetization technique at a time – something that has brought my business to a consistent 6-figure a month income in just MONTHS.

I had a conversation yesterday with a potential client who wanted big changes to happen in their business. This isn’t uncommon. After all, most of us aspire to growing our business. To creating a business that generates leads on auto-pilot. To having more time to spend with our families. To being less stressed and overwhelmed. To making more MONEY, more easily.

I must admit, I’m always baffled by people’s expectations and commitment when it comes to business. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve talked to who wanted big improvements for their business, and yet weren’t prepared to make the changes necessary to achieve that success. If you want to make big changes in your business you must be prepared to make changes.

No change = same result.

Creating big changes in your business doesn’t mean that you have to make huge changes and have big budgets. On the contrary, small incremental changes are often the best way forwards.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of changing how you work as well. For example, when you get up, what’s the first task you do each day? What’s the thing that you constantly put off?

Try changing your habits and mindset and start the day with the tasks that you’re always procrastinating about…That for some reason gets added to the bottom of your list.

For me the biggest change I’ve made which has produced the biggest results in my business and what has transformed it into a consistent six figure a month income is focusing on one thing every day that will generate leads and sales. That could be writing an email to my list, contacting past clients. Picking up the phone, following up with enquires, reaching out to relevant people on LinkedIn etc.

It doesn’t matter what it is; what matters is that it’s a good tactic and that you focus on one thing at a time, until you achieve the results you want from it. Don’t give up after a few tries and don’t forget about it when something else comes up.

Think of a monetization technique and then FOCUS on just that technique. Once you get the results you want from it, move on to the next monetization technique and so on. This is how you SCALE your business.

So turn off the distractions, focus your time on RESULTS. Forget about the vanity metrics. Forget about how many followers you have, how many likes your posts get and forget about how many comments you’re getting for your blog posts. Focus instead on the metrics that matter. The ones that generate you LEADS and SALES.

My passion is teaching people just like you, how to generate leads that convert into a scalable business. Maybe you need someone to hold your hand so that you can figure out how to monetize your engagement and content and generate more revenue for your business. If so, I’m here to help.

Would you like a FREE strategy call where I will help you plan out how to generate more leads, monetize your engagement and content? Do you want to learn how to focus on the things that matter, on the metrics that bring in results?

Together we will plan out:

-How to get you to become a ‘lazy’ lead generator – do you want to just have LEADS come to you with no effort on your part? I can help you achieve that!

-Generate leads WITHOUT having to spend a fortune on ads

-Optimising your website to increase your conversion rate and revenue

If you want to book your free strategy call, just click here.

I can’t wait to see how I can help you generate more leads and grow your business!

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