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How do you feel about the C-word? No, not that one – I’m talking about content of course. “Content is king”. “Content is everything”. You’ve heard the mantras and you already understand the importance of publishing authoritative content on your site. It’s been drummed into you 1,000 times over, by me and by countless digital marketers.

And yet for some people, the C-word still holds as much fear as other, nastier C-words. It’s not that they’re opposed to the idea of publishing awesome, shareable content on their site – who wouldn’t want such a thing? – but it all sounds like, well, a lot of hard work.

First you’ve got to think of a topic. Then you’ve got to write something interesting or funny or revelatory or whatever it is readers are looking for. Then you’ve got to source images and write metas and all sorts and then, even when you’ve published it, you’ve got to share it about in the hope that it gains traction. It seems like an awful lot of hard work for something that doesn’t guarantee a direct return on your investment, right?

Well, I’m not going to dispute the hard work part: crafting strong content does take effort, but I can guarantee you this: do it right and you’ll enjoy a return on your investment and then some.

How exactly do you go about doing it right? Well you could start by following some of the content creation guides found in my blog. Or, if you wanted to steal a march on the competition (and save yourself some time in the process), you could request one of my content creation packages. This month I’m offering a package of 10 high quality blog posts that your readers (not to mention those all-important search engines) are sure to love. Contact me to find out more about skipping the line and commissioning custom content for your site.

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How do you feel about the other C word

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