How to Write an Essay Under Exam Conditions

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How to Write an Essay Under Exam Conditions

At the end of each topic or semester, exams are paramount to test your understanding of various concepts and also gauge your development. Given that your credits are at stakes, the pressure is bound to build on you and trigger anxiety. Also, given that you are limited on time you don’t have the comfort to research as much as you want and brainstorm all ideas. Owing to this fact, being able to divide your time and manage the stress is paramount to write an excellent essay.

In this article, we discuss the tips for writing an essay in exams and how to maximize your efficiency. If you are overburdened with work and are looking for assistance, however, ensure that you consult a professional thesis writer to get your money’s worth.  Among the steps for writing an essay include;

  1. Read and understand the question

Before starting on an article, it is critical to understand the subject and the objective of the question. When reading the question, pay attention to every word to avoid diverting from the topic.

Next, relate the idea to the books referred to in the topic and jot down the main ideas you tackled in class. In the case of a novel, ensure that you are armed with characters’ names thus earning your spurs when backing your arguments.

While at it, circle key words in the question, to figure out exactly what the question requires of you. To ensure that you don’t spend surpass mounts of time at this, allocate five minutes and move one once they elapse.

  1. Brainstorm for ideas

Judging from the essay question, brainstorm for strong ideas and jolt them at the back pages of your booklet. Also, write the evidence that supports your arguments ensuring that it is valid to the topic statement.

To ace, your tests, think of any tests you have handled of a similar nature, therefore, getting more ideas. When writing the plan, formulate a thesis statement which contains the topic and the position you take on the subject.

After you are done with the plan, organize your ideas in a manner that they flow and also ensure that you have tackled every scope of your essay.

  1. Work on the introduction of the article

To grab the attention of the examiner, having a captivating introduction is paramount. in your presentation, show what the topic is about, some facts on your subject and the thesis statement. In the case of research, consider showing the strides that have been taken in your topic and also possible changes that would be done.

  1. Write your essay

Having mapped your ideas and written your introduction, the next part is writing your article. Using the plan, write your essay observing the logical progression of your thoughts.

To ensure that you tackle each element in your plan, refer to the plan as you write your essay and ensure that you express every concept in depth. When writing your article, avoid ideas you are not familiar with as they may cost you credits.

  1. Review your essay

After completion of your piece, countercheck facts and proofread your work. While at it, check and confirm that you have answered every question tackled by the thesis question.

To write the best essay, here are some crucial things to remember.

  • If you are not sure of the answer, avoid beating around the bush and only write what you know.
  • Do not get too wordy in a bid to meet the word count as it may overshadow your points and put off the examiner.
  • Do not rush to answer the question before creating a plan. This is because a plan ensures that you scrutinize the problem thoroughly and also acts as a map as you write your essay.
  • Avoid using first-person pronouns as it makes you appear unsure of the facts.
  • Since an essay should be official, ward off from addressing your users as “you”. Alternatively, use words like “one” and “people” to retain the formality.
  • In your essay, avoid using contractions and slang as they make your essay sound informal.
  • Although the aim is to write an article that is readable by all, ensure that you do not overuse short sentences.
  • When writing your essay, ensure that you only present facts that relate to the topic to avoid putting off your examiner.
  • As much as possible, avoid using negative phrases in your essay and stick to positive expressions.

Since essay writing a mandatory part of the curriculum, it is only necessary to perfect your writing skills. For assistance with writing essays, visit and get professional support at an affordable price.

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