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WP Super Host review: is it the right web hosting provider for your WordPress website?

Thinking of starting a blog or website? Or maybe you just want to switch hosting providers. Whatever the case may be, you’re likely looking for a quality hosting provider: something that’s safe, secure and fast and that keep up with your particular website’s needs. 

The truth is, it’s so easy to overlook the importance of a good hosting provider if you don’t have much experience working with blogs and/or websites. 

Because once you do start working with a website, you soon learn just how important your website hosting choice is: there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of any website and all that work is carried out by your hosting provider: from speed to security and to overall website performance.

Which is why in this blog, I’m going to show you how to pick the right hosting provider for your WordPress website or blog. 

What is web hosting?

Whenever you create any type of website or blog, you need to find a place where you can essentially store all the files that make up this website – and that is what web hosting and hosting providers do. 

They host these files for you on their servers – also known as data centres – so that they’re always available. In other words, they help ensure that your website is always live and accessible 24/7 and apart from that, also ensure that it’s secure and moving fast enough to keep your website visitors happy and coming back from more. 

That’s why it’s so incredibly important to pick good web hosting: it helps guarantee that your website is live at all times, in all corners of the world, that it’s moving fast and that your website files are completely secure and protected against anything. 

That being said, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes – but those are probably the main features that you should look for when choosing a hosting provider. 

What is WP Super Host?

WP Super Host is one of the top web hosting providers around for WordPress websites. And since WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, with well over 450 million websites (almost half of the total number of websites in the world!), that makes WP Super Host a very popular choice.

And one of my personal favourite things about them is that all their features are available on all plans – you only pay extra for plans that include extra sites, storage, visitors and more bandwidth. Otherwise, when it comes to speed, security and other important features likes these, everyone gets them – no matter whether you’re on the cheapest plan for only one website or on the biggest plan, for 30+ websites. 

But is it the right solution for your WordPress website? Let’s take a deeper look at all the main features. 

Website migration with WP Super Host

The first question you’ll probably want answered is, how easy is it to migrate my existing website if I choose to switch?

And the answer? Very easy. 

Basically, you have 2 options, as you’ll see as soon as you log into your WP Super Host easy-to-use-dashboard:

You can either have them migrate your site for you and just forget about it or you can migrate your own site, using their step-by-step instructions. 

If you want them to do it all for you, all you’ll have to do is answer a few questions from a form and they’ll handle it from there. 

If, however, you want complete control over the migration process and want to do it yourself, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your site from different hosting providers:

The WP Super Host dashboard

The WP Super Host dashboard has a very clean, easy-to-use interface where you can easily find everything you need about your websites, migrate your sites, add new websites, open support tickets and so on:

To add a site to your account, all you need to do is go to Sites and add the domain name to start creating your site: 

You can also easily manage your account, your plan and check your plan usage statistics from the Account section:

Or, just use the main dashboard; over here, you can find quick links to any action you might want to take, from managing your account to opening a support ticket or asking a question via the 24/7 live chat, migrating your website and so on:

In other words, you can manage all of your sites easily, without leaving this dashboard. 

Another very cool feature is that you can check the status of all your plugins, themes and WordPress core updates easily in the WP Super Host dashboard, without actually having to log in to your website’s WP-Admin section to find out what you need to update or change. 

WP Super Host features you need to know 

As I mentioned earlier, WP Super Host offers the same features for all their plans – all pay you extra for is if you want to add multiple sites, want more storage or bandwidth or if you get more website visitors (that being said, the smallest plan allows for quite a few visitors – 30,000, which is more than most other WordPress hosting providers). 

But what exactly are those features?

Free SSL certificate

To start with, all plans come with a few SSL certificate, regardless of what plan you’re on. What’s more, you can easily manage your SSL certificate from your WP Super Host dashboard – meaning, no interacting with any third-party providers. 

If you’re not that familiar with the term, you might still have noticed that some websites have that “lock” right at the beginning of the URL when in a browser:

SSL certificates essentially help websites move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. This SSL protocol then encrypts your traffic, helping to keep your website – and your website’s visitors – secure. 

In other words, it’s essential – because even if you’re a small business or a blogger, that doesn’t mean security shouldn’t be a priority. 

Automatic daily WordPress back-ups

Back-ups are essential, because if something happens to your website – or you make some changes you’re not happy with – you need to be able to quickly change things back without losing anything important in the process. 

WP Super Host performs automatic backups every day for all the websites it hosts. You literally don’t have to do anything yourself, as they do it all completely automatically. 

What’s more, the backups are all stored for 30 days and can be easily restored at any time with literally the click of a button! 

Cloudfare CDN and WP Super Host

WP Super Host works with Cloudflare to help increase all of your website’s speed, security and overall performance. 

If you’re not familiar with Cloudflare, it’s actually one of the world’s biggest and best Content Delivery Networks – or CDN for short. 

With its large collection of cloud servers all over the world (where it keeps copies of your WP Super Host websites), whenever someone visits your website, that means that the CDN – Cloudflare – will serve them user files from the server that’s closest to them. 

And what that means is that because of this proximity to the server, it will help increase your website’s speed and performance for each and every visitor to your site. 

This is important for a number of reasons; website speed is directly linked to performance, whether it’s from an SEO-point of view (search engines don’t like slow websites!), from a reader’s point of view (because no one wants to wait more than a couple of seconds for a website to lead) as well as a from a business point of view (there’s a direct and very clear link between website speed and sales/conversions generated). 

In other words, a speedy website is absolutely essential – and by offering Cloudflare’s services for free to all the WP Super Host users, you can rest assured that you’re getting the services of one of the best – if not the best – content delivery networks around.  

WP Super Host customer service

Customer service is important for all the tools, apps and software you use but it’s especially important when it comes to your web hosting.  

Think of it this way: every minute your website is down or having problems, is a minute where you’re losing money and potential sales. 

So if your web hosting provider isn’t available 24-7 and doesn’t answer promptly, then that’s a huge problem. 

With WP Super Host, you can easily handle any issues or questions directly in your dashboard:

As you can see in the screenshot above, you have 3 main options: check out their knowledge base, open a customer support ticket or, if you have an urgent, pressing matter, you can always go on the 24/7 live chat support to speak with someone directly and in real time. 

If you’re having any questions about your account and the basics of how WP Super Host works and what features it has, you’ll likely find the knowledge base/FAQ section enough – in my experience, I was able to easily find any information I needed right here; simply start typing in your keyword to see what FAQs they have about that topic to find what you’re looking for:

Or, if you still can’t find, you can easily open up a new ticket – you can either use the contact form available or reach out directly via email if you prefer it:

For more pressing matters, you can always reach out via the 24/7 live chat support; which, like the rest of the help options, is available both on your main WP Super Host dashboard and in the Customer Support section.


If you have a WordPress website, WP Super Host is definitely one of the best options around for hosting your website. 

Not only is it safe and secure, but it also offers a plethora of useful features for all of its users, at their fingertips. What’s more, I’m really loving their dashboard – it’s incredibly easy to use even if you might not have a lot of experience with web hosting and with managing websites in general. Plus, with their Cloudflare partnership, you also get one of the world’s most powerful content delivery networks to help improve your website’s speed and overall performance. 

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