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What role will AI have in the future of change management?

The main goal of change management processes is to help organisations keep up with the times. Many of the changes that organisations are having to deal with nowadays are happening in the online world – from digital workplaces to data security, it definitely requires a hands-on approach.

Luckily, those same challenging digital innovations can also be leveraged to help with the change management process itself. Here, we look at how one of the most groundbreaking innovations of the century, artificial intelligence, will come to take on an increasingly important role in the industry.

Streamlining admin

While part of change management consists of coming up with big, creative ideas, as with most things, it also consists of a massive amount of relatively simple, repetitive administration. These mundane tasks are boring for employees to carry out, and as a result of their repetitive nature, can be easy to get wrong

Increasingly, AI powered tools are being used to automate some of these kinds of tasks. From data collection to automated reporting mechanisms, many change management teams are finding that AI can have a wonderfully positive streamlining effect on the overall process.

Data analytics

Successful change management means making informed decisions based on smart predictions about what kinds of challenges and opportunities are likely going to arise in the future. Partly, this means using industry knowledge and experience to make judgements – however, the nature of change isn’t always cyclical, and it can be difficult to predict situations that are entirely new.

AI can be used to trawl through vastly complicated data sets and make accurate predictions, on everything from demand to seasonal patterns. Based on these analyses, change management providers can provide organisations with insights that human agents would often struggle to come up with on their own.

Employee engagement

All change management professionals acknowledge that employee engagement is one of the most important factors when it comes to implementing a successful change management strategy. The issue is that this is much easier said than done – especially when it comes to massive organisations with a dispersed workforce.

Specially trained AI powered chatbots can be used to keep employees in the loop, answering questions and pointing people towards resources where they can get more accurate information. AI bots will never be able to replace human contact fully, but they can absolutely replace numerous basic interactions, increasing efficiency and engagement across the board.

Progress tracking

Finally, AI can be used to help provide a useful array of tools to track how successful change implementations are in the long run. By collecting data from diverse sources, these tools can help keep management professionals informed on what’s working and what’s not, helping to ensure that any changes made are a success.

These multiple benefits likely won’t come as a surprise to many people. AI is changing the way that a wide range of different industries operate, and will continue to do so as the technology continues to advance. The benefits when it comes to change management are clear, and it’s important that organisations going through a period of change leverage every tool at their disposal.

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