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Walnut review: How to empower sales reps to create demos that convert

For businesses, buying a SaaS product goes beyond just considering the subscription cost. While the subscription fees may be hefty, the value of SaaS products is even heftier for business operations.

So, businesses want to be sure about the potential impact of a product before paying for it.

Enter product demos.

Product demos let you showcase your product’s use cases to a potential customer. If executed correctly, demos can tip a prospect towards paying for your product.

But how do you create demos tailored to each prospect’s needs?

You can easily get overwhelmed with the thoughts of coding and creating complex videos for demos. Or wasting days waiting on designers and developers.

However, using a robust demo tool can get great results without writing a line of code.

Today, in this Walnut review, I’ll share what I found about this demo tool and how it can help convert prospects that want to be sure before buying your SaaS product.

You’ll see its key features, common tasks you can perform with Walnut, and more.

Creating high-converting demos with Walnut

When your prospects go through demos, they want to see one thing: how your product can solve their unique problems.

If your product demo achieves this, you have moved your prospect much closer to the sale. They now understand what they’ll get from your product.

How does Walnut help you create high-converting demos?

First, Walnut provides demo solutions across these departments of SaaS companies:

  • Sales: sales reps can provide tailor-made sales demos to convert hot leads into customers. They also get templates for prospects in different industries and with different needs.
  • Marketing: for people who are not ready to buy your product yet, you can use product tours to pique their interests. You can also get their details through a CTA during the product tour.
  • Customer Success: when customers start using your product, they want to get up to speed as fast as possible. Walnut can help you create interactive onboarding tutorials that train new customers to use your product effectively. You can also create interactive product tours that guide users to get the best out of features. 
  • Presales: for prospects who want to learn more about your product’s solutions, you can create personalized demos from templates. This way, you don’t have to create demos from scratch for your next call. 
  • Partnerships: if you work with partners who promote your product, you can control how your product is delivered to potential customers. You can create demos with your branding and pack them in a library. So, partners can pick relevant demos for prospects.

One clear thing here is that Walnut can provide value across different departments in your SaaS company.

Walnut demo categories 

While Walnut can work across different departments in your company, what types of demos can you create?

Here are some of them:

  • Embedded product demos on your website: not everyone wants to fill out a long form to book your demo, especially if they’re at the early stage of the buyer’s journey. Embedded product demos give an interactive overview of your product to people just getting to know it.
  • Personalized live call demos: even though embedded product demos are easier, they may be insufficient to convince businesses with specific needs. So, personalized live call demos can show the most relevant use cases to a prospect. This is common at the latter stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Interactive outreach demos: in many cases, SaaS products are used by teams. If you’ve taken a single person through the demo, why not send them an interactive demo they can show to their team members? Interactive outreach demos let you convince every team member before they purchase your product.
  • Interactive onboarding tours: once a user signs up for your product, they need to start getting value immediately. Interactive onboarding tours walk users through your product and get them up to speed on beneficial tasks.

Now that you know some demo types you can create with Walnut, let’s see some Walnut features and how they help achieve your business goals.

Walnut templates

Since most sales reps have little experience designing a demo, the task can be daunting.

That’s why Walnut has templates that can give a head start to sales reps.

You can find many templates for different types of demos and use cases. All you have to do is to edit these templates with your brand elements and website pages to create a unique experience for your prospect.

The beauty here is that you can create a template from your current demos.

This way, you don’t have to set up a demo from scratch every time you need one.

Walnut demos

In a traditional setting, a sales rep has to reach out to designers before they can get a demo for their prospects. This can take a lot of time which can delay a sales rep’s job.

In fact, you can even lose some prospects because of time wastage.

Walnut demos empower sales reps to create demos with little design and no coding experience.

To start creating your demos, click on “+ Template.”

On the next page, start inserting product elements that will show a prospect how your product will deliver value. These product elements can include your homepage and relevant features for the potential customer.

Walnut can easily capture product sections you want to include in your demo.

While creating your demo, you can integrate Walnut with your CRM software to find a prospect’s name.

Once you select this prospect, you can personalize your demo with their image and name.

Beyond that, Walnut lets you edit these product elements according to the prospect or industry.

After completing your demo, click “Publish” to save it.

You can now use this demo for live calls, onboarding, or other needs.

If you present a live call demo to a prospect who works as a member of a team, you can email a personalized demo to them after your call. This will show their team members how to use your product to execute tasks.

In turn, the whole team can make a more informed decision to buy your product. 

In a nutshell, Walnut lets prospects see your product in action before buying. And since you can personalize a demo to each prospect, you can close more sales.

But even beyond that, Walnut’s onboarding tours can get new users started with your product in no time, and thereby boost user satisfaction.

Walnut demo insights

When you run demos, you want to generate leads, engage them, and convert them into customers.

Walnut not only lets you create personalized demos, but it also provides data to show how well your demos are working. So, you can see the demos producing desired results and those that need more work.

You can get demo metrics such as:

  • The number of sessions
  • The number of viewers
  • The total time spent
  • The completion rate for each demo
  • The bounce rate for each demo

Not just that, but you can also dive into analytics for each demo. For example, you can see each viewer’s engagement score for the demos and completion rate. You’ll also see visitors’ email addresses and visitors by company.

Apart from that, Walnut has a screens funnel that shows how users navigate your demos. Think of something like behaviour flow in Google Analytics.

You can also select a screen to understand the most common flows of your demo visitors.

With Walnut’s insights, you can see how your demos currently perform and get information to improve future demos.

Walnut integrations

Most times, demos won’t be your first interaction with a prospect. Say you’ve had past interactions with a prospect, your CRM software can keep these records.

Walnut lets you integrate your CRM software and other tools to help create demos and communicate with prospects.

Some tools you can integrate with Walnut include:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Highspot
  • Slack
  • Gmail
  • OpenAI

These integrations let you connect with other tools you already use for marketing and sales.

For instance, you can get demo analytics right in your CRM software. You can also get demo view notifications in Slack channels.

Another interesting integration is with OpenAI. With this integration, you can create demo pitches and develop answers to prospects’ questions. Of course, you have to check the content before sending them to a prospect.

Walnut customer support

Walnut offers customer support through:

  • Interactive product tours
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat
  • Email

If you have questions while using Walnut, you can use any of these channels to get answers.


Most prospects who book demos are so close to buying your product. Delivering awful demos can turn prospects off and deny your company of revenue.

In other words, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table with bad demos.

Walnut can change that with interactive and personalized demos.

You can engage prospects and turn them into customers. You also get analytics that will improve your demos.

You can check out Walnut’s product tour and book a demo with them here to see the product’s capabilities for creating demos.

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