Top Tips to Follow When Planning Your Instagram Strategy For 2020

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Top Tips to Follow When Planning Your Instagram Strategy For 2020

Social media marketing cannot be complete without a presence on Instagram. You are looking at a platform where a big percentage of content is images and videos. As a brand, you should look at ways of enhancing your marketing reach in this segment of media. 

Below are some top statistics about Instagram that you should know about: –

  • 80% of users are aided by Instagram to buy products or services.
  • People aged 35 years and below make 70% of Instagram users.
  • There are 1 billion monthly active users and half of them use Instagram stories every day.

To tap into these impressive statistics businesses must find a way of improving their presence. In the United States, for instance, 70% of businesses have their presence on Instagram. Getting your business listed in multiple platforms increases your mix of clients, helps boost sales, and explore new opportunities.

Which strategies are you working on to improve your presence on Instagram?

Below are the top tips that can help improve your Instagram presence in 2020.

  1. Lay your Foundation on Good Content

Any social media presence should be backed by a strong content plan. Instagram is no exception to it. To enhance quality and consistency you should put a plan in place.

Below are some ideas on how to execute this: –

  • Content Calendar- Using your social media strategy team, come up with a calendar that will help you have clarity of direction and purpose. This should include content types e.g. quizzes, stories, or images—and posting schedules either daily, weekly, or monthly. 
  • Staff and Fund the Operation-It can be difficult to operate your business and concurrently run your social media platforms. An employee/ staff can help you create consistent and quality content while improving the overall social media presence. 

Followers will be glued to your page if the content offers consistent inspiration, value, and entertainment. This can only be achieved with a solid plan, resources, and staffing.

  1. Grow your Followers

All social media is dependent on a big audience and followers. The more followers you have, the higher your success on Instagram shall be. You need to therefore have a strategy to grow your following.

Below are tips you can use to gain followers: –

  • Following Others – Create a weekly or a daily plan to follow other users—most normally replicate by following back. Follow industry leaders and relevant people in your area of work.
  • Share your profile/Link- Share your profile in other social media places and on your websites. Ensure to encourage them to follow you back.
  • Participate in conversations- When you participate in conversations, stories, and other feed posts, people will check your profile and most likely follow you.

Growing your following involves is a long process but if you are consistently powered with a plan, you will gain them.

  1. Share Stories With your Followers

Customer engagement is one of the critical steps in the customer value journey. Instagram stories help create the human face of your brand to your consumers. Followers will want to see the brand getting real in behind the scenes, customers trying out products, or daily hustle in the workplace.

Below are some suggestions that can help improve your Instagram stories: –

  • Product features- Spend some time demonstrating a feature, this can help you learn from your buyers—in case of any complaints, positive feedback, and suggestions.
  • Quizzes- Incorporate a quiz for your audience. This can be about customer service, questions about new products, or any other captivating idea.
  • Pre-recorded videos- A video of a past interview or any important information can help you engage your audience more.
  • Live- Share live stories with your audience to get more creative

Stories will help your followers get a better understanding of your brand. Instagram stories improve your business social engagement that helps close sales and enhance the sales process.

  1. Optimize your Feed Posts

Remember there are 1 billion active users on Instagram who are jostling for space. This calls for a razor-focused way of posting your content. The content should be entertaining, educative, and interactive.

These are ways that you can use Instagram features to get better attention

  • Strong Call to Action- You want your viewers to take action that will improve your business. Encourage them to visit link bio, head to the story, leave a comment, tag a friend, or view a product.
  • Use hashtags- An average Instagram post contains 7 hashtags. You should ensure every post has relevant hashtags to help it appear in relevant searches and conversations.
  • Be Creative- You can use emoji to help create a better connection with your followers.

Use Instagram features listed above to enhance the life of our feed and the number of impressions.

  1. Enhance the Quality of Images and Videos

Every platform, be it search engines or social media platforms, has algorithms that help rank users. Instagram rewards the most visually appealing posts. This helps the feeds to get more impressions than others.

Therefore, to be in line with this feature or quality, you need to put in resources. You can acquire a better camera or ensure to use quality video recorders to maximize the quality of your posts. Mobile users can enhance their success by acquiring devices with strong cameras.

  1. Monetize Your Content

The end game of social media marketing is increasing your sales and overall business growth. Therefore, you should ensure that your content has a way to bring that sale home.

Below are ways to help to improve the chances of closing the sales: –

  • Drive users to a Sales Page or a Product Page
  • Direct Instagram traffic to your website
  • Incorporate swipe to buy options in images
  • To promote sales, you can run a contest.

This tip should be always at the back of your mind when creating feeds. However, it’s important to note that some leads require warming and nurturing before trying to sell them products.

Can you succeed on Instagram in 2020?

Instagram offers a unique user experience and therefore brands should ensure they improve their presence in it. To fully benefit, you need to create quality and consistent content for your Instagram followers.

To create a lasting impression, invest in quality hardware that can help produce good images, videos, and carousels. Finally, remember to put out optimized posts that will help close sales or push down the prospects in the sales funnel.

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