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Tips For Improving And Protecting Your Instagram Reputation

A better Instagram reputation is hugely beneficial for influencers and can mean more offers for collaboration and more respect from brands and followers alike. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Don’t sell things or spam

Instagram is a social media platform. It was not designed for selling things. It is all about networking. It belongs to that part of today’s world where people do not want the ‘hard sell’ any longer. Don’t view Instagram as just another platform to say ‘hey, hire me or buy this!’ It is better to create an online or e-commerce site instead. Just work at developing relationships on social media and don’t expect anything else.

Make Every Post Count

Keep in mind that everything that you Image Post can be seen by the public making your Instagram impressions high. Everything that you post helps to build the perception of you who are. If you moan and whine all of the time that won’t make you seem likeable. If you are ranting and swearing constantly people are going to view you as aggressive. People are not going to have a positive impression of you if you are always making passive aggressive posts or judging and bullying people.

Make every single one of your posts count. They help to build up an image of who you are, so make sure you are professional, friendly, warm, considerate, and nice at all times. Remember that your reputation is on the line and it will grow your Instagram.

Use the right avatar

Quite often your Instagram avatar is the very first thing about you that people see. First impressions matter, so be sure to use an appropriate photo of yourself. Avoid using logos if possible and add your face instead to your Instagram profile. Keep in mind that people like chatting with other people and not companies and brands.

When selecting a photo, choose one where you look relaxed and are smiling. Don’t use one of you on holiday in swimming trunks or a bikini or you will look like a spam Instagram account. If possible, stick with the same happy photo since people will end up associating you with your friendly avatar.

How to deal with negative comments

Everybody gets a negative comment from time to time. The way you deal with them is critical if you would like to safeguard your reputation. Negative comments give you the ideal opportunity for turning them into a positive thing. However, it is just important to learn when you should not respond. You need to learn when it is best to respond and when it is best to ignore.

If you decide to respond, be as helpful and friendly as you can. You should be able to resolve the situation about eight out of 10 times. Just listen carefully to the other person and you continue dealing with them as long as they are reasonable. If you have further issues, this post from Velseoity has some good tips on how to deal with negative results and issues.

Engagement is Key

It is obvious when Instagram accounts use automated comments. People know when you have your account connected to an outside service. Although it can be useful if you want your account posts to be automatically posted, don’t allow those to be the only comments you make. Add personality and warmth to your Instagram profile by taking the time to actually speak with people. Make friends and be human. Be someone that people like to chat with.

Give a little

Keep in mind that Instagram is all about people. When you help others, whether you give them some advice, add them to your #FF weekly list, or Like their photos, they will absolutely love you for doing. Karma is a beautiful thing and when you are nice to people, they will also be nice to you. It will also give you a great reputation as someone who is worthy to follow and really cares about people.

Be thankful

Anytime somebody does a nice thing for you, make sure you thank them. Anytime somebody adds you onto their ‘Follow Friday’ recommendations, be sure to return the favor, at least within reason! Anytime somebody likes your photo, tell everyone how generous they are. Being thankful and polite on Instagram will help to make your growing reputation even stronger as someone who is worth following.

Review Before Posting

Whenever you are drafting your photos, remember to take a step back and consider whether or not people will like to see them. If you think some of your photos are kind of pointless, then they probably are. I am terrible about that myself. I will tell my followers that I am getting ready to have lunch! That isn’t very exciting. Sometimes I forget that each post is supposed to count for something. So before you hit ‘post,’ make sure you are ruthless and consider whether or not your photo is actually worth posting.

Don’t Post Like Crazy

Imagine being out at a local pub with a friend and constantly talking loud over everybody else. That won’t exactly make you popular. The same is true on Instagram, so don’t post constantly. That will just dilute the importance of the posts you make and turn your followers off.

Don’t swear

Of course, swearing can have its place. However, it can appear unnecessary, aggressive, and rude on Instagram. If you want to have an approachable and professional reputation that helps to bring more followers to you, then your image should be kept as clean as you possibly can.

Avoid politics and religion

Politics and religions are definitely two topics that you want to avoid. Don’t voice your opinions about them on Instagram and other public forums if you would like to have an excellent reputation. It is quite offensive actually to speak about such personal things.

Post interesting things

Some individuals on Instagram really have a knack when it comes to what photos to post. They share juicy things and things that are really enjoyable and interesting to watch or read. Share useful and relevant things that relate to your field to improve your reputation. People will learn to view you as a valuable source of information. What’s even better is they will tell their followers about you.

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