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The only timeline maker tool you need to create eye-catching engaging timelines 

Timelines are a fantastic way to show progress, lead your reader through a story, and draw the eyes of whoever lands up on your website. The truth is, people love visuals. A timeline is a fun and engaging way to keep people on your site for longer, as well as providing handy and necessary information in a non-boring way. 

Why Use a Timeline On Your Site/Post/Social? 

Let’s get into some reasons you absolutely should be using timelines. 

Exciting Visual Information 

Timelines are actually a relatively new thing. Rather than heading up your website’s homepage with a picture or video, a timeline immediately catches attention. People naturally want to follow the story. A timeline also allows you to present information in a logical, easy-to-follow way that doesn’t confuse readers. Also, people are now used to swiping through things for engagement, which makes a timeline the perfect way to engage with your readers! 

Improved Engagement 

Typically, people spend more time on your site when they’re browsing through a timeline that’s keeping them interested. Research also shows that pages with timelines tend to get more views and more shares. 

Helps SEO 

The increased page views could be as a result of ranking higher on search engines, because timelines can actually help improve your SEO. It counts as visual content, and as long as it complements your text, you can expect a bit of an upswing in ranking. 

Google “Elon Musk timeline” for an indication of how well a timeline can help rank a page! Timepath is up at number 3… And the only thing the page contains is a timeline. 

When starting a new business many entreprenuers will spend a great deal of time creating their business name. However, some business names may already be taken by other businesses. To ensure that this is not the case it is recommended to perform an LLC name search for all potential business names.

What Kind of Timelines Can You Add to Your Site? 

Timelines aren’t just for company history! You can create timelines about pretty much anything at all. They can be either a chronological story or simply a visual representation of something. 

For example, why not try a timeline about: 

  • How your product works for the client over time 
  • The path your client may take to get to the position they’re in now 
  • Informational content for blog posts describing step-by-step instructions 
  • Sales, advertising, or other business processes step-by-step 
  • A day in the life of…
  • Timeline about your company (enrich your ‘about’ page for example) 

The options are endless! Whatever you can put into a timeline format makes an interesting, attention-grabbing feature on your site. 

What Is Timepath? 

Timepath is my favourite timeline maker for creating beautiful timelines to enrich your website.  Best part? It’s a no-code tool – no prior design experience, website creation experience, or coding experience is necessary in order to be able to make lovely timelines and publish them to wherever you want. 

It’s an amazing tool for busy entrepreneurs, whether or not you design your own website. Before, you needed to pay a web developer to design one for you. With Timepath, you save yourself money and time going back and forth until you’re happy with it. 

And another great thing is that not that many people are using this kind of visual tool (yet), so you’ll immediately stand out from the rest. 

Why Choose Timepath? 

Timepath is most popular amongst journalists. Timelines have a particular value when it comes to real-time news stories, but as I’ve mentioned above, they can be applied in multiple ways for businesses, marketers, and bloggers too… Actually, anyone with a website! 

Timepath is applying for the Google News Grant in Europe, with the view of bringing their simple, innovative, everyone-can-use-it tool to as many people as possible because it’s such an easy-to-understand and engaging visual format. 

Here’s How Easy It Is to Use Timepath 

The beauty of Timepath is that absolutely anyone can use it. Think you’re not tech-savvy? Uncomfortable doing design work? No worries – Timepath is so easy, even your kids can use it to create fun timelines (spice up school projects too!). 

Here’s how it works, step by step. 

Create Your Timeline

Simply visit timepath.co and click on ‘try for free and follow the steps.’

In the timeline editor you can adjust the naming and add a description to your timeline. Here, you can choose to add a picture to your description, as well as a background picture and a cover picture. You can also add your own “footnote”, to replace the standard “Created with Timepath” one (you will need to upgrade to pro). 

Build Your Events Timeline 

From there, you can start adding events. Give each one a title, a date, and you can adjust the time to pinpoint specifics if you wish. You can also choose to hide dates and simply go with text-based titles, which is excellent for out-of-the-norm timelines like some of those mentioned above. 

Customise As You Wish 

Every event can be customised. Apart from simply adding an image (which can be resized and include source credits), you can also choose to: 

  • Embed a video (YouTube or TikTok) 
  • Share a Spotify song 
  • Link to a Tweet, Instagram post, or Facebook post 
  • Embed a Google Map 
  • Create and display a chart 
  • Add Google Ads (with an Enterprise account) 
  • Upload images (with Basic or Pro account)

Not only that, but with this timeline generator, you can choose specific colours and fonts for your timeline so that it blends in perfectly with your existing website. 

Share With Your Team 

If your business team includes more than one person, you can easily share your timeline with edit access so that everyone can see and work on it. Edits are made instantly and shared across everybody’s access to the timeline, so you’re always viewing the most up-to-date version of the timeline you’ve created. 

So whether you’re a solopreneur or a CEO, Timepath is a tool worth using and sharing! 

Embed on your website

Putting your timeline on your website is as easy as pasting the embed code into your site in the appropriate place. This part is probably the most difficult to get right, but again it’s as simple as Googling the right place to paste it. Alternatively, if you have someone in charge of your website, you can invite them to view, edit, and publish the timeline for you. 


Whether you’re a coach, a consultant, a solopreneur, a CEO, a blogger, or just want to add a funky timeline to your  “About Us” page, Timepath is a fantastic choice. I have enriched my about page with a nice timeline. You can check out my timeline.

Incredibly easy, takes hardly any time, and you can customise it entirely. It’s well worth investing in for both business and personal use. Get a free trial here if it sounds like something you could have fun with and make use of!   Use the promo code LTP2022 to get a 20% discount on basic or the pro plan.

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