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There are new motorcycle safety technology you should know

Riding a motorcycle has several advantages, such as fuel efficiency, it is cheap to maintain, and you never get stuck in traffic. The benefits of owning a bike have made it an excellent option for more people. Owing to the rising demand for motorcycling, more technological innovations ensure the clients are safe. Here are some of the tech trends that are improving motorcycle safety.


Unlike a vehicle, a motor vehicle does not have safety features like seat belts to keep you safe in case of an accident. Nowadays, you can mount an airbag on your bike and the other one on your jacket. The airbag system mounted on the bike is for guarding the rider’s head in the case of a collision. However, the airbag system, worn as a jacket, is more popular among most bikers. The system has a carbon dioxide cartridge that has a cord linked to the bike. In case of an accident, the vest inflates and protects the riders against body injuries. 

AR helmet technology

If you ask a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney about motorcycle safety, they will tell you that a helmet is a vital part of a motorcyclist’s safety. According to research, helmets reduce head injuries in motorcycle crashes by 69%. Companies that manufacture helmets have embraced technology to improve safety. An excellent example is a helmet that has Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the rider’s phone. So, they can easily get navigation instructions and communicate with other riders as they focus on the road. Other companies are developing helmets with Augmented Reality (AR) to help bikers concentrate more on the road. 

Anti-lock braking system

The advantage of owning a bike with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) is that it is more stable and cannot lock the wheels. According to a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney, breaking too hard to avoid a crash destabilizes the bike, which causes either the front or rear wheel to lock. Sadly, when any one of your wheels is locked, the bike can overturn. Hence, it is the work of ABS to detect when the wheels are about to lock and shift the braking pressure so that the wheels will not lock. As a result, your bike becomes more stable and reduces the risks of crashing. 

Intelligent tire pressure and temperature sensors

Due to advancements in technology, you do not need to stop your bike to check the pressure of your tires. A system has been developed to show riders the temperature and pressure on the tires while the bike moves. If there is a problem, the system sends an alert immediately and informs the biker to stop. With such technology installed on your bike, it will be easier to carry out frequent checks on your tire pressure to avoid unnecessary accidents. 


If you are a biker, it is your time to shine. Thanks to the many different technological innovations, riding a motorcycle is safer and more fun. However, these are some of the new advancements in technology, but with time, more will come. 

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