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As humans, we always tend to find excuses for our actions. Unless, of course, we did something good, in which case we’re definitely the only ones involved.

But whenever something goes wrong, we tend to try to find some justification for what we did.

I don’t think that this always comes from a bad place, but rather it’s a way for people to deal with failure of any kind. In many cases, it’s not just a case of finding excuses for others – but rather, for themselves. That, I believe, is the bigger issue, when you believe these excuses you make and don’t take real responsibility for your actions.

It can start from as far back as blaming your parents and your upbringing, and leads to smaller excuses, like technology not cooperating, or bad advice from someone in your life. Whatever it is, in most cases you have to stop and think that maybe, just maybe, it might be your own fault that you failed. Because recognising these things doesn’t just make you a better, stronger person, but it will also help you make better decisions in the future, and hopefully, make fewer mistakes. Not recognising your mistakes, on the other hand, can eat at you in the long run and can disappoint the people closest to you.

I think the most important thing you have to realise is that everyone makes mistakes, and making one doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Recognising your fault however, will not only help you in future similar situations, but it will also make a difference to those who were affected by your error in judgement.

I admit, it’s very difficult taking complete responsibility for your actions. That basically leaves your happiness and your success solely in your hands. That doesn’t mean you have control over everything that happens to you, because none of us do – what we do have control over however is how we respond to those things.

I think Jean-Paul Sartre said it beautifully, when he said, “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.”

It evidences how being a free person, which so many of us have fought for over time, requires you taking the reins of your own life. And when you take the reins, you also have to take responsibility.

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The importance of taking responsibility for your actions

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