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The 2023 Video Stats Every Marketer Will Wish They Knew First!

Alright, pull up a chair and brew a cuppa – we’re diving deep into the world of video marketing, and boy, have I got some stories (and stats) for you. Now, I’ve been around the digital block, seen trends come and go. Remember when blogs were the new kid on the block, making waves and promising fortunes? Yep, I was there, tapping away at the keyboard. But times, well, they’re a-changing.

These days, if I told you that the written word is still king, I’d expect a raised eyebrow, or at the very least, a smirk. Don’t get me wrong, there’s charm in text. The kind of charm you find in vintage cars or a well-preserved vinyl record. But let’s face facts: we’re living in the era of video, the golden age of pixels dancing to beats, stories told in moving frames, and emotions transmitted in high-definition.

Just think about it for a second. When was the last time you found yourself falling down a YouTube rabbit hole, watching one video after another? Or perhaps, you’ve sat there, phone in hand, flicking through story after story on Instagram, captivated by those 15-second tales. It’s more than just passive watching; it’s immersion. It’s the sort of engagement brands would kill for.

And yet, despite its power, video remains this vast, uncharted territory for so many businesses. A bit like the Wild West of marketing. Everyone knows there’s gold in them hills, but only a few have the map. But here’s the kicker: I’ve got the map, or at least, the beginnings of one.

Before we dive into the numbers – and trust me, they’ll not only turn heads but might just do a full pirouette – it’s essential to grasp the gravity of video’s pull in today’s digital landscape. I’m not talking about a casual fling; I mean deep, committed relationship levels of infatuation.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into 2023’s most compelling video marketing statistics.

Video Marketing Stats 2023

1. By 2023’s close, 82% of all things webby will be video-shaped.

Takeaway: Still not on the video train? Might as well be sending messages via carrier pigeon.

2. A whopping 68% of folk would rather watch a video about a new gizmo than read about it.

Takeaway: Want to introduce the world to your shiny new thing? Lights, camera, action!

3. Fancy a 1200% boost in social shares? Use videos. They leave text and pics eating digital dust.

Takeaway: Want your content shared? Put it in motion.

4. Mobile video watching? Doubles. Every. Year.

Takeaway: If your video isn’t mobile-optimised, you’re basically broadcasting to brick phones.

5. 70% of marketers say video’s the golden goose of conversions.

Takeaway: In the marketing kitchen, videos are your Michelin-star dish.

6. Use video, and watch your search traffic jump up by 41%.

Takeaway: No video? Might as well slap a “hard to find” sign on your site.

7. A quarter of consumers think, “No video? Meh.”

Takeaway: Give ’em a video or give ’em… someone else’s website.

8. For 90% of shoppers, a product video is like a helpful shop assistant.

Takeaway: Miss the video, miss the sale.

9. Websites with videos? Visitors linger 88% longer.

Takeaway: Video’s the digital version of making your guests a second cuppa.

10. Got 2 minutes? That’s your sweet spot for video engagement.

Takeaway: Blab on, and you’ve lost ’em.

11. Videos in emails? They can boost your click rates by a cheeky 300%.

Takeaway: Add a video, and your emails turn from bland to grand.

12. 60% of businesses are upping their video marketing budgets this year.

Takeaway: Money talks, and right now, it’s shouting “VIDEO!”

13. 80% of folks have bought something after watching a brand’s video.

Takeaway: Videos aren’t just for show; they’re for dough.

14. By 2023, 58% of consumers expect every brand to have video content.

Takeaway: No video? That’s so… 2022.

15. Landing page videos? They can up your conversions by 86%.

Takeaway: Land a video, and you’re basically landing gold.

16. 75% of folks will dive into a video if it’s under a minute.

Takeaway: Quick flicks get the clicks.

17. Video ads hold 72% of ad spend in 2023.

Takeaway: Where the video goes, the money flows.

18. A massive 64% of users are more likely to buy online after watching a video.

Takeaway: Play ’em a clip, hear the till go “ka-ching!”

19. Over half of video content is viewed on mobile.

Takeaway: Small screens, big dreams.

20. 65% of executives visit a marketer’s website after watching their video.

Takeaway: Want to woo the bigwigs? Roll the reels.

21. 70% of YouTube viewers head there to help with a buying decision.

Takeaway: YouTube’s not just cat videos, it’s the sales catwalk.

22. Brands using interactive videos have a 90% retention rate.

Takeaway: Make it a two-way street, and they’ll stick around.

23. B2B marketers have seen a 66% boost in leads with video content.

Takeaway: Got B2B ambitions? Your video’s the ticket.

24. 83% of video marketers reckon it’s good for ROI.

Takeaway: Your accountant’s new best friend? The play button.

25. Video challenges? 36% of businesses say it’s budget.

Takeaway: Big video dreams, pocket change realities.

26. 78% of people watch online videos every week. 55% do daily.

Takeaway: The daily digital diet? A good ol’ vid.

27. Live video is gaining traction, with 63% of businesses hopping on.

Takeaway: Live in the now, or live in the no-views zone.

28. By the end of 2023, 3D video content consumption will rise by 25%.

Takeaway: Get ready to pop – right off the screen.

29. Silent video? 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound.

Takeaway: Shh! Your video’s visuals better do the talking.

30. Podcasts are in the past. 78% of people prefer video podcasts.

Takeaway: Tune in? Nah, let’s watch what’s happening.

31. Animated videos? They’re increasing in popularity with a 48% uptick this year.

Takeaway: Cartoon isn’t just kid’s stuff – it’s big business.

32. Personalized video messages are closing sales 65% faster.

Takeaway: No more cold calls, just warm video “hello’s.”

33. 360-degree videos? Their engagement rates have shot up by 28%.

Takeaway: Give ’em a spin, or get left in the dust.

34. 62% of consumers trust a brand more after viewing behind-the-scenes videos.

Takeaway: Show the mess behind the masterpiece, and they’ll love you more.

35. Vertical videos aren’t just for Insta; 70% of marketers are scaling them elsewhere.

Takeaway: It’s a tall order, but it’s paying off.

36. 52% of viewers feel more connected to a brand after watching their video story.

Takeaway: Got a story? Flash it on screen and reel them in.

37. Over half of video content creators are shooting exclusively on their smartphones.

Takeaway: Hollywood budget? Nah, just a pocket-sized director.

38. 71% of folks find sponsored videos to be less intrusive than traditional ads.

Takeaway: Fancy a sponsorship? It’s smoother sailing than you’d think.

39. Brands without video testimonials? They’re seeing 23% less trust from consumers.

Takeaway: People’s praise on tape is the new word-of-mouth.

40. VR video content consumption is up by 35%.

Takeaway: Reality’s overrated. Time to dive into the virtual.

41. For 57% of viewers, video subtitles increase understanding and retention.

Takeaway: Say it loud, but also spell it out.

42. 44% of marketers state video editing as their biggest challenge in content creation.

Takeaway: Shooting’s a breeze, but snipping’s the sneeze.

43. Ephemeral video content, like stories, boosts brand visibility by 40%.

Takeaway: Short-lived? Maybe. Short on impact? Nope.

44. 61% of consumers want videos that are 30 seconds or less.

Takeaway: Don’t ramble; dazzle. Quickly.

45. Stop-motion videos are seeing a 22% increase in social shares.

Takeaway: A little patience, frame-by-frame, pays off big.

46. 67% of millennials agree that DIY tutorial videos save them time and money.

Takeaway: Want the young bucks? Teach ’em something.

47. 76% of businesses believe video provides a good ROI even with minimal production.

Takeaway: Not every video needs a red carpet, just a red “record” button.

48. 1 in 3 consumers have shared a brand video on their own social media.

Takeaway: Make it shareworthy, and they’ll do the marketing for you.

49. 55% of people watch video content in full, as opposed to skimming text.

Takeaway: Words skip; videos grip.

50. Augmented reality (AR) video content is anticipated to grow by 40% by year-end.

Takeaway: Ready to augment your marketing reality?

51. 84% of users have been convinced to buy after watching a brand’s video.

Takeaway: Your video’s the nudge from ‘maybe’ to ‘take my money!’

52. Branded content on YouTube has increased watch time by 60%.

Takeaway: On YouTube’s clock, brand’s the big hand now.

53. Virtual video chat sales pitches are boosting close rates by 35%.

Takeaway: Virtual face-time? Real cash-time.

54. 73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts their ROI.

Takeaway: B2B with video? More like B2Bling-bling.

55. Embedding videos in landing pages can increase organic traffic by 157%.

Takeaway: Want the crowd? Embed loud and proud.

56. 4 out of 5 consumers believe demo videos are helpful.

Takeaway: Show, don’t tell. They’ll buy what you’re selling.

57. User-generated video content is increasing brand engagement by 92%.

Takeaway: The people’s film? That’s the real MVP.

58. 62% of businesses are using webinars, and 83% of them find it effective.

Takeaway: The world’s your stage – go on, webcast away!

59. Over 50% of video content is consumed on mobile.

Takeaway: Less cinema, more pocket theater vibes.

60. 7 in 10 marketing pros are optimizing video for SEO.

Takeaway: SEO’s new best mate? A snazzy video rate.

61. Videos under two minutes long get the most engagement, with a 70% watch rate.

Takeaway: Got a minute… or two? That’s golden screen time.

62. 45% of people watch over an hour of Facebook and YouTube videos a week.

Takeaway: They’re binging. Are they watching you?

63. 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

Takeaway: Small screens, big shares.

64. Video content accounts for 15% of all internet traffic.

Takeaway: Traffic jam? Nah, it’s a video parade.

65. Over 80% of traffic will consist of video by 2024.

Takeaway: All signs on the digital highway point to VideoVille.

66. An intro email with a video receives an increased click-through rate of 96%.

Takeaway: Knock knock. Who’s there? Video. Video who? Video just doubled your clicks.

67. Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from searches.

Takeaway: Surf the video wave; ride atop the search tide.

68. 65% of executives visit the marketer’s site after viewing a video.

Takeaway: Execs aren’t too posh for a good vid.

69. 70% of marketers claim video produces more conversions than any other content.

Takeaway: Video doesn’t knock, it breaks the conversion door down.

70. Animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%.

Takeaway: Got something complex? Animate it, mate.

71. Virtual tours? A 90% spike in property sales this year.

Takeaway: Home’s where the VR heart is.

72. 59% of senior execs would rather watch a video than read text.

Takeaway: Who reads when you can lead with reels?

73. With the use of AI, personalized video recommendations have shot up consumer engagement by 72%.

Takeaway: Robots recommend; consumers commend.

74. TikTok’s overtaken YouTube in average watch time per user by 15%.

Takeaway: Brevity’s the soul of hits on this clock.

75. 68% of consumers prefer learning about new products via video.

Takeaway: When unveiling, ensure it’s rolling.

76. A whopping 83% of those using video think it gives them a good ROI.

Takeaway: Roll the film, rake in the riches.

77. 7 in 10 Gen Z folks buy after viewing branded stories on Instagram or Snapchat.

Takeaway: Today’s tale? Stories that sell.

78. Using 3D product videos? 54% increase in purchase likelihood.

Takeaway: Three dimensions, a multitude of dividends.

79. Product videos on sales pages spike purchases by 108%.

Takeaway: Show it in action, see the transaction.

80. Interactive 360-degree videos double the engagement rate.

Takeaway: Spin the tale; the world’s your viewer.

81. 56% of consumers believe companies should have video content on their site.

Takeaway: No vids on your site? Might as well shut the gate.

82. Gamified video content sees a 50% higher retention rate.

Takeaway: Game on for memory lane.

83. Video thumbnails in email campaigns boost open rates by 32%.

Takeaway: A tiny pic for a hefty click.

84. Marketers are using drone footage 40% more this year than last.

Takeaway: Sky’s not the limit; it’s the shot list.

85. Shoppable video ads? They’re boosting direct sales by 38%.

Takeaway: Shop ’til the video drops.

86. 4 in 5 customers believe demo videos help in making purchasing decisions.

Takeaway: Demystify with a demo; ring the register.

87. Webinars are driving a 75% warm lead conversion rate for B2B firms.

Takeaway: On the web, cast a wider net.

88. Immersive video experiences are driving a 41% uptick in brand recall.

Takeaway: Dive deep; swim in their memory.

89. User-generated video testimonials increase trust by 58%.

Takeaway: Authenticity is the best film policy.

90. Video in email leads to a 200% increase in CTR.

Takeaway: Drop a vid, double the did.

91. Live streaming on social platforms has grown by 63% in the past year.

Takeaway: We’re living in the moment – streaming it, too!

92. An astounding 88% of businesses plan to increase video marketing budgets this year.

Takeaway: It’s not about splashing the cash; it’s about rolling in the ROI.

93. 78% of people believe that the authenticity of a video persuades them to buy a product.

Takeaway: No fibs, just film. Genuine’s the way to their wallet.

94. B2B companies with video case studies have seen a 34% increase in client trust.

Takeaway: Trust isn’t built in boardrooms, but in crisp pixels and sharp narratives.

95. With the rise of 5G, mobile video load times have decreased by 40%.

Takeaway: Less buffering, more bluffing about how tech-savvy we all are.

96. 74% of marketers have shifted from written content to video for testimonials.

Takeaway: From penned praises to pixelated plaudits.

97. A video placed mid-funnel can accelerate the sales process by 50%.

Takeaway: Why wait in line when you can fast-track with fine visuals?

98. 52% of marketers worldwide name video as the content type with the best ROI.

Takeaway: Dollar for shot, video’s where it’s hot.

99. How-to videos on YouTube have seen a viewership increase of 65%.

Takeaway: ‘How to succeed?’ Show ’em how it’s done.

100. Branded virtual reality experiences see a 70% higher emotional engagement than traditional videos.

Takeaway: Slap on those goggles, and plunge into the brand matrix.


Here’s the deal: we’re not just in the age of information; we’re in the age of expression. And video? That’s the crème de la crème of expressing. It’s storytelling on steroids, a marriage of visuals, sound, and sentiment. If you aren’t harnessing its power, you’re essentially bringing a typewriter to a laser show. Charming, for sure, but maybe a smidgen out of place.

But it’s not just about jumping on the bandwagon. It’s about knowing your tune and playing it with panache. Whether it’s a how-to video, a quirky TikTok dance, or a deep dive documentary on the mysteries of your product, it’s the connection that counts. The feel. The vibe. The… humanity of it all.

And look, I’m not saying to ditch everything and turn your entire strategy on its head. But consider this a nudge, a gentle prod in the ribs, pointing you towards the bright, shiny future of marketing. It’s a world where pixels pirouette, brands become relatable buddies, and consumers? Well, they’re not just stats on a spreadsheet. They’re real people, with real emotions, looking for real connections.

So, here’s my parting shot, my final piece of unsolicited wisdom: Lean into video. Not just as a tool, but as an art form. Play with it, experiment, find your groove, and then? Dance like nobody’s watching.

Because in this digital age, trust me, everyone’s watching. And they’re waiting for your encore.

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