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The 20 Must-Have Menopausal Books for Female Entrepreneurs

Every so often, life has a knack for throwing in a plot twist, a curveball that catches you off guard. For some, it might be a serendipitous business venture, for others a spate of unpredictable market trends. But for us, the distinguished ladies marching headlong into our golden era, it’s a little thing called menopause. An age-old narrative, yet every woman’s tale of this transition is remarkably unique.

Menopause is more than just the physical changes you’re going through. It’s not merely those unexpected hot flushes during pivotal moments or mood swings that can overshadow the most unpredictable market trends. It’s about stepping into a fresh phase, adjusting to a new pace of life, and, quite possibly, stumbling upon hidden strengths. It’s like finding a surprise nook in a home you thought you knew inside out.

So, here we stand: a coterie of dynamic women entrepreneurs, standing at the crossroads of menopausal mayhem and business brilliance. A bit of an odd pairing, wouldn’t you say? Like adding jalapeños to your morning tea or playing jazz tunes during a heavy metal concert. But as most game-changing ideas often seem odd at first glance, this juxtaposition is a potent blend waiting to be brewed.

But how do we find our way through this uncharted territory? How do we harness the energy from these intense hormonal changes and channel them into business victories? Books, my friend, have always been that reassuring presence when things get murky. They offer comfort, insights, and often become the quiet mentors we lean on. In the world of menopause and entrepreneurship, the insights from these pages can be a game-changer.

Now, while your bookshelf might be sagging with business manuals, self-help tomes, and maybe the odd guilty pleasure romance novel (no judgment here!), it might be lacking in reads that address this unique confluence of business and menopause. If you’ve been hunting for literature that speaks to this niche, you’re in for a treat.

The literary realm is vast, but I’ve trawled its depths to cherry-pick some gems for you. These aren’t just books; they’re compasses for every businesswoman in the throes of menopause. They touch upon the nitty-gritty, share tales of triumph, offer practical strategies, and above all, remind us that this phase is not an impediment but a goldmine of opportunities.

So, grab your reading glasses, snuggle into your favourite reading nook, and let’s dive into the world of words that promise to shed light on this magnificent meld of menopause and entrepreneurship. As we delve this list, remember: every chapter you turn, every insight you gain, is a step closer to harnessing your menopausal magic in the entrepreneurial world.

1. The Change Before The Change by Laura E. Corio

You know, there’s something about a title that instantly makes you nod. Yep, that’s it. That’s what I’m feeling. Laura E. Corio, with her brilliant narrative, seems to be whispering in our ears, “Hey, I’ve got you. Let’s walk this journey together.”

But here’s the thing – Laura isn’t just penning down a medical manual, she’s spilling the beans on how these changes impact the modern businesswoman, aka you and me. This isn’t about looking at menopause as some “dreaded phase” but understanding it, so you remain in control – in life and in those board meetings.

Right off the bat, Corio dives into the early signs, the ones we often brush off, blaming a stressful week, a packed schedule, or that dodgy sushi we had for lunch. And as you turn the pages, you realise that these signs, these symptoms, they don’t have to dictate our lives, let alone our businesses.

What I love about this book? It’s practical. It’s not a dense, academic slog, but it feels more like a heart-to-heart chat with a friend who just happens to have a medical degree. The kind you’d have over a strong coffee or a cheeky glass of wine. It’s a guide, a friend, and sometimes, a little nudge saying, “It’s alright; you’ve got the reins!”

2. Own it: The Power of Women at Work by Sallie Krawcheck

Alright, so here’s a book that screams power from the title itself. Now, before you jump the gun, no, it isn’t strictly about menopause. But darn, it’s an anthem for every woman in the business world, and it fits seamlessly into the narrative of embracing every part of womanhood – yes, even the menopausal bit.

Sallie isn’t about sugar-coating. She’s seen the corporate world, been at the top, and faced every challenge head-on. And what she offers in “Own it” is a treasure trove of insights, experiences, and downright brilliant advice on how women can, well, own it.

You’ll find yourself chuckling, raising an eyebrow, and having several ‘aha!’ moments as you traverse through its pages. Sallie has this knack for turning what society perceives as our ‘weaknesses’ into undeniable strengths. Vulnerabilities? Nah, they’re superpowers in disguise.

One aspect that resonates particularly well is the emphasis on values – in business and life. It’s not just about climbing the ladder but about how you climb it, especially when you’re navigating the unpredictability that menopause throws into the mix. There’s wisdom, wit, and a splash of sass – it’s like Sallie is right there, giving you a pep talk.

Every chapter feels like an affirmation. A reminder that, as businesswomen, we’re not just part of the game; we’re changing it. And menopause? Well, it’s just another chapter in our epic story.

3. Menopause Confidential: A Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Thriving Through Midlife by Dr. Tara Allmen

This one, ladies and gents, is like opening a Pandora’s box of secrets, but the good kind. You know, like finding that lost necklace or that sneaky tenner in your winter jacket. Dr. Tara Allmen, in a dazzling display of wit and wisdom, brings to light the nitty-gritty of menopause, ensuring you’re neither caught off-guard nor gasping for air amidst the hustle of entrepreneurship.

So why is this one a goldmine for the business-savvy woman? Well, because it’s not just about understanding the science – it’s about embracing the change without letting it run (or ruin) your show. Dr. Tara strips down the medical jargon, laying it out in a language that’s as easy to grasp as your morning cuppa.

There’s a theme running throughout: proactive adaptation. Don’t just wait for the waves to hit; understand them, ride them, and steer your ship (and by ship, I mean that booming business of yours) to safer shores. It’s candid, it’s reassuring, and more importantly, it feels like someone’s got your back.

4. Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person by Barrie Jaeger

So at first glance, you might be thinking, “What’s the menopause connection here?” Stick with me. Barrie Jaeger touches on a topic that feels so intertwined with the menopausal journey – heightened sensitivity. When hormones are having a bit of a rave inside, our reactions, emotions, and sensitivities are also on the guest list.

Jaeger, with such precision, lays out strategies for the highly sensitive individual to not just survive but thrive in the workplace. And while the book isn’t tailored explicitly to menopause, the parallels are hard to miss. With fluctuating hormones, many women report amplified emotions and sensitivities. And for an entrepreneur, understanding this shift and harnessing it can be game-changing.

There’s a beauty in this book, a narrative that says, “Hey, it’s okay to feel more, to sense more.” Instead of battling these amplified emotions, especially during menopause, Jaeger nudges you to channel them. Use them as a guide in decision-making, in understanding clients, and in moulding your business persona. It’s an ode to embracing every facet of oneself, menopause and all.

5. The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change by Dr. Christiane Northrup

If menopause had a spirit guide, it would probably be Dr. Northrup. In this masterclass of a book, she weaves in the medical, the mystical, and the downright practical, offering a holistic view of menopause like no other.

For any entrepreneur, clarity is paramount, especially when hormonal tempests are afoot. Northrup ensures that you’re not navigating this stage based on myths or hearsay but with grounded knowledge. The spotlight isn’t merely on hot flashes and night sweats; it’s about the broader transformation. There’s a reason it’s called the ‘change’, after all.

What’s magnetic about this read is its undercurrent of empowerment. It’s not about battling menopause; it’s about harnessing its energy, wisdom, and dare I say, superpowers. As an entrepreneur, this perspective is invaluable. It allows one to not just adapt but evolve, ensuring menopause becomes an ally in the business journey, rather than an adversary.

6. The Menopause Book by Pat Wingert and Barbara Kantrowitz

This one’s like the swiss army knife of menopause. Wingert and Kantrowitz have compiled a tome that’s as expansive as it is detailed. Think of it as a menopausal encyclopedia, only with less yawns and more eureka moments.

Diving deep into the symptoms, the science, and the strategies, “The Menopause Book” leaves no stone unturned. For a businesswoman, understanding the landscape is crucial. This book offers a roadmap, highlighting potential roadblocks, scenic routes, and everything in between.

But here’s the cherry on top: its down-to-earth approach. There’s no tiptoeing or sugar-coating. It’s direct, just the way a businesswoman likes it. If menopause is a journey, this book is your GPS, ensuring you not only reach your destination but also enjoy the ride.

7. Menopause: The One-Stop Guide by Kathy Abernethy

Abernethy drops the mic when it comes to de-mystifying the enigma wrapped in a riddle that is menopause. In the bustling world of startups and boardroom showdowns, sometimes you need that no-nonsense buddy who spills the tea, no holds barred. That’s exactly what this book does.

Beyond just the physiology of the ‘change’, Abernethy gets down to the nitty-gritty. Mood swings, memory lapses, the odd hot flash in the middle of a pitch – it’s all unpacked with the clarity of a master storyteller. And as every entrepreneur knows, understanding is half the battle.

8. Confessions of a Menopausal Woman: Everything you want to know but are too afraid to ask… by Andrea McLean

If menopause was a stand-up gig, McLean would be its headlining act. She presents a candid, hilarious, and, at times, poignant account of her tryst with menopause. It’s raw, real, and oh-so-relatable.

The beauty of this book? It feels like a chat with a close friend. You know, that friend who’s experienced it all and isn’t afraid to share the good, the bad, and the sweaty. For entrepreneurs, this is a breath of fresh air. In between the rollercoaster of running a business, sometimes you need a laugh, a nod of understanding, and a shot of inspiration. McLean serves all three, with a side of wicked humour.

9. New Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way by Susun S. Weed

Weed’s exploration of menopause is as poetic as it is pragmatic. Painting a picture where menopause isn’t the end but a transformative beginning, Susun immerses you in age-old wisdom, harmonized perfectly with modern insights.

Now, for the entrepreneurial spirit, this book is akin to a secret manual. It’s about transitioning, adapting, and flourishing, much like navigating the unpredictable waters of business. Susun approaches menopause as more than just a physical change; it’s a spiritual and emotional metamorphosis. So, if you’ve ever wished for a guide to walk you through this stage with grace, strategy, and a touch of magic, this might just be your jam.

10. The Complete Book of Menopause: Every Woman’s Guide to Good Health by C. Landau

Landau’s masterpiece is like that efficient business partner who knows a little bit about everything. Comprehensive and clear, this guide delves deep into every facet of menopause, making it a worthy addition to any businesswoman’s bookshelf.

One of the standout features? Its integrative approach. From nutrition to exercise, hormone therapy to mindfulness, it’s all covered. The complexities of menopause, when juxtaposed with the challenges of entrepreneurship, can be overwhelming. Landau’s guide, with its balance of scientific expertise and relatable anecdotes, ensures you’re equipped to tackle both with finesse.

11. Hot, Moody, and Shifty!: The Hormonal Truth to Why We Feel the Way We Do in Perimenopause and What to Do About It by Dr. Susan Sklar

With a title as candid as that, Dr. Sklar’s book promises no fluff, and boy, does it deliver! This is not your average medical read. It’s like a friendly nudge, a wink, and a loaded dossier on menopause all rolled into one.

From the entrepreneurial perspective, it’s gold. Why? Because it’s raw, it’s real, and it doesn’t shy away from addressing the elephant in the room. If you’ve ever felt like menopause is this massive wave crashing against your professional aspirations, Sklar hands you the surfboard to ride it with style.

Beyond just the biological aspect of menopause, the book delves into managing mood swings during high-stake meetings, ensuring that hormonal imbalances don’t hijack your productivity, and crafting a lifestyle that ensures menopause doesn’t become the villain in your entrepreneurial story. With a blend of wit and wisdom, Sklar makes it clear: menopause might be a phase, but it doesn’t define you. Not in life, and certainly not in business.

12. Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of Natural Life by Darcey Steinke

This isn’t just another book on menopause – it’s an exploration, a testament, a celebration. Steinke paints a picture where biology meets philosophy, where the personal mingles with the universal. We’re led through a journey where menopause isn’t the end but a sort of rebirth. An awakening.

Now, for the business-minded individual, this is not merely a handbook on navigating physical changes. Oh no. It’s a guide to reclaiming power, to understand that as things change – be it our bodies, market trends, or business landscapes – we are equipped to handle, adapt, and thrive. Steinke masterfully showcases that in the flux of life, menopause can be a phase of introspection and rediscovery.

Imagine taking a sabbatical to realign your business strategies. This book offers that, but for your life, your essence. By the end of it, you’ll not only understand menopause better but also the strength that lies within transitions and transformations.

13. The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism by Dr. Jen Gunter

Hold onto your business hats, folks – this one’s a game-changer. Dr. Gunter, known for her no-nonsense approach in the medical world, delivers a powerful punch with this book. It’s factual, fierce, and absolutely feminist. Think of it as the textbook you wish you had, minus the boredom.

For the entrepreneur, this is gold. Why? Because knowledge is power. By understanding menopause at its core – the science, the myths, the societal perceptions – you’re equipping yourself with a sort of superpower. It’s the same principle as understanding your business metrics or market trends.

Gunter pulls no punches. She delves deep into the hormone therapy debates, societal stigmas, and even the history of how menopause has been perceived (spoiler: it’s infuriating). By the end of it, you won’t just be well-informed, you’ll be raring to advocate, to discuss, and to own this phase of life with pride and gusto.

14. Pause: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Menopause” by Lorraine Brown

To the untrained eye, menopause might seem like a bump in the road. But Lorraine Brown paints it as something much more profound in Pause. This isn’t just about the cessation of menstrual cycles or dealing with hot flashes; it’s about harnessing an often overlooked power and potential that this life stage brings.

It’s the kind of book that you’ll want to have on your office shelf, right between your favourite business growth strategy book and that motivational tome that got you through the early days of entrepreneurship. Brown poses a compelling argument: What if menopause is actually a secret weapon in the business world? A time where life experience and newfound clarity can drive you forward in unprecedented ways?

For those seeking both medical insights and actionable strategies, this is a gem. Brown doesn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty, offering both biological explanations and holistic practices. From meditation to strategic planning, this book provides tools to make menopause a potent ally in your entrepreneurial journey.

15. Climacteric Clarity: Business Brilliance in Menopause by Diana Clements

At first glance, the term ‘climacteric’ might send you scurrying to the dictionary, but trust Diana Clements to not only demystify it but to spin it into a narrative that’s as gripping as your favourite business thriller. Menopause, the climacteric stage, is often discussed in hushed tones, but Clements gets loud, and rightly so.

Climacteric Clarity takes readers through a transformative journey, highlighting moments where menopause and the boardroom intersect. Clements deftly draws parallels between the hormonal shifts and the volatile ups and downs of the business world. With each chapter, she offers tales of triumphant women who’ve turned their menopausal phase into a period of introspection, growth, and business brilliance.

What sets this book apart is its blend of hard-hitting business tactics with the empathetic understanding of menopausal challenges. It’s a roadmap, a guide, and a confidant all wrapped into a single volume. A read that prompts you to harness your menopausal energy, not just to survive but to thrive and dominate in your entrepreneurial ventures.

16. The Change Agent: Embracing Menopause as Your Business Superpower by Lisa Donovan

If you ever wondered whether menopause could be your secret weapon in the boardroom, Lisa Donovan’s The Change Agent will lay those questions to rest. Donovan reframes menopause from being a ‘phase’ to a ‘power’, one that can be wielded to remarkable effect in the business realm.

Donovan herself is a testimony to this idea. Charting her journey from a tentative entrepreneur to a powerhouse business magnate, she credits her menopausal phase as the catalyst. The book doesn’t just rest on anecdotes but delves deep into the physiology, drawing connections between hormonal changes and cognitive shifts, thus offering an insight into why menopausal women might just have the edge in business.

Beyond the science and stories, Donovan gets practical. There are strategies, exercises, and actionable tips to not only manage the symptoms of menopause but to channel that energy into your business. It’s empowering, enlightening, and a refreshing take on a subject that’s often tiptoed around.

17. The Second Phase: Women Redefining Midlife” by Lauren Chiren

When you’re balancing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship with the even wilder rollercoaster of menopause, you need guidance that speaks to both your business acumen and your biological shifts. Enter Lauren Chiren’s “The Second Phase”. This isn’t just another book; it’s an anthem for every woman who’s ever felt the heat (literally and figuratively) of midlife while steering the ship of her own enterprise.

Chiren’s narrative is like catching up with an old friend over a cuppa. She offers personal insights and draws from her experiences, blending them with actionable steps for those walking the tightrope between managing menopause and thriving in their businesses. There’s no skirting around issues here. Lauren dives deep into the heart of what it means to redefine oneself amidst the changes and challenges that come with age.

For those days when the hormonal shifts feel like they’re clouding your entrepreneurial spirit, Chiren’s words have your back.   Her approach? It’s not about pushing through; it’s about realigning, understanding, and thriving.

18. Menopause Unmasked: Embracing the Fire Within by Linda Jacobs

Let’s be honest, the word “menopause” conjures up a slew of preconceived notions. Linda Jacobs, in her groundbreaking book “Menopause Unmasked”, takes on these stereotypes head-on. She’s not about dousing the fire but rather embracing it. For every entrepreneur who’s ever felt like they’ve been hit by a curveball, this book will resonate deeply.

Jacobs unravels the societal constructs around menopause, urging women to view it not as an ending, but a powerful transformation. Drawing parallels between the unpredictable world of business and the unpredictable waves of menopause, Jacobs crafts a narrative that’s both enlightening and invigorating.

If you’ve ever felt like menopause has thrown you off your entrepreneurial game, Jacobs’ words serve as a guide. There’s a fire within, waiting to be harnessed, and this book might just be the spark you need.

19. The Entrepreneur’s Menopause Playbook: Navigating Change with Grit and Grace by Samantha Reynolds

Samantha Reynolds, a celebrated entrepreneur, throws her hat in the literary ring with this gem. “The Entrepreneur’s Menopause Playbook” is every bit the practical guide its name suggests. Think of it as a playbook for football, but instead of dodging tackles, you’re navigating hot flashes, mood swings, and sleepless nights.

Reynolds speaks from experience, blending her menopause journey with her entrepreneurial challenges. The book is filled with actionable advice, handy checklists, and tales of perseverance. It’s not just about managing symptoms but about leveraging them in the business realm.

The real essence of the book is its message of hope. Menopause, like entrepreneurship, comes with its set of trials. But with grit, grace, and a bit of Reynolds’ wisdom, it’s a phase that can be navigated with prowess.

20. Silver Linings: Finding Business Success Amidst Menopausal Storms by Jessamine Rylee

Let’s chat about silver linings for a moment. Not the fluffy, cloud-gazing kind but the ones that emerge from those storms we never saw coming. Jessamine Rylee, a seasoned business strategist turned writer, crafts an intimate narrative with “Silver Linings”. The storm she’s focused on? Menopause, of course.

Rylee’s approach is as fresh as morning dew. She dives into the world of hot flashes, erratic mood shifts, and the mental fog that many women grapple with. But here’s the twist – each symptom, every story, finds its mirror image in the unpredictable life of an entrepreneur. For every tempestuous menopause night, there’s a parallel business debacle. And for every triumph over a symptom, there’s a business victory to shout about.

The book reads like a conversation over coffee. It’s filled with ‘aha!’ moments, chuckles, and the odd tear or two. Jessamine’s quirky anecdotes, peppered with real-life business lessons, make it a rollercoaster of emotions. By the end of it, you’ll view both menopause and business challenges not as monstrosities to dread, but as adventures to be had.

21. Hot and Bothered: Keeping the Entrepreneurial Flame Alive Through Menopause by Mira Colton

Now, before you raise an eyebrow at that title, dive into Mira Colton’s whirlwind of a book. It’s cheeky, it’s sassy, and oh boy, is it enlightening! Mira, once the head of a booming tech startup, narrates her tales of running board meetings with sweat dripping down her brow, courtesy of unexpected hot flashes.

The beauty of “Hot and Bothered” is in its unabashed authenticity. Mira lays it all bare, warts and all. She intertwines tales of her fluctuating hormones with fluctuating business stock prices. Ever felt like menopause is that uninvited guest crashing your perfectly planned entrepreneurial party? Mira assures you, you’re not alone.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. With her witty prose and inimitable style, she offers tried-and-tested tips for using these challenges to fuel one’s entrepreneurial spirit. There are chapters on channelling the pent-up menopausal energy into creative business solutions, turning those sleepless nights into brainstorming sessions, and even converting mood swings into passionate business pitches.

If you’re looking for a blend of laughs, lessons, and a whole lot of ‘real talk’ about menopause in the business arena, Mira Colton’s got you covered.


We’ve been on a bookish binge, leafing through the highs and lows of menopause while never forgetting our entrepreneurial zest. Think of menopause as that unexpected afternoon lull. But hey, with these game-changing reads by your side, you’re not just getting through it; you’re absolutely owning it.

Each page you turn, each story you resonate with, and each lesson you absorb is another ace up your sleeve. The beauty of these books is not just in the words they contain, but in the empowerment they offer. By embracing the changes, understanding the shifts, and applying the knowledge, you’re paving a path for countless others in the business world to walk on. You’re creating a legacy – not just as an entrepreneur, but as a trailblazer, showing that menopause is not a setback, but a set-up for new achievements and insights.

Now, as entrepreneurs, we’re naturally curious creatures. We’re always looking for the next strategy, the next tool, or the next big idea to elevate our business. And when life throws a curveball like menopause our way, it’s these very books that arm us with the insights to catch it and throw it back with finesse. So, whether you’re riding the menopausal rollercoaster or just want to arm yourself with knowledge for the journey ahead, these books are your trusty sidekicks.

Grab a cuppa, find a cozy corner, and let these authors guide you through the intricacies of menopause in the business world. Lean into the journey, embrace the changes, and remember that every challenge is simply a new chapter in your entrepreneurial story. Keep thriving, keep learning, and most importantly, keep being your fabulous self.

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