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SERP Empire Review: How to move your valuable content from Google Page 2 to Page 1

You’ve probably experienced this. An important keyword for your business is so competitive that authoritative websites already dominate the top 10 on Google.

To have a great chance of ranking in the top 10, you created content with more relevant information about the topic than the pages already ranking. You even went further to optimize the title, headings, and body copy for your target keyword.

But still, you find it tough to crack the top 10 in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If only searchers would read your valuable page to find all the additional information you’ve worked so hard to deliver to them. Then, maybe the higher click-through rate (CTR) and engagement would convince Google that your page should be at the top of the rankings.

Sadly, unless searchers start reading and engaging with your page content, it will be stuck and neglected on page 2. 

Enter SERP Empire.

SERP Empire provides organic traffic services that deliver eyeballs to your valuable content pages to move them up the rankings.

In this SERP Empire review, I’ll explore how this tool works to improve your page CTR for higher rankings on Google.

How SERP Empire works

SERP Empire is an automated organic traffic tool.

The tool works on the theory, shared by many expert SEOs, that click-through rates (CTR) are one of the most important search ranking factors. And this makes a lot of sense.

Google wants to serve the most valuable pages to searchers. When a high number of searchers for a particular query click on a result and spend a lot of time on the page, Google sees the page as a high-quality one.

In return, this page gets a bump in rankings to reach more searchers.

So, SERP Empire increases your page CTR on the search results page to tell Google that your page is valuable to searchers for a particular keyword.

Beyond CTR, SERP Empire lets you set how long you want each visit to be. A high time on site shows that people find the right information on a page.

So, how do you set up your keywords on SERP Empire?

You have to enter your target keywords manually or use the keyword auto-discovery feature to pull keywords from Google Search Console automatically. 

My first concern when I heard about SERP Empire was, isn’t this risky? Won’t this lead to a Google penalty?

The short answer is no, and I’ll explain in detail during this review.

How to boost your search rankings with SERP Empire

Keyword Auto-Discovery

If you have a list of all the keywords you want to improve rankings for, you can jump to the next section.

But if you haven’t done keyword research or want to uncover more keywords to rank for, you’ll find keyword auto-discovery useful.

How does it work? Once you link SERP Empire to your Google Search Console account, Keyword auto-discovery will collect relevant keywords and allocate the right number of daily searches to them.

If you’re configuring keyword auto-discovery for the first time, you’ll see a notification on your dashboard like this:

Just click “Fix now,” and SERP Empire will take you to the setup page. The first thing to do here is to link your account to Google Search Console. 

Click “Connect my Google Search Console,” and a popup will appear to enter your Google account and select a domain.

After the connection, you’ll have something similar to this:

After that, you can click on “Statistics” to get metrics on the number of searches and from which countries.

But you have to add countries to get traffic from them. To do that, click “+ Add a new country.”  

On the next page, you can enter the country you want to add manually. But since I’m using keyword auto-discovery, I can also use the Magic Configuration option.

Once you click on the magic configuration, SERP Empire will do two things for all the countries in which your website is active:

  • Retrieve your keywords list
  • Optimize your searches per day

The magic configuration can take up to 15 minutes, depending on how big your website is. For my website, the configuration finished in about 13 minutes.

After that, SERP Empire lists all the countries in which my website is active. Then, it starts sending organic traffic for relevant keywords.

One of the ways SERP Empire ensures you run no risk to your site is the slow increase. At the start of search campaigns on SERP Empire, the tool increases your searches gradually for at least a week before running at your set rate.

This, in addition to setting user behavior, ensures that traffic from SERP Empire is just like a friend visiting your website. So, there’s no risk of getting a penalty.

Manual campaign keywords configuration

While the keyword auto-discovery feature can save time and make your searches more efficient, it may be unsuitable for some needs.

Sometimes, you just want to get more organic traffic and higher rankings for specific pages. 

And this makes sense for some use cases. You may want to boost rankings for pages that increase your brand awareness. In another case, you may want to boost rankings for a few pages you think will bring the best results for your business.

Whatever your reasons, SERP Empire allows you to add keywords manually.

To start, create a campaign and add a country by clicking “+ Add a new country” on your campaign page.

On the next page, select the country you want to get traffic from. If you run a local business, enter a specific location in the country.

After that, click the “+ Add a new country” button. Then, SERP Empire will take you to the next page, where you can enter your keywords and the number of searches you want per day.

Here, I’ll advise that you conduct keyword research before entering your keywords and the number of searches per day. With keyword research, you’ll know the monthly search volume, which guides how you set the number of daily searches.

For example, you want to enter a number of daily searches that result in monthly searches that are far less than the overall monthly search volume for that keyword.

Once you add your keywords, click “Modify” to save them.

You can repeat this process for as many countries as you want inside your campaign.

After this, SERP Empire will conduct these searches and visit pages according to your settings.

Campaign Statistics

SERP Empire provides statistics for your account and each campaign. In the account, you’ll see the number of searches and visits per day for all campaigns.

To dive into a campaign, click on it. Here, you’ll see the number of searches and visits per day for that campaign.

Scrolling down the campaign page, you’ll see more metrics in the Country Targeting section. Metrics like the number of keywords you’ve set for each country and daily searches.

When you click on a country, you’ll see the number of searches and visits per day that SERP Empire has executed in that country. But beyond that, the target keyword list for that country is also available.

In this list, you’ll see the position your website ranks for keywords. When there’s a red X icon in front of a keyword, it means SERP Empire couldn’t find your page in the rankings. This can help you adjust your keyword list.

To get more metrics about a keyword, click on the graph icon beside the keyword. On the next page, you’ll see the position history and the number of visits to your page.

This way, you can easily track the impact of SERP Empire for a specific keyword. Overall, SERP Empire provides the most important metric here, which is changes in your search rankings.

Campaign settings

I find the settings section crucial because it lets you instruct SERP Empire on how a visitor on your website should behave. It’s like telling your friend to check out your website, visit specific pages, and spend three minutes on those pages.

It lets you mimic what you expect your ideal audience to do on your website.

First, if you’re trying to rank on Google, you can get traffic from Google Search or Google Maps. If you run a local business, getting traffic from Google Maps can help you rank higher for local keywords.

But for me, traffic from Google Search works fine.

Then, there’s a “Limit Maximum Searches/Day” setting. 

If you use keywords auto-discovery, you won’t need this setting as the tool automatically sets a number of daily searches. SERP Empire determines this by considering the search volume of your target keyword and determining the number of searches that can move your page up the rankings.

For instance, 20 daily searches will not influence rankings for a keyword with 10,000 monthly search volume. On the flip side, 20 daily searches will be too spammy for a keyword with 100 monthly search volume.

However, if you have a preferred number or want to manage your monthly search credits, you can enter a maximum number of daily searches.

You can also instruct the search tool to check position zero in the searches.

Below this, you’ll see a set of parameters for your searches.

You can select the countries to get your search traffic from. To make this effective, set up countries according to your popular audience locations.

I’d say you should configure most of the settings here according to your current website analytics trends.

You can select the percentage of mobile searches, bounce rate, and number of pages per session.

Another big one here is the average session duration. Apart from having a high CTR on the SERPs, a high average session duration tells Google that the searcher found the information they’re looking for on your page.

And this can improve your rankings.

So, use an average session duration that will tell Google that people find your page valuable.

Finally, you can set traffic during the week. The highest can be days when your customers need your services most.

So, if you sell B2B products, you may set up lower traffic for the weekend.

Once you finish the setup, click “Modify” to save it.

SERP Empire customer support

SERP Empire provides customer support through:

  • In-app support buttons: This button lets you get answers to questions about various features in SERP Empire. You can also access help center articles here.
  • Help center: Here, you’ll find instructions on how to execute common tasks.
  • Contact form: If you don’t find answers to your questions through other support channels, you can fill the contact form or send an email about your inquiry.

To be honest, the tool is straightforward, and you won’t need help if you understand the basics of SEO.

SERP Empire pricing

The cost of SERP Empire depends on the number of searches you want monthly. Note that every plan, no matter the number of monthly searches, comes with:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited keywords
  • City level geo-targeting
  • Up to 5 minutes time on site

Let’s look at some examples of prices based on the number of monthly searches. If you want 1,000 searches per month, you’ll pay €79 monthly for SERP Empire.

For 5,000 monthly searches, SERP Empire costs €299 monthly, while 10,000 monthly searches cost €499 monthly.

If you want to know how much your preferred monthly visits will cost, visit SERP Empire’s pricing page.


SERP Empire works on a simple concept: if you can get more searchers to click through to your pages and read through the content, Google will reward you with higher search rankings.

This makes a lot of sense because achieving a high CTR and time on site tells Google that your page provides valuable information. And in return, Google will move your pages up the rankings to reach more searchers.

However, to get the best results from SERP Empire, you need to run your campaigns for a few weeks.Want to give it a try? Visit SERP Empire to create your first campaign today.

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