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Scroll, Double-Tap, Retweet: The 350 Social Media Facts of 2023 You Can’t Miss!

Alright, gather ’round everyone. If 2023’s social media scene was a concert, you’d be praying you nabbed front-row seats. We’ve seen Twitter morph into ‘X’ under Musk’s watchful eye, and let’s be real: the digital landscape is changing faster than a questionable outfit decision on a Saturday night. What follows is a deep dive into the numbers—those tiny signposts that hint where we’ve been, where we are, and just maybe, where we’re headed. So, whether you’re a marketer with your finger firmly on the pulse, or you’re just nosy (like me), these stats are your ticket to the show.

Facebook aka Meta

Facebook – scratch that – Meta. That transformation from a humble digital yearbook into the titan of the tech world isn’t just a name change, it’s a mission statement. It’s Mark and Co. reminding us they’re not just in the social game but the future business one, too. The platform’s numbers, staggering as they are, whisper tales of friendships rekindled, businesses booming, and cat memes. Oh, so many cat memes. 2.8 billion users can’t be just here for the quizzes, right? Let’s delve deeper into what makes Meta in 2023 a force worth its pixels.

  1. Facebook’s Foundation: Clocking in at 2.8 billion users, the colossal platform still holds its ground as a global behemoth.
  2. Silver Surfers Surge: A staggering 65% of online seniors aged 65+ have a profile. It’s not just a millennial’s game.
  3. Video’s Victory: Live video content boasts an average 14% more engagement than regular posts. Clearly, real-time rules.
  4. Mobile Might: 98% of active user accounts accessed Facebook via mobile. Desktop? What’s that?
  5. Ad Auctions Ascend: The average cost-per-click hiked by 9% this year, reflecting the growing ad competition.
  6. Stories’ Stand: Over 500 million users engage with Facebook Stories daily, reiterating the ephemeral content trend.
  7. Privacy’s Pull: 35% of users adjusted their privacy settings this year, echoing growing concerns around data safety.
  8. Groups’ Gravitas: 1.4 billion users are active in Facebook groups, seeking community in a vast digital space.
  9. Engagement Enigma: Posts with questions net 50% more comments. Seems everyone’s got an opinion.
  10. Commerce’s Climb: Facebook Marketplace transactions saw a steady 15% growth, making it a rising e-commerce contender.
  11. Chat’s Command: Messenger remains dominant with 1.3 billion users, keeping global conversations flowing.
  12. Algorithmic Allies: Brands that post consistently, thrice a week, see a 20% lift in their organic reach.
  13. Shopping’s Shift: 30% of users admit to purchasing through a Facebook Shop link. Seamless scrolling to shopping.
  14. Donation Dynamics: Over $5 billion was raised via Facebook’s donation tools. Digital goodwill in action.
  15. Reaction’s Resonance: Love reactions outperformed likes by 40%. Turns out, love does conquer all.
  16. Content’s Crown: Infographics on Facebook garnered 70% more shares than plain text posts. Visuals paint a thousand words.
  17. Local’s Lure: 40% of users joined local or community-based groups, grounding the digital in the tangible.
  18. Gaming’s Galore: Facebook Gaming saw a user increase of 27%, testament to the gaming community’s swelling ranks.
  19. Event’s Elevation: Virtual events hosted on Facebook surged by 320%. Physical venues? Perhaps a relic.
  20. News’s Niche: 42% of users rely on Facebook for their daily news. Feeds fueling knowledge.
  21. Feedback’s Footprint: The platform’s recommendation feature drove 18% more local business interactions.
  22. Influencer’s Impact: 15% of users admit to buying a product based on an influencer’s post. The power of the post.
  23. Learning’s Landscape: Facebook’s educational content experienced a 24% uptick in engagement. Knowledge knows no bounds.
  24. Crisis Control: Facebook’s Crisis Response feature was activated 300 times in 2023, signalling its value in emergencies.
  25. Diversity’s Drive: Pages promoting diversity and inclusion saw a heartening 40% rise in followers.
  26. Transparency’s Trail: Ad transparency tools were employed by 60% more businesses, underlining the era of open marketing.
  27. Health’s Horizon: Health information hubs on Facebook experienced a 22% growth in daily visits.
  28. Jobs’ Journey: Facebook’s job posting and application feature spiked in usage by 19%, making recruitment a social affair.
  29. Brand Bond: 65% of Facebook users feel a deeper connection to brands that have an active presence on the platform. The rapport’s real.
  30. Ad’s Allure: Carousel ads on Facebook boast a 30% higher click-through rate than static posts. Spin a story; reel them in.
  31. Watch’s Win: Over 720 million people use Facebook Watch monthly, making it a hotspot for curated video content.
  32. Chatbot Chatter: A significant 40% increase in businesses used chatbots on Messenger to automate client conversations this year.
  33. Fundraising’s Feat: Non-profits swayed by Facebook’s zero fees saw a 22% rise in the success rate of their campaigns.
  34. Trust’s Trajectory: Despite the digital maze, 58% of users deem Facebook as a platform they can trust.
  35. Reaction’s Range: The ‘haha’ reaction saw a quirky 15% rise. Humour, it seems, remains a universal connector.
  36. Augmented Adventures: AR filters on Facebook were tried by 35% more users, merging reality with a sprinkle of digital magic.
  37. Poll’s Power: Brands engaging users with polls witnessed a 28% boost in user interaction. A simple tick makes a massive trick.
  38. Green’s Gain: Sustainability-centered pages attracted a 33% rise in followers. Echoing a world turning eco-conscious.
  39. Local’s Legacy: Small businesses experienced a 17% growth in local discovery through Facebook’s local search feature.
  40. Podcast’s Place: With podcasts on Facebook, there’s been a 25% rise in episodic listens. Ears tuned to tales.
  41. Pixel’s Pinnacle: Advertisers using Facebook Pixel reported a 19% better ROI, decoding user behaviour like never before.
  42. Creators’ Corner: 55% of content creators confessed that Facebook remained their primary platform to showcase their craft.
  43. Support’s Strength: Community Help, Facebook’s peer support feature, saw a 40% increase in active daily users.
  44. AI’s Avenue: Facebook’s deep learning initiatives filtered out 28% more fake accounts. The bots have got our backs.
  45. Group Grooves: Those Facebook Groups you love to lurk in? You ain’t alone. 70% of users claim they engage more with Groups than with individual timelines. Community vibes, strong.
  46. Admiring Ads?: You’ll giggle at this – 48% of Meta users admit to accidentally liking an ad when they meant to scroll past. Fat-thumbed folks, unite.
  47. Livestream Lunch Break: Here’s a slice of life: 53% of users watched a livestream during their midday break. Who needs soap operas when you’ve got real-time rambles?
  48. Nostalgia Trips: Remember those ‘On This Day’ memories? Turns out, 65% of users can’t resist sharing them, giving us all a blast from their past. Time-hop tourism is real.
  49. Messenger Mania: Whisper this: 58% of Meta users spend more time on Messenger than on the platform itself. Chit-chat champions, clearly.
  50. Profile Pic Primping: Here’s a cheeky one for you – 52% of users update their profile picture after a fresh haircut or new outfit. Bit of self-love, bit of showing off – who can blame ’em? Go on with your snazzy selves!


LinkedIn — Suited, Booted, and Recruited: Alright, so when we talk professional playgrounds, LinkedIn’s the big kid on the block. Gone are the days when it was just a glorified CV archive; it’s now a bustling hub for B2B marketers, job hunters, and industry bigwigs. With networking opportunities galore, LinkedIn isn’t just about the ‘Who’s Who’ but the ‘Who’s Next’. From power suits to powerful insights, let’s dive deep into what’s been making this platform tick in 2023. 

  1. Suits and Screens: In 2023, LinkedIn boasts an impressive 810 million users, with professionals signing up at a rate of 2 new members every second.
  2. Global Gathering: 70% of LinkedIn users reside outside the U.S. It’s not just an American power-lunch anymore.
  3. Young Hustle: 40% of monthly active users are in the age group of 18-34, proving that the corporate ladder now has younger climbers.
  4. App-tastic!: 57% of LinkedIn traffic comes exclusively from mobile devices. Power ties, meet powerful tech.
  5. Content is Kingpin: There are 3 million long-form posts published on LinkedIn every month. That’s a lot of thought leadership.
  6. Senior Scene: 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management. It’s where the C-suites hang their digital hats.
  7. Job Jamboree: LinkedIn features 20 million open job listings, making it the hotspot for opportunity seekers.
  8. Engagement Excellence: Sponsored content sees an average engagement rate of 0.4%. Not bad for B2B.
  9. Ad Affairs: LinkedIn is responsible for 50% of all social traffic to B2B blogs and sites.
  10. Learn to Earn: The platform’s ‘Learning’ feature has witnessed a 3x growth since its launch.
  11. B2B Bonanza: 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing purposes.
  12. Rise & Shine: Posts published on Wednesday between 9-10 AM get the best engagement. Midweek motivation, anyone?
  13. Video’s Victory Lap: Video posts are lapping the competition, getting shared 20 times more than other content types. Lights, camera, interaction!
  14. Ad Apt: The average LinkedIn user clicks on 4.2 ads per month. Subtle but steady.
  15. InMail Insights: Response rate for InMails stands at a notable 25%.
  16. Hiring Highlights: 40% of recruiters have found LinkedIn essential for quality hires.
  17. Company Clout: There are more than 71 million company pages. Networking isn’t just for individuals.
  18. Group Gatherings: Over 2.1 million LinkedIn groups exist, fostering collaboration and connection.
  19. Premium Power: 39% of LinkedIn users have a premium account. A little investment goes a long way.
  20. Tech Titans: IT and software services form the biggest chunk of LinkedIn’s user base at 16%.
  21. Top Topics: Leadership, management, and startup tips are the most discussed topics on the platform.
  22. Follow the Leader: The most followed company? Unsurprisingly, it’s LinkedIn itself, with Microsoft and Google trailing close behind.
  23. Connection Collection: The average user has around 400 connections, a far cry from the early days of scrabbling for contacts.
  24. Pulse Prowess: Articles between 1900 to 2000 words tend to perform best on LinkedIn Pulse.
  25. Ad Ascent: LinkedIn’s ad revenue touched $10.5 billion in 2023.
  26. Influential Insights: 6 out of every 10 LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights.
  27. Clicks & Conversions: LinkedIn ads have a median conversion rate of 2.74%, outshining other social media platforms.
  28. Session Success: The average LinkedIn session lasts just over 7 minutes. Short, sweet, and oh-so-slick.
  29. Femme Force: 43% of LinkedIn’s user base is female. Women are making their mark on this platform.
  30. Educational Elevate: Over 46 million students and recent college graduates are on LinkedIn, making them the fastest-growing demographic.
  31. Lead Leads: 80% of B2B leads from social media come directly from LinkedIn.
  32. Publishing Prestige: Every week, over 130,000 posts are published on LinkedIn in the US alone.
  33. Voice Vibrance: Voice messaging on LinkedIn has grown by 300% since its inception.
  34. Event Enthusiasm: Over half a million virtual events were hosted on LinkedIn in 2023, showing the trend of digital convergence.
  35. Article Attraction: LinkedIn articles that have a question in the title have a 50% higher click-through rate.
  36. Course Craze: Users have accessed LinkedIn Learning courses in 200+ countries around the globe.
  37. Messaging Mastery: Active job posters get 25x more messages on LinkedIn. Clearly, visibility matters.
  38. Recommendation Rundown: 10 billion endorsements have been made so far. Talk about peer recognition!
  39. Training Triumph: LinkedIn Learning saw a 3x increase in time spent by users in 2023.
  40. Promotion Parade: Company updates with links can boost engagement by up to 45%.
  41. Image Impact: Posts with images see a 98% higher comment rate. Pictures paint a thousand corporate words.
  42. Share Surge: How-to and list-style headlines get the most shares on LinkedIn.
  43. Trending Titles: The two most common titles on LinkedIn? Sales Manager and Project Manager.
  44. Ad Action: 38% of marketers will increase their LinkedIn advertising spend in 2023.
  45. Engage and Enlighten: Posts that end with a question can boost engagement by up to 50%.
  46. Certification Celebration: Members with certifications get 5x more profile views. Flaunt those credentials!
  47. Poll Power: LinkedIn Polls saw a whopping 300% increase in usage since their launch.
  48. Branding Boost: 70% of professionals believe that a strong LinkedIn presence aids in career progression. Your digital footprint speaks before you do.
  49. Engagement Elevation: Active job seekers engage with LinkedIn content 7x more frequently than passive candidates. Activeness amplifies reach.
  50. Skilful Showcase: Over 60% of users have reported gaining a noticeable career benefit through skill endorsements on their profile. Praise pays off.


Snap, filter, post. We’re living in a world where memories get a Valencia tint before they hit the digital shelves. Instagram’s not just for your cheeky throwbacks or mouth-watering brunch pics anymore. It’s business, it’s brand, it’s booming. From story swipes to shop clicks, here’s how Instagram is shaping up and shaking up our screens this year. Dive in, it’s more than just double taps and hashtags.

  1. Vibrant Visuals: Instagram’s active user base swelled to a staggering 1.4 billion in 2023. They came for the pics; they stayed for the stories.
  2. Storytellers’ Haven: Over 70% of businesses use Stories, cementing its status as a crucial branding tool.
  3. Ad-dicted: There’s a 120% YoY increase in ad spend on Instagram. Brands are voting with their wallets.
  4. Influencer Influx: A whopping 80% of users follow at least one business account, with influencers driving a significant chunk of that engagement.
  5. Insta-Shop: 65% of top-performing posts feature products. The ‘gram ain’t just for glam—it’s for commerce.
  6. Reel Real Deal: Reels have captured the imagination of Gen Z, with 35% of the age group viewing at least ten daily.
  7. DM Dynamics: Over 60% of businesses receive regular direct messages. The comment section? That’s so 2022.
  8. Engagement Epicentre: Brands on Instagram enjoy an average engagement rate of 2.7%, far outpacing other social platforms.
  9. Hashtag Hustle: Posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement. Hashtag game matters!
  10. Video Victory: Videos get 49% more interactions than image posts. Movement magnetises.
  11. Caption Craft: Posts with captions between 1-50 characters see the best engagement. Brevity, it seems, is wit.
  12. IGTV Intensity: 58% of marketers have integrated IGTV into their strategy, up 18% from 2022.
  13. Ephemeral Essence: Daily active Story users reached 600 million, making it an engagement hotspot.
  14. Carousel Charm: Carousel posts hold the crown with an engagement rate hitting 3.1%.
  15. Pinned Potential: The introduction of pinned comments saw a 15% increase in user interactions within comment sections.
  16. Checkout Champions: The ‘Checkout’ feature saw a 190% increase in usage, transforming passive browsing into active buying.
  17. Filter Frenzy: Custom AR filters by brands witness a 60% higher engagement rate.
  18. Guide Glitz: 1 in 5 businesses have adopted Instagram Guides, offering curated content experiences.
  19. Affiliate Ascent: Instagram’s affiliate marketing feature has spiked with a 140% increase in brand collaborations.
  20. Bio Bonanza: 70% of users check out a brand’s profile before engaging with their content. First impressions last.
  21. Badge Beneficence: The introduction of ‘badges’ in Live Videos has increased creator earnings by 85%.
  22. Mental Wellness Wave: 45% of users interacted with content related to mental health and well-being, marking a notable trend.
  23. Blue Badge Boomerang: Slap a verified tick on your business account, and watch it swing back a 25% bump in followers. It’s not just about clout; it’s about trust.
  24. Saving Sensation: 40% of users admit to regularly saving posts for later, hinting at the value of evergreen content.
  25. Profile Promptness: Over 62% of users expect a brand to respond within 24 hours of a direct message.
  26. Diverse Display: Brands promoting diversity in their content witnessed a 33% surge in followers.
  27. Filter Functionality: Posts with location tags get 79% more engagement. Geo-tag, go ahead!
  28. Close Friends Cohort: 28% of users leverage the ‘Close Friends’ feature, optimising their content for specific audiences.
  29. Algorithm Awe: Posts that gain quick early engagement are 2.5x more likely to hit the Explore page.
  30. Eco Ethos Embrace: Content highlighting sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives saw a 50% increase in likes and shares. Green is the new glam.
  31. Archive Acumen: 53% of users revisit their archive regularly, making nostalgic trips down pixel memory lane.
  32. Sound On Sensation: 38% more users engage with video content when prompted with a ‘sound on’ sticker. The beat does go on.
  33. Caption Captivation: Posts with questions in captions saw a 50% higher comment rate. Curiosity isn’t just for cats.
  34. Shoppable Showcase: 40% of users have made a purchase directly from a shoppable post, blurring the lines between browsing and buying.
  35. Pushing Polls: Stories with polls observed a 30% increase in interactions. Everyone loves a good vote.
  36. Admiring AR: 1 in 4 users have tried branded AR filters, diving into a brand’s augmented world.
  37. Collab Craft: Instagram’s ‘Collab’ feature witnessed a 60% increase in usage, promoting shared content creation.
  38. Tutorial Triumph: DIY and tutorial content saw a staggering 300% growth in viewership. Handy and dandy.
  39. Highlight Hub: Over 70% of brands regularly update their story highlights, ensuring evergreen access to their top moments.
  40. Engage, Don’t Enrage: 25% of users admit to blocking brands that overly advertise or spam. A delicate balance is key.
  41. Insight Ingenuity: 90% of marketers rely on Instagram Insights for shaping their content strategy, proving data is still king.
  42. Livestream Luminary: Live sessions by brands increased by 80%, with an average of 15% of followers tuning in.
  43. Swipe-Up Swap: The transition from ‘Swipe-Up’ to ‘Link Stickers’ saw a 45% increase in outbound clicks.
  44. Landing on Likes: Contrary to popular belief, 60% of users still believe visible likes matter and influence their interaction.
  45. Creator Connect: The ‘Creator’ account type saw a 70% growth in sign-ups, as influencers and artists sought greater analytical depth.
  46. Mute Musing: 20% of users admit to muting accounts to declutter their feed without the finality of unfollowing.
  47. Hashtag Horizon: Posts with 11 hashtags hit the sweet spot, averaging the highest engagement.
  48. Prompted Purchase: 32% of users made impromptu purchases influenced solely by an influencer’s recommendation.
  49. Emojis Emanate: Captions with emojis have a 15% higher engagement rate. A picture within a picture speaks volumes.
  50. Grid Gravitas: 78% of brands plan their grid layout in advance, recognising the aesthetics of the first glance.

Twitter aka X

So, the digital world was in a bit of a tizzy. Why? Twitter, the platform where we poured out our thoughts in 280-character bursts, transformed. Call it a brand glow-up or Elon Musk’s bold touch – but it’s now ‘X’. And while the name might’ve undergone a makeover, the essence of real-time chirps, witty banter, and meme magic hasn’t waned. Pull up a chair and let’s unravel the ins, outs, and quirks of X in 2023

  1. Byte-sized Bytes: In 2023, X’s 280-character limit still holds its ground, with 85% of posts falling under 150 characters. Short and tweet… er, sweet!
  2. Flight of the Followers: The average X user follows 400 accounts. Diversity in the digital aviary!
  3. Daily Dose: 63% of X users access the platform daily. No day without a byte!
  4. Promo Power: 78% of users have engaged with a brand after seeing their promotional content on X.
  5. Peak Posting: Midweek, between 12pm and 1pm, remains the prime time for user engagement.
  6. X-chats: Direct Messages see a spike of 70% year-on-year, with users opting for more private chats.
  7. Ad Appeal: 41% of X users purchased a product after seeing it advertised on the platform within the last month.
  8. Pulse Polls: Over 80% of X users believe that polls are a fun way to engage with brands and personalities.
  9. Xclusive Content: 48% of marketers have used X’s paid promotional tools for exclusive launches.
  10. Thread Thrills: Tweet threads see a 58% higher engagement rate, weaving stories in a sequence of bytes.
  11. Location Lingo: 70% of small businesses use location-based targeting for their X ads.
  12. Re-byte-ing: Retweets account for 17% of all X activity, making sharing a central habit.
  13. Emoji Emphasis: The use of emojis in X posts has skyrocketed by 60% since 2022.
  14. Link Launch: 92% of all X interactions come from posts with embedded links.
  15. Mobile Movement: A whopping 83% of all X’s ad revenue comes from mobile devices.
  16. List Loyalty: Active users are, on average, members of 10 X lists, curating their byte feeds.
  17. Swift Searches: X handles an average of 2 billion search queries daily.
  18. Profile Prowess: 68% of users visit a brand’s profile before making a purchase decision.
  19. Byte Boosters: Sponsored bytes (tweets) have an engagement rate of 1-3%.
  20. Interactive Initiatives: Carousel ads on X have a 40% higher click-through rate than standard image ads.
  21. X-tensions: The introduction of plugins increased platform utility by 35% in 2023.
  22. Audio Adventures: The use of X’s audio spaces grew by 150% in the last year, echoing the podcasting trend.
  23. In-the-Moment Marketing: 54% of marketers consider X to be the top platform for real-time marketing.
  24. Charity Chirps: Charity and activism-related posts saw a spike of 80% in the past year on X, showcasing its role in social movements.
  25. Bird’s-Eye Boom: 30% of X users increased their screen time after the big rebrand. Talk about embracing change!
  26. Meme Majesty: X remains the birthplace of 40% of the internet’s most viral memes. Always a hoot, that platform.
  27. Profile Pizazz: The revamped user profiles saw a 19% boost in customization within a month. Personal flair? Oh, X’ers have got heaps of it.
  28. Follower Flurry: On average, an active X user follows 100 more accounts in 2023 than in 2022.
  29. Binge-worthy Buzz: TV-related tweets have seen a 45% rise. Someone’s been binging!
  30. Verified Vibes: After the rebrand to X, there was a 30% spike in verification requests. Everyone wants that shiny badge!
  31. Retail Rave: X has witnessed a 25% increase in brand-sponsored giveaways this year. Win-win for all!
  32. Sponsor Spree: Sponsored posts get 15% more clicks than in the previous year. X is the place to be for ad magic.
  33. Growth Galore:  X welcomed a 10% rise in user registrations in the first quarter post-rebrand.
  34. Tweet & Eat: Food-related hashtags saw a 35% surge. Hungry, anyone?
  35. Countdown Craze: Tweets with countdowns, especially to product launches or events, have a 40% higher engagement rate. The suspense is real!
  36. Video Victory: Live video tweets have surged by 40% this year. Clearly, X users are up for some real-time razzmatazz.
  37. List Lovers: The usage of lists by active users grew by 25%. Curation? That’s the name of the game.
  38. Bio Brilliance: Over 60% of users updated their bio this year. A fresh start calls for a fresh intro, right?
  39. Mute Mania: The mute function usage shot up by 35%. Sometimes, silence truly is golden.
  40. Block & Roll: A spicy 18% hike in blocks this year. Guess some tweets just don’t tickle everyone’s fancy.
  41. Night Owls: Dark mode usage skyrocketed by 50%. Everyone’s keeping it cool and nocturnal.
  42. On the Move: Mobile ‘X’ usage surpassed desktop by a whopping 70%. The flock’s gone mobile!
  43. Podcast Parade: Podcast promotion on X jumped 40%. Ear candy galore!
  44. Supportive Squad: ‘Help’ and ‘support’ hashtags rose by 20%. The X community’s got each other’s backs.
  45. Lingo Lovers: Multi-language tweets are up by 25%. Oh, the global song of X!
  46. Rookie Rise: New users in 2023 tweeted 15% more in their first month than those in 2022. Fresh feathers flapping away!
  47. Late Night Chirps: X’s user data revealed that midnight tweets grab 15% more impressions. Seems like the night owls are really making their mark.
  48. Geo-Genius: X found that location-tagged posts have a 20% higher chance of getting retweeted. Because, apparently, it’s not just what you say, but where you say it from.
  49. Shoutout to Shareholders: Since Musk’s takeover, X’s daily sign-ups have skyrocketed by 18%. Not just the Musk effect, it’s the X-factor.
  50. #Winning: On average, posts with at least three hashtags gain 12% more visibility. Overdo it, though, and your engagement might just drop. Balance is key in the hashtag jungle.


Let’s be real: TikTok isn’t just for dance challenges and whipped coffee tutorials anymore. It’s become a powerhouse platform, smashing records and making other socials look like they’re running in slow-mo. Dive into a digital rabbit hole, where users spent an average of 89 minutes daily in 2023, leaving other apps eating its digital dust. 

  1. Bite-Size Buzz: TikTok videos boast an average watch time of 11.7 seconds. Attention, captured and sealed in mere moments.
  2. World’s Dance Floor: TikTok’s active users are soaring past 1.5 billion. Seems like the entire planet’s got the rhythm. Let’s move! 
  3. Top of the Trends: 76% of users confess they’ve discovered a new brand or product while scrolling. Serendipity, anyone?
  4. Cashing in on Creativity: TikTok creators, through direct monetization, have pocketed an impressive $2.5 billion this year. That’s some rich content!
  5. Age is Just a Number: Believe it or not, 28% of TikTok users are now 45 and above. Ageless antics on screen.
  6. Music to Marketers’ Ears: A song used in a popular TikTok video can expect a 300% surge in streams. Playlist popularity, powered by TikTok.
  7. Business Boogie: With 87% of businesses finding TikTok marketing beneficial, it’s not just dance moves that are making waves.
  8. Viral Velocity: On average, TikTok content goes viral 50% faster than on other platforms. Instant internet stardom.
  9. Shop ‘n’ Groove: Click-throughs for shopping links in videos? They’re up by a whopping 250%. Watching one moment, wallet out the next. Now that’s snappy commerce. 
  10. Ads That Aren’t Ads: Native video advertising boasts an engagement rate 20% higher than traditional ads. Blurred lines between content and commercials.
  11. Local Legends: Hyper-local content creation is up 65%, turning neighborhood heroes into global sensations.
  12. Looping in Learning: Educational content has seen a 40% spike. TikTok’s not just fun, it’s the new classroom.
  13. Challenge Accepted: Branded hashtag challenges? They’ve raked in an average of 5 billion views. Talk about setting the trend!
  14. Diverse Dimensions: Vertical video adoption by brands saw a 70% uptick. A shift in perspective, quite literally.
  15. Creator Collaborations: 1 in 3 brands have now collaborated with a TikTok influencer. Matchmaking in the digital age.
  16. Sound Sensations: Over 60% of TikToks feature original sounds. Fresh beats for fresh feats.
  17. Behind the Scenes: ‘How it’s made’ videos grabbed attention with a 300% surge in viewership. Curiosity captured.
  18. Lives That Thrive: TikTok Live broadcasting hours doubled this year. Real-time razzle-dazzle.
  19. Sticking with Stickers: Augmented reality stickers usage soared by 80%. Layering on the fun.
  20. Seamless Stories: Merging with the Stories trend, TikTok’s version witnessed a 120% rise in adoption within six months.
  21. Engagement Euphoria: Average user engagement rate? A whopping 29%. That’s some sticky content.
  22. Mood Modes: Emotion-based content filters saw a 150% surge. Feel the feels, in every hue.
  23. Green Screens, Greener Pockets: TikTok’s green screen feature contributed to a 90% increase in creator earnings. A backdrop for bucks.
  24. Branding Beyond Borders: International brand collaborations on TikTok rose by 40%. Global gets local.
  25. Duets Doing Wonders: Content created using the ‘Duet’ feature enjoyed a 35% higher share rate. Twice the charm.
  26. Quick Quizzes: Quiz format videos witnessed a spike of 80%. Engage, entertain, educate.
  27. Ad Affection: 2 in 5 users have a positive perception of in-feed ads. That’s adoration, not just ads.
  28. Caption Captivation: Captioned videos saw a 50% higher retention rate. Words wield wonder.
  29. Verified Value: TikTok verified accounts experienced a 60% increase in follower growth rate. The blue tick magic.
  30. Social Shopping Spree: ‘Shop Now’ CTA performance? A massive 250% increase in conversion. Wallets, meet whimsy.
  31. Diverse Drives: The average TikToker follows accounts across 12 different content genres. A smorgasbord of interests.
  32. Mental Wealth: TikTok’s mental health content sees 45% more shares than other genres. Nurturing minds, one video at a time.
  33. From Bytes to Books: 32% of users claim they’ve bought a book based on a TikTok recommendation. Byte-sized reviews, big-time results.
  34. Culture Crunch: International content discovery is up by 60%. Breaking borders with every scroll.
  35. Filter Frenzy: Custom filter uploads spiked 85%. Everyone’s a creator.
  36. Branding Blast: TikTok advertising increased brand favorability by an average of 40%. Making memories, not just impressions.
  37. Learning the Ropes: ‘Tutorial’ tagged content grew by a staggering 120%. The how-to hub of the net.
  38. Pet Parade: Animal content received 50% more comments than other genres. Paws, purrs, and plenty of heart emojis.
  39. Eco Echo: Sustainable living and eco-friendly hacks surged by 90%. Green goals, trending.
  40. From Flick to Brick: 70% of users visited a physical store after seeing a product on TikTok. Digital prompt, real-world stroll.
  41. Tunes & Tones: Music discovery via TikTok led to a 150% increase in streaming platform sign-ups. Serendipitous soundtracks.
  42. Swipe Up, Scale Up: Swipe-up ad feature witnessed a 250% increase in effectiveness. Elevate with every flick.
  43. Authenticity Anthem: Authentic content boasts a 65% higher trust rate on TikTok. Real reels reel ’em in.
  44. Chef’s Special: Cooking and recipe content heated up with a 110% increase in shares. TikTok’s serving flavour and flair.
  45. Influencer Insights: Micro-influencers on TikTok witnessed a 40% increase in brand collaboration inquiries. The spotlight’s shining brighter.
  46. Local Lures: Local business promotions on TikTok enjoyed a 75% hike in local foot traffic. Mapping business in bytes.
  47. Product Parade: Unboxing videos? They clocked in a whopping 400% increase in views. The joy of the new, unwrapped.
  48. Crafty Corners: DIY content engagement rose by 60%. Crafting tales and trails.
  49. Fitness Frenzy: Workout routines and fitness challenges flexed a 90% increase in participation. Sweat, share, repeat.
  50. Fandom Flourish: Fan-made content dedicated to celebrities and shows saw a 70% spike. Starry bytes of adoration.


Pop those crafting shoes on: Pinterest isn’t just your casual DIY dreamland anymore. It’s influencing big-time choices and setting some serious trends. So, let’s dig into the stats that make Pinterest’s 2023 story so compelling. Dive in, and don’t forget to pin your favourites!

  1. Pinpoint Precision: Pinterest boasts 500 million active users in 2023. Pinning their passions, one board at a time.
  2. Shop the Look: 80% of users claim Pinterest helps them decide on purchases, making it a key influencer in buying decisions.
  3. Global Gallery: While the U.S. remains a major player, over 60% of Pinterest’s audience is now international.
  4. Ad Admiration: 78% of users welcome brand content on their feeds, creating an ad-friendly environment.
  5. Inspiration Destination: 9 out of 10 users consider Pinterest their go-to platform for inspiration.
  6. Video Vibrancy: Video pins see a 40% higher engagement rate than their static counterparts.
  7. DIY Dominance: DIY and craft-related pins see a surge in 2023, with a 70% increase in pinning activity.
  8. Mobile Mastery: A whopping 85% of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices.
  9. Trust in Pins: 83% of weekly users have made a purchase based on content they found from brands on Pinterest.
  10. Boards to Business: 40% of users have a household income of over $100k, making it a hub for affluent users.
  11. Pin It to Win It: Sponsored pins drive 50% more sales than organic pins.
  12. Keyword Craft: Search queries on Pinterest have grown by 60% this year.
  13. Engage & Enthrall: Active users spend an average of 14 minutes per day on the platform.
  14. Decision Drivers: Over 70% of users utilize Pinterest in the early stages of their buying journey.
  15. Category Clout: The top categories in 2023 include home decor, wellness, and fashion.
  16. Promoted Prosperity: Brands that use promoted pins see an average boost of 20% in offline sales.
  17. Pin Power: There’s a 35% increase in users saving pins to a shopping board, signalling intent to purchase.
  18. Visual Collage: 55% of users are looking specifically for products on the platform.
  19. Trusty Tutorials: How-to pins see a 90% increase in likes and saves compared to other pin types.
  20. Eco Embrace: Sustainable and eco-friendly product pins have witnessed a 50% rise in shares.
  21. Genders & Genres: While 60% of users are female, male user activity has grown by 40%.
  22. Ephemeral Echoes: Story pins introduced this year have seen a 25% adoption rate by brands.
  23. Audience Affection: Remarketing to visitors boosts pin engagement by 3x.
  24. Local Love: 70% of users have discovered a new local business or product through Pinterest.
  25. Shoppable Surge: Direct purchase pins have led to a 35% increase in sales for brands.
  26. Tailored Trends: AI-powered personalized recommendation pins garner 60% more interactions.
  27. ROI Revelations: Advertisers gained an average 2x return on their ad spend on Pinterest in 2023.
  28. Craft & Commerce: Over 30% of top pins are linked to small and medium enterprises.
  29. Capture & Convert: The average conversion rate for Pinterest traffic stands at 4.2%.
  30. Trend Testament: ‘Cottagecore’, ‘Work-from-home wear’, and ‘Sustainable living’ dominate 2023’s trending themes.
  31. Audience Amplification: The age bracket 18-24 witnesses the highest surge, with a 25% growth rate this year.
  32. Tutorial Triumph: Beauty and makeup tutorial pins see a whopping 80% boost in 2023.
  33. Premium Pinners: The introduction of ‘Pinterest Premium’ leads to a 15% increase in ad revenue for the platform.
  34. Shopping Shift: Users have shown a 30% preference for in-app shopping over being redirected to external sites.
  35. Animated Allure: Animated pins capture 45% more saves than traditional static pins.
  36. Diverse Display: Brands emphasizing diversity in their pins note a 28% increase in engagement.
  37. Web to Wardrobe: Fashion remains the top pinned category, with a 60% growth in ‘shop the look’ pins.
  38. Palette of Possibilities: Home decor color trend pins rise by 40%, with ‘muted pastels’ leading the charge.
  39. Inclusive Inspiration: Pins highlighting body positivity witness a 35% surge in shares and saves.
  40. AR Adventures: Augmented reality pins, allowing virtual product try-ons, experience a 50% growth in user interactions.
  41. Taste & Test: Recipe pins featuring video tutorials increase by 70%, becoming a favourite among food enthusiasts.
  42. Narrative Nudges: Storytelling pins, where brands share their journeys, see a 55% higher engagement.
  43. Green & Gleam: Eco-friendly product pins experience a 50% boost, reflecting a conscious consumer shift.
  44. Brand Bonds: 65% of users believe Pinterest helps them discover new and trustworthy brands.
  45. Creators & Crowds: The ‘Creator Fund’ initiative by Pinterest leads to a 30% rise in content creators on the platform.
  46. Local Luminary: Pinterest’s initiative for promoting local businesses sees a 25% increase in local brand visibility.
  47. Pivot & Prosper: DIY and upcycling pins experience an 80% rise, resonating with the sustainable living trend.
  48. Mood Board to Market: The transition from inspirational boards to shoppable pins leads to a 40% increase in in-app purchases.
  49. Commerce & Causes: Pins highlighting brand philanthropy and social causes witness a 45% boost in 2023.
  50. Evolving Ethos: As the platform grows, a 30% rise is noted in pins that emphasize mental health, self-care, and personal growth.


Snapchat, or as I like to call it, the ‘Digital Wink.’ It’s that fleeting moment, that quick smile from across the bar, the ephemeral nod to today’s fast-paced world. But in 2023, it’s proving it has more staying power than just a blink-and-miss moment. It’s the platform where memories come alive for just a second, only to vanish into the ether. Brands, influencers, and even your grandma are tuning into its allure. Let’s snap to the stats and see what the fuss is all about this year.

  1. Snappy Surge: Daily active users swell to 320 million, marking an 18% year-over-year growth.
  2. Filter Fanatics: Over 1 billion snaps with filters are created daily, showcasing their persistent popularity.
  3. Ad Addendum: Brands notice a 25% higher conversion rate on Snapchat compared to other social platforms.
  4. Bitmoji Boost: 70% of users customize and frequently use their Bitmoji avatars in snaps.
  5. Ephemeral Efficacy: Snap Stories see a 30% increase in daily views, highlighting the charm of temporary content.
  6. Location Logic: Geofilters gain traction, with local businesses reporting a 40% rise in foot traffic from their usage.
  7. AR Augmentation: 55% of Snapchat’s daily users engage with AR features every day.
  8. Discover Dominance: The ‘Discover’ section witnesses a 28% surge in daily engagements, becoming a hotspot for content creators.
  9. Snap Maps Mania: User interaction with Snap Maps grows by 35%, transforming it into a social exploration tool.
  10. Chat Continuity: 60% of daily users utilize the chat feature, highlighting its integral role in the app.
  11. Lens Lure: The introduction of advanced lenses results in a 45% spike in user content creation.
  12. Commerce Convoy: The ‘Shop Now’ feature within Snap Ads leads to a 30% increase in brand sales.
  13. Show & Spotlight: Snapchat’s dedicated platform for user-generated content, Spotlight, sees daily uploads double in 2023.
  14. Gaming Gains: Snap Games experience a 40% rise in daily players, proving its mettle in the social gaming sector.
  15. Sound Sensations: The integration of music and sound tools result in a 50% boost in sound-on snaps.
  16. Diverse Dynamics: Cultural and community-driven events on Snapchat drive a 38% increase in global user interaction.
  17. Snap Originals: Shows produced by Snapchat attract 20 million unique viewers daily.
  18. Scan & See: The visual search feature sees a 33% growth in usage, turning snaps into shopping opportunities.
  19. Safety First: 85% of users feel their data is safer on Snapchat compared to other platforms.
  20. Influencer Impact: Top-tier Snapchat influencers witness a 40% growth in their follower count in 2023.
  21. Content Credits: The ‘Snap Star’ program leads to a 28% increase in monetized content on the platform.
  22. Adapt & Adopt: 70% of businesses adapt their content strategy specifically for Snapchat’s audience.
  23. 3D Delight: Snaps with 3D effects garner twice the engagement compared to traditional 2D snaps.
  24. Education Elevation: Snapchat’s educational content, especially in health and finance, records a 50% increase in viewership.
  25. Spectacles Spec: The latest version of Snapchat Spectacles sees a threefold rise in sales.
  26. API Appeal: Third-party developers double their use of Snapchat’s API, widening the app’s ecosystem.
  27. Snap & Study: Educational institutions leverage Snapchat for virtual campus tours, noting a 45% rise in prospective student interactions.
  28. Regional Resonance: Localized content strategies result in a 60% user growth in non-US markets.
  29. Ad Acumen: The ‘Dynamic Ads’ format becomes a hit, contributing to 35% of total ad revenue.
  30. Voice Victory: Voice-activated commands on Snapchat witness a 40% rise in user engagement.
  31. Golden Age Demographics: 45% of Snapchat’s users are now aged between 25-34, giving brands an older demographic to target.
  32. Ad Engagement: 60% of Snapchat users engage with or view an ad on the platform daily.
  33. Video: Daily video views on Snapchat skyrocket to 18 billion.
  34. Time Well-Spent: The average user spends 34 minutes on Snapchat daily, up 5% from the previous year.
  35. Lens Studio Livens Up: Over 2 million custom lenses created by users in 2023.
  36. Snap Partner Summit Success: The 2023 summit sees a 30% increase in brand participation.
  37. Content Kingpins: Top 10% of content creators on Snapchat pull in an average monthly income of $10k through the platform.
  38. QR Quirk: Over 50% of users utilize QR codes for brand interaction and discovery on Snapchat.
  39. Stories Stamina: 3.5 billion snaps are saved to Stories every day.
  40. Bitmoji Merch Magic: Bitmoji merchandise sales surge by 45%, proving its commercial viability.
  41. Public Profiles Popularity: 35% of Snapchat users have switched to public profiles to increase their visibility.
  42. Camera Kit Captures Devs: The integration of Camera Kit into third-party apps sees a 40% uptake in 2023.
  43. Minis & Micro Apps Mastery: 30% of daily users interact with Snapchat Minis and micro-apps, signaling a trend toward app-within-an-app experiences.
  44. Memories Milestone: Memories feature sees a 20% increase in daily usage, with users keen on reminiscing.
  45. Commerce Commitment: Snap’s native shopping platform witnesses a 50% growth in transactions.
  46. Streaks Stay Strong: The average Snapchat streak number grows to 70 days, with users keen to keep connections burning bright.
  47. Voiceover Venture: Snap’s voiceover tool sees a 40% rise in usage, adding an audio dimension to snaps.
  48. SnapML Marvel: Machine learning tool adoption by creators goes up by 35%.
  49. Events Evolution: 60% of users now use Snapchat to discover and attend events in their locality.
  50. Diversity Drive: Snapchat’s efforts in promoting diversity content results in a 45% increase in views on such topics.


Well, there we have it! From the pixelated playgrounds of Facebook to the trendsetting tango on TikTok, the social media universe has spoken – and in numbers. We’ve surfed the digital waves, double-tapped our way through Insta, and even tackled the enigma that is X. So, as you lean back and let those 350 chunks of knowledge marinate, remember: it’s not just about data. It’s about the stories they tell, the changes they prompt, and the future they hint at. 

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