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Penji: The ultimate platform to outsource your graphic designs

Sometimes, words are insufficient to get your message across to your audience. And that’s where images come in.

After all, an adage says a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d even argue that well-designed images are worth more than that.

Perhaps, that’s why 69% of B2C marketers increased their use of audio/visual content in 2019.

Whether you’re using an infographic to explain a complex concept or an image for a Facebook ad, images play a vital role in various aspects of marketing.

Among the many applications, here are a few ways graphic designs can help your marketing campaigns:

  • Infographics
  • Social media posts
  • In articles
  • Ads
  • Onboarding
  • Business cards

While these benefits sound great, creating professional graphics is a challenging task. Likewise, using design tools might lead to poor results if you lack graphic design skills.

Now, what if you can outsource these tasks to professional designers who will create graphic files to get your message across to your audience?

Luckily, Penji allows you to create unlimited professional graphic designs at a flat monthly rate. That said, how do you go about interacting with designers to have your professional images?

In this Penji review, I’ll go through the necessary details you need to know to start designing images for your marketing campaigns.

Unlimited graphic design from Penji

Unlike most graphic design platforms that provide design tools and leave you to figure it out, Penji operates differently. Here, you have access to professional graphic designers who can create designs based on your projects.

First, you have to log in to your account.  Once you get into your account, you’ll see an overview of your projects.

Penji projects

In Penji, you have to create a project for every graphic design. On the projects page, you’ll see active projects, projects on hold, completed projects, and drafts.

For each of the projects, a status shows its current stage. Two of the five projects here have been delivered, one is in the revision stage while the other two are in progress.

Beside the projects, there are “options” buttons that allow you to take some actions. When you hover your mouse on the “Options” button, it will display actions such as:

  • Mark as complete
  • Add to brand
  • Put on hold
  • Duplicate project
  • Edit project
  • Delete project

To obtain more detail about a particular project, click on the project. For instance, when I click on the project at the top, this takes me to the next page that provides more details about the project. This project is a logo design.

In the left sidebar, you can see the details, designs, and people bars. In the details section, you’ll see project details such as type, brand, description, level of customization, and more.

In the “Designs” tab, you can see the design history of this particular project. Since Penji allows unlimited edits, you can continue to refine your image until you’re satisfied.

In the “People” tab, you’ll see the designers allocated to the account. Since this is an agency plan, there are two designers.

On the main project page, you can see the interactions between the designer and the user. When you create a project, Penji assigns it to a designer as soon as they’ve completed your other projects.

From start to finish, you can interact with your designer and see the drafts they create. Here, you can send in your comments about the edits they need to implement.

In your comments, you also have the option to add attachments or send a voice note to your designers.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can download the design and mark the project as complete. You’ll always have your designs on Penji and can download them anytime if you need a copy.

To create a new project, click on “+ New project” at the top right corner of your project page. Doing this will take you to the next page to enter your project title and design category.

After you fill in these two options, Penji will unlock the next step. Usually, your design category will determine your third step.

For instance, since this is a social media post, Penji first displays the dimensions for various social media channels and the custom option before the description. However, if you select a design category like infographics, you’ll skip the dimensions.

After selecting the channel, click “Next.” This takes you to the description section where you can enter more details about your design.

To understand your needs better, Penji requires 4 examples similar to your project that you like and why you like them.

Once you complete this section, click “Next.” In the next step, you can select the level of personalization for your project.

Further below, you can select the source file type you want and an associated brand. If your brand is absent among the options, you can click on “+ New brand” to create it.

After doing this, click on the “Create project” button to complete your setup. Now, Penji will take you to your project page where you can interact with your designer.

By going through these steps, you can have your desired graphic designs within 24 to 48 hours. Once your project is completed, you can mark it as complete and leave a review about Penji’s service and the designer.

Penji Brands

In this section, you’ll see the brands you’ve created and the number of projects in each brand. To visit the brand page, click on “Brands” at the top left corner of your Penji account.

To create a new brand, click on “+ Create brand” at the top right corner of your brand page. This triggers a popup where you can fill in vital details.

First, you can enter your brand name and select a color for the folder. Then, you can choose an industry that fits your brand from the dropdown options. Below that, you’ll find a description box to provide brand details such as products/services, unique selling proposition, customers, and more.

Going further down the page, you can fill in details such as your website URL, brand guideline, and color. These details will help Penji understand your brand better and create suitable graphic designs for your marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, you have an option to upload files about your brand, such as logos, product images, fonts, marketing materials/ads, icons, and more. After providing these details in your setup, click “Create brand” to finish your setup.

Penji people

If you run a marketing team, then it makes sense to have your members involved in your marketing graphic designs. For instance, a team member in charge of a marketing campaign can be in the best place to know the best images for the campaign.

No matter the plan you go for, you’ll be able to add at least two extra users. To see the people in your Penji account, click on “People” at the top bar of your Penji account page.

On this page, you can see each team member, their role, and their email address. To add a team member, click on “Invite people” at the top right corner.

In the popup, you can enter a team member’s email address and role. In the Agency plan, you have the provision of up to 10 team members.

Customer support

To serve you better, Penji provides customer support in a few ways. These include:

  • Learning center
  • FAQs
  • Contact form

To make customer support easier and more effective, Penji assigns an account manager to each account. Easily, you can contact your account manager by clicking on the “Help” button at the bottom right corner of your Penji account.

Apart from that, you can have most of your design issues eliminated through your interactions with the designer assigned to your project.

Penji pricing

With all the features and benefits stated in this review, how much does Penji cost? With most tools and platforms like this, your needs and the plan you select will determine your cost.

Penji has three pricing plans which are:

  • Pro: the Pro plan offers you unlimited design projects, unlimited brands, one designer, and two users. The plan costs $399 monthly if you pay monthly. However, it costs $359 if you pay quarterly and $339.15 if you pay yearly.
  • Team: the team plan includes everything in the pro plan plus website and app design, custom illustrations, and infographics. In addition, you can have five users in your account. This plan costs $499 if you pay monthly, $449 on quarterly payment, and $424 if you pay yearly.
  • Agency: the agency plan includes everything in the team plan plus two designers and provision for up to 10 users. You also have access to prioritized support. The agency plan costs $899 if you pay monthly, $809 if you pay quarterly, and $764 on annual payment.

You can select any of these plans according to your needs. The catch here is that Penji offers a 15-day 100% money-back guarantee.


Creating valuable and high-converting images can raise your marketing ROI to achieve your goals. Therefore, it’s vital to have graphic design professionals in charge of these tasks.

This way, you can increase your chances of having the right graphics for your marketing campaigns.

If you lack design skills but need creative images for your campaigns, then you should check Penji out. Luckily, there’s little risk for you with the 15-day money-back guarantee.


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