Online Reputation Management Is Important: Here’s How to Keep on Top of It

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Online Reputation Management Is Important Here%u2019s How to Keep on Top of It

A study completed by TripAdvisor in 2018 found that 97% of businesses believed online reputation management to be important. The same was true of having an online presence (92%) and having positive online reviews (98%). However, not every business is aware of what to do to ensure their online reputation is painting them in a positive light.

Here, we’ve come up with a few tips that every business should implement.

Perform an Online Reputation Audit

Perform a Google search of your company and look at the results that come up on the first couple of pages. Ideally, they’ll be full of positive stories about your company or informative blog posts that your team has created. If not, and they provide a negative impression, you could be losing customers. Just one negative result on page one of Google could lead to a 22% decrease in sales, while three negative results bring that figure up to nearly 60%. If you’ve found yourself in this position, hire a company like ReputationDefender to help you fix the problem. Also, set up Google Alerts for your business name so that you are alerted of any content published about your company in the future.

Monitor Online Reviews

There are a variety of online review platforms on the web these days, including Glassdoor, Yelp, Indeed and Google.  There are also sector-specific platforms as well like TripAdvisor and Avvo. It is vital that you keep on top of these, as over 80% of customers trust them more than personal recommendations. The first thing you can do is claim your profiles on these sites. This will enable you to respond to any feedback you receive and try to provide a solution. You may also want to proactively prompt happy customers to leave reviews so that you have a fairer selection published – the majority of reviews do tend to be from dissatisfied customers, so you’ll want to balance this out where you can.

Don’t Treat Social Media as an Afterthought

If you want to have control over your online presence, you can’t treat social media as an afterthought. A well-managed selection of social media profiles will help to showcase the very best that your business has to offer. They can provide news and updates about your company and highlight your its personality. They can also help you to keep in touch with customers who are interested in you enough to follow you online. Work out which platforms your consumers use the most and make sure you have an active profile on them.  Reply to any messages you receive, highlight your customers, and share industry news and any content you publish on your blog. If the only thing a potential customer sees when they log onto Twitter is a non-existent profile and tons of negative feedback, they will shop with your competitor instead.

Online reputation management is something you need to do daily. Keep the above advice in mind and ensure your customers view you in a positive light.

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