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LinkedIn Premium: Overhyped or the Ultimate Networking Powerhouse?

Remember those hallowed hallways where business cards were exchanged like sacred tokens? Gone. Now, we’ve got pixels, profiles, and the mighty power of connection at our fingertips, right in the very recesses of LinkedIn. It’s not just about connecting; it’s about strategically manoeuvring.

Enter LinkedIn Premium. Think of it as the leather-bound, gold-embossed edition of your favourite classic. It’s not just shinier; it’s a ticket to a more refined realm of professional interaction. But here’s the hitch – do you really need it? Or is it just another digital carrot dangled in front of us, eager professionals?

For the uninitiated, the landscape of LinkedIn Premium can seem like a dense thicket of features and frills. But with the right lens, what appears to be digital noise can transform into a buzz of opportunity.

So, park your scepticism at the door, and let’s peel back the layers. We’ll wade through its offering, debunk some myths, and maybe, just maybe, find that little digital nugget of truth. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, or building your own, this deep dive might just be the insight you’ve been chasing.

LinkedIn Premium Uncovered:  What’s all the buzz about?

Let’s cut through the noise and get straight to the meat. In a digital world saturated with ‘like’ buttons and photo filters, LinkedIn stands apart as the sober adult at the party. While most platforms dangle the carrot of advertising for brand visibility, LinkedIn changes the game. Here, they don’t just want your ad money; they want you to elevate your professional game. Enter: LinkedIn Premium.

With its notably reduced ad presence, LinkedIn already scores brownie points. But, it ups the ante with a tailored buffet of premium services. At present, the spread includes options like Premium Career (aimed squarely at the job-hunters), Premium Business (for the movers and shakers in business development), Sales Navigator (a salesperson’s trusty steed), and Recruiter Lite (the headhunter’s swiss knife). However, let’s set the spotlight on the stars for today – Career and Business. Why? Because that’s where most of the queries come flooding in. And yes, while Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite have their own fandoms, this piece won’t dive into those waters.

LinkedIn vs LinkedIn Premium

Okay, let’s cut the fluff. Before we debate on the ‘worth-it-ness’ of LinkedIn Premium, it’s crucial to know what you’re potentially getting into.

Your standard LinkedIn – the one you probably have – is stellar for a bit of professional mingling, some knowledge exchange, and, of course, showing off that new job title. It’s free, it’s comprehensive, and for most, it does the trick. That’s your casual Friday LinkedIn.

But, don a suit and step into the world of LinkedIn Premium, and things get a tad more, let’s say, interesting. Your Premium Business membership, priced at a cool $59.99/month, lands you 15 InMail credits, a 90-day window into the souls (read: profiles) who’ve been checking you out, and a vast library of LinkedIn Learning courses. Opt for the Premium Career at $29.99, and it’s tailored for the job-hunter in you, albeit with fewer InMail messages.

Then there are the specialists – Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite. While we aren’t diving deep here, know that these are power-packed with features for the sales gurus and the talent scouts, respectively.

Now, with the table laid out, the big question looms – to premium or not to premium? 

The Perks of LinkedIn Premium

Alright, let’s strip this down. Going premium on LinkedIn isn’t just about getting a gold badge next to your name. It’s the digital equivalent of a VIP lounge pass. So, what really does come with it?

InMail Messages – Your Gold Ticket to Direct Chats

It’s a simple concept, but oh-so-powerful. Imagine strolling up to anyone at a professional conference and simply starting a conversation. That’s InMail for you. It’s not just a message; it’s a testament to your seriousness. After all, if you’re investing in reaching out, you’re less likely to be taken as ‘just another spam message’. According to the folks at LinkedIn, this tiny bit of credibility makes an InMail 2.6 times more effective than your standard email.

Who’s Peeked At You aka Who’s Viewed Your Profile

Think of it as your radar. Every time someone scans your LinkedIn profile, you get a ping. Maybe it’s that recruiter you messaged a week ago, or perhaps it’s a potential client sniffing around after a meeting. Knowing who’s been looking you up doesn’t just feed your ego; it provides actionable insights. Plus, it’s a gateway to start conversations with folks who’ve shown passive interest in what you bring to the table.

LinkedIn Learning:

Every pro worth their salt knows that stagnation is the silent career killer. Enter LinkedIn Learning. With a veritable treasure trove of over 15,000 courses, there’s no excuse not to polish those skills or even venture into new territories. Whether you’re a marketing expert or a code guru, there’s always something new to learn. Pondering a career switch? Here’s your playground to play and figure things out.

Access to Additional Searches:

If you’ve ever tried finding a needle in a haystack (or a specific person on LinkedIn), you’ll value this. LinkedIn Premium flings open the doors to more extensive searches. Instead of feeling like you’re peering through a keyhole, you get panoramic views, especially when you’re hunting for that 3rd-degree connection. LinkedIn has been gradually reining in its search offerings for free users. So, if you’re a power searcher, Premium’s broader and sharper search is your knight in shining armour.

Open Profile Option

This is essentially rolling out the red carpet to your profile. Anyone, and I mean anyone on LinkedIn, can swing by and drop you a message. No need for those InMail credits. It’s akin to keeping your office door open for anyone to pop by for a chat. For professionals like consultants, this can be invaluable. After all, in the world of business, opportunities sometimes come knocking in the most unexpected ways.

Level Up Your Sales Game:  Dive into LinkedIn Premium Business

Let’s put it bluntly: if you’re a sales professional, LinkedIn is your playground, and Premium Business is your VIP ticket to the most exhilarating rides.

For mavericks like me, who are always hunting for the next big deal, this tier is tailored to help identify the key players in businesses. That means zeroing in on the heavy-hitters in corporate marketing chambers and the visionary founders of blossoming startups. Let’s put some numbers to it, shall we? Research reveals that a staggering 80% of all B2B leads worldwide spring from LinkedIn. So if you’re not leveraging LinkedIn, you’re leaving a lot of money on the proverbial table.

But what’s the real juice that comes with Premium Business? Sure, it wraps up all the general advantages we just dived into. Yet, there’s more:

Premium Insights on LinkedIn Company Pages

Now, this is what I call the backstage pass. Every company page suddenly becomes an open book, unraveling layers of data previously hidden. We’re talking:

  • Growth Patterns – get a pulse on how the company has scaled in terms of employee numbers over time.
  • Employee Dynamics – ever wondered which departments are booming? The headcount distribution and function-wise growth tell tales of where a company’s thrust is.
  • Fresh Blood – who are the new faces? Any big names joined recently? That’s your cue to update your pitch or find another way in.
  • Alumni – those who’ve been there, done that, and moved on can offer insider perspectives or even opportunities elsewhere.
  • Open Roles – spotting a slew of job openings can be a tell-tale sign. Is the company expanding, or are they just plugging gaps? Both scenarios can be crucial for your strategy.

The goldmine here isn’t just the data, but the stories they can tell. Where’s the company heading? What are its pain points? How can you swoop in with a solution? That’s the power of Premium Business for a sales specialist. It’s not about more data; it’s about the right data. Because, let’s face it, in the high-stakes game of B2B sales, the devil (and the deals) is always in the details.

On the Job Hunt?  Here’s Why LinkedIn Premium Career’s Your New Best Friend

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, let me break it down for you: LinkedIn Premium Career could be your game-changer. Now, don’t get me wrong, LinkedIn Jobs is a great starting point for everyone, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s akin to walking into a massive job fair with a list of stalls, but not having the real insider info to strategically pick where to stop.

Let’s go by the numbers. Last year, a whopping 72% of recruiters were fishing in the LinkedIn pond to find their next star. And guess what? LinkedIn’s own data shows 40 million souls are job hunting on the platform every week. With 3 lucky folks landing a job every minute. That’s right, every sixty seconds! So, how do you ensure you’re not just another fish, but the catch of the day?

Be a Featured Applicant

Here’s your red carpet. Once you’re a Premium Career user and you’re applying for a job, there’s this nifty “Featured Applicant” box. Tick it. Boom! Your application doesn’t just make it to the recruiter’s table, it’s served on a silver platter, right on top. It’s like having VIP access in a packed concert.

Know Thy Enemy

Alright, maybe not enemy, but competition for sure. With Premium Career, you can literally check out your competition on the sly. Not only will you see how your skills match the job, but you’ll also know how you fare against other applicants. This isn’t just about sizing up; it’s about strategy. Tailor your pitch, refine your story, and walk into that interview with a unique answer to why they should choose you over the others.

Let’s Talk Money

LinkedIn doesn’t shy away here. With Premium Career, you get the down-low on salaries. Whether you’re in the USA, Canada, UK, or Australia, you can sift through job listings by the moolah they offer. And it’s not just a number; it’s a detailed breakdown by job title, location, industry, and even factors like company size and education. So, next time you’re sitting across that table, negotiating your paycheck or eyeing a promotion, you’ll know your worth and the market standard.

Beat the Bots

Ever felt like your resume just vanished into a black hole? Enter the notorious Application Tracking Software (ATS). It’s the gatekeeper, and many a good resume have been left at its doors. But with Premium Career, you get keyword insights to ensure your resume is not just seen, but read. Craft it using suggestions based on your profile, make it ATS-friendly, and see the change in responses.

Is LinkedIn Premium Just a Bragging Right?  Here’s 10 Reasons Why Not

Alright, let’s break it down. A lot of folks reckon that unless they’re job hunting or are in constant need of networking, shelling out for LinkedIn Premium isn’t worth the extra coin. But let’s debunk that myth, shall we? Here are ten compelling reasons why LinkedIn Premium can be an ace up your sleeve, no matter your profession.

1. InMail is a game-changer

Imagine wanting to shoot your shot, but there’s a wall. Annoying, right? Enter InMail. Whether you’re trying to court a potential client, strike a partnership, or just want to reach out to that industry bigwig for some insights, InMail is your golden ticket. Especially for sales and marketing pros, this direct line to anyone on LinkedIn can be revolutionary. Sure, there’s a monthly cap, but you get to make every InMail count. Hit up those prime prospects and shoot your best pitch.

2. Continuous learning has never been this accessible

The world’s changing. And if you aren’t, you’re getting left behind. LinkedIn Learning is like this treasure trove of knowledge that’s right at your fingertips. No matter where you are in your career, there’s always room for growth, and with LinkedIn Learning, the sky’s the limit. Want to venture into a new domain or just polish those rusty skills? Dive right in. With the kind of diversity in courses it offers, it’s like having an entire university in your pocket.

3. Be in the know, always.

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but on LinkedIn, it’s all about knowing who’s been snooping around your profile. The ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ feature isn’t just an ego boost (though, that’s a nice bonus), it’s an effective measure of your reach and impact. If you’re in sales, it’s a thermometer to check your brand’s temperature. On the job hunt? It’s your secret weapon to know which recruiters are eyeing you, especially after you’ve pinged them your CV.

4. Searching with no strings attached

Think about the countless hours you’ve spent trying to dig up profiles, only to hit a search limit. With Premium, that’s history. You’ve got an all-access pass to look up potential clients, recruiters, employers, or anyone else in the business world, without any cap. It’s a massive timesaver. And, as they say, time is money.

5. Look at it as an investment, not an expense.

The bottom line? Shelling out those $60 a month isn’t just another subscription; it’s a strategic move for your career. If you’re someone who’s aiming for the stars in terms of income or just want to make sure you maintain that impressive paycheck, think of LinkedIn Premium as your career’s insurance. You’re not just spending; you’re investing in opportunities, in the right connections, and most importantly, in yourself.

6.  Elevate your brand’s voice

Everyone’s shouting into the digital void, trying to make their voice heard. With LinkedIn Premium, you get a megaphone. Premium insights give you a lowdown on how your posts are performing. So, if you’re peddling a brand story or just want to be the thought leader in your space, these insights can be your roadmap, helping you navigate through the noisy marketplace.

7. Open sesame to closed groups

LinkedIn’s got some of these exclusive groups and communities that are treasure troves of industry insights, discussions, and networking opportunities. With Premium, you’re not just another member; you get the red-carpet access to these chambers of secrets. A place where the elite mingle, and you want to be a part of that soirée.

8.  Spotlight your accomplishments

We’ve all got a bit of rockstar in us, haven’t we? Premium allows you to shine a light on that. Get customised badge designs, show off your skills, and let the world know that you’re not just another face in the crowd. You’ve got the chops, and now you’ve got the stage.

9.  Tailored job alerts, because who has the time?

Let’s face it, trawling through endless job listings feels like trying to find a guitar pick in a mosh pit. Premium streamlines it for you. You get job alerts tailored to your skills and preferences, ensuring you only see the gigs that resonate with your career’s trajectory.

10. Keep an eye on the competition

It’s not about being sneaky; it’s about being savvy. With Premium, you can track companies and get alerts on their updates and job postings. Want to keep tabs on what your competitors are up to or eyeing a position at that dream company? You get a bird’s eye view.

LinkedIn Premium: Not Just Another Subscription

We’ve unfurled the carpet, spotlighted the features, and given the tour of LinkedIn Premium. On paper, or rather, on screen, it seems like just another upgraded tool – an extra topping on your digital pizza. But dive beneath the surface, and it’s a tad more than that.

LinkedIn Premium isn’t about flaunting a gold badge on your profile or racking up courses. It’s a subtler game, a strategic move. For the job hunters, it’s not just about casting a wider net; it’s about ensuring that every throw lands closer to the target. For those in sales, it’s less about more contacts and more about the right contacts.

This isn’t a tool for the masses; it’s for the thinkers, the planners, the calculated risk-takers. But remember, having a set of sharp tools isn’t enough. You need to know how to wield them.

Wrapping this up, think of LinkedIn Premium less as a ‘level-up’ and more as a refined lens, a way to hone in on what really matters.  It’s not for everyone. But for those who know its worth, it’s a game changer. So, is it worth the monthly tab? If used right, it might just be priceless.

LinkedIn Premium FAQs

Is LinkedIn Premium still the bee’s knees?

Bang on! Pandemic? Over. Digital networking? Absolutely on fire. With the world donning its digital cap more permanently, LinkedIn Premium is the supercar on the highway of online networking. Zoom in on industry chatter, wave hello to new connections, and strut your professional stuff.

Alright, but what do I really get outta this LinkedIn Premium gig?

Breaking it down for ya:

  • Slide into DMs with InMail – Say ‘hi’ without the awkward intros.
  • Be the star of the show as a “Featured Applicant”.
  • Who’s checking you out? Find out and maybe wink back.
  • Dive into a universe of courses. We’re talking 15k+.
  • Stalk… erm, we mean, check out profiles (even the 3rd-degree ones).

Cool cool, but what if I’m on the job hunt?

You’re in luck! Slap on that Premium Career badge and you’re the new rockstar in town. From being the main act with the ‘Featured Applicant’ tag to doing a bit of detective work on other candidates, it’s like having a backstage pass at a job concert.

Commitment issues. Can I back out after the free trial?

Totally. Dip your toes, and if it ain’t your jam, step back to the Basic. Your mates (read: connections) stay, but the fancy Premium tunes? Gone.

Okay smarty pants, which Premium flavour suits a job hunter like me?

Eye on a swanky job title? Get Premium Career. Here’s the sweet deal:

  • Jazz up your space with customisable backgrounds.
  • Be the showstopper – Featured Applicant, baby!
  • Know your fans – get the full list of profile admirers.
  • Chat up future bosses with InMail.
  • Be the detective – find out your standing on the leaderboard.
  • Decode job offers like Sherlock.

Any cheeky discounts for Premium?

LinkedIn might throw a sale or two, but it’s like waiting for a solar eclipse. Best bet? Check their site or sweet-talk their customer service.

Will I shine brighter in search results?

Like a disco ball! Premium makes you more visible, so more folks can groove to your profile.

How often’s LinkedIn jazzing up its Premium features?

Regularly! LinkedIn’s like that band that drops surprise albums. No fixed dates, but they love to keep things fresh. Keep an ear out!

Sure thing! Here’s more of that jazzed-up FAQ flair for you:

Heard about Open Profile. What’s that jive?

Oh, you’re digging deep! Open Profile is like an open house party—anyone on LinkedIn, even those out of your network, can shoot you a message without using InMail credits. It’s a way to say, “Hey world, my door’s open. Let’s chat!”

If I want to disappear for a bit, can I go incognito?

Like a superhero in disguise! With Premium, you can check out other profiles without leaving digital footprints. It’s like having an invisibility cloak… for a bit of web sleuthing.

Is my card gonna get charged after the free trial automagically?

Ah, the ol’ sneaky charge! Yes, they’ll bill you once the trial ends unless you say ‘bye-bye’ before it ends. Set a reminder, or just embrace the Premium perks!

With Premium, will my profile have that ‘oomph’ factor?

Absolutely! Imagine stepping into a room with a sparkling tiara. That’s your profile with Premium. It’ll have a golden ‘Premium’ badge, giving it that extra sprinkle of stardust.

What if I change my mind faster than a cat video goes viral?

Hey, no judgment here! If you switch from loving to loathing LinkedIn Premium, you can change your subscription or revert to the Basic. They’re pretty chill about it.

Can I flex with Premium from my phone?

You betcha! LinkedIn’s app is ready to roll with all those Premium perks. So whether you’re on the move or on your couch, Premium’s got your back.

Heard there’s a sales-y version. What’s the scoop?

Ah, you’re eyeing up Sales Navigator! Think of it as your personal DJ, mixing the perfect leads and info for sales pros. It’s LinkedIn Premium but with a cherry on top for the sales crowd.

Any secret hacks to make the most of Premium?

Oh, you cheeky thing! Keep your profile spick-and-span, mingle actively, and use those InMails wisely. Remember, it’s not just about the tools, but how you mesh with them!

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