LinkedIn for Business: How to Get Started

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LinkedIn for Business How to Get Started

Social media is a big part of digital marketing today. Every business has the opportunity to engage their (potential) customers directly through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Each platform has its own characteristics too, allowing for a more personalized experience and approaches. You may already have a profile on Twitter and Instagram, but does your business appears on LinkedIn? According to studies by the master in communications department of the University of Southern California, LinkedIn is among the most effective when it comes to lead generation. Here’s how you can get started with LinkedIn for Business:

How to get started with LinkedIn for Business:

Creating a Comprehensive Profile

Similar to other social media platforms, your business’s journey on LinkedIn begins with creating a profile page. If you have employees on LinkedIn – or you add the name of your business to your current occupation – a page may have already been created for you. All you need to do is claim the page and complete your profile.

LinkedIn is a more formal social network, so to speak, so you want to add relevant details to the profile page. Include as much detail about your company as possible, starting with the size of your business, your main website address, and your location.

Add a business logo to the main image and don’t forget to include a cover image that relates well to your brand or the business itself. The more details you add to your business profile, the more effective it will be once you start using it for social media marketing.

Connecting with Key Stakeholders

One thing to keep in mind when you get started with LinkedIn for Business, especially to promote your business, is the wide spectrum of the audience. According to the same studies by the online MCM program of USC, your LinkedIn business profile can be seen by customers, industry experts, future employees, and potential partners.

You don’t have to cater to all of these stakeholders, but trying to connect with as many of them as you can is a great thing to do. Not only will you get a lot of leads in return, you will also be able to develop a stronger reputation and credibility online.

To begin, add relevant LinkedIn groups to your business page. Browse through industry experts and start connecting with them. Don’t just do it from a business standpoint either; you can utilize your personal LinkedIn profile to further boost your business’s LinkedIn presence.

Gaining Traction

Lastly, you want to share valuable information and engage other LinkedIn users to gain traction. People will follow your business page when they find it valuable, which is why adding useful articles, industry insights, and other resources to the page is a good strategy to incorporate.

You can also gain traction and earn a lot of exposure by utilizing LinkedIn’s own advertising network. Paid advertising on LinkedIn is just as affordable and measurable as advertising on Facebook and other platforms. You can even get a free credit worth $50 to jumpstart your efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? LinkedIn is a great way to connect with stakeholders in the industry and generate direct leads. Develop a strong business profile on this social network and you will start reaping the rewards in no time.

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