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Know Your Brand: Awario Can Help

Awareness is one of the most important characteristics and yet one of the hardest ones to come by! That’s true for many aspects of life — self development, relationships, physical health, and more. 

But in business, having a keen awareness of your own brand, how it’s doing, how people are responding to you, and what your stats mean is vital if you want to be able to scale your business effectively. 

This is where Awario comes in. It’s my favourite brand monitoring tool that makes it simple for me to stay on top of my mentions across various platforms, identify leads to make contact with, keep a close eye on my competitors, and cut my research time by half. 

More awareness, less effort! What’s not to love? It’s in my list of top tools for brands who want to use their social media stats to grow and scale. Let’s do a bit of a deep dive into the software so you can decide if it’s something you’ll love as much as I do! 

What Does Awario Do? 

Awario is one of the best sentiment analysis tools around. What does that even mean, though? Sentiment analysis is a form of natural language processing (also called NLP) that aims to identify the emotion or feeling behind text. It’s also called opinion mining! 

This is what Awario does so well. Once they know the name of your brand, they do a deep dive on whatever social platform you have connected to find where you’re being spoken about, what’s been said, and even whether the underlying tone is positive or negative. 

How Can Awario Help Your Business? 

You might be wondering why this information is handy. Maybe you have a tight-knit community of people that you’re quite comfortable with, or your business only serves the local people. Perhaps you’re just starting out and your name isn’t quite out there yet. 

No worries! Whatever kind of business you are and whoever you serve, Awario can make a difference if you use it right. 

How Does Awario Work? 

It’s simple to get started on Awario. When you sign up and log in, you’ll be prompted to start a new project. Fill in your brand name, what you do exactly, and any competitors you may have, and you’re ready to get started! 

Connected Platforms 

From there, you’ll be able to connect a range of social media platforms so you can monitor your progress on each. For the purpose of this review, I’ve only set up Instagram monitoring and Twitter monitoring, but you can choose from a wide range to suit your needs! 

So, once you’ve connected your social media platforms, the fun begins. On the left hand side of the screen—your dashboard—you’ll find your menu. Currently, mine is set up with my own brand name—Lilach Bullock—and featuring two (made-up) competitors—John Smith and Lucy Williams. 


Just to the right of the dashboard is a section where you can browse through all the Tweets, pics, posts, and vids you’ve been named in across your chosen social media platforms. These are known as “Mentions” on Awario

Click on one of your competitor’s names and you can find the same for them! It’s an excellent way to compare their activity to yours. If you do it right, you can see where they’re being featured, how people feel about them, and figure out what they’re doing differently to you (and if it’s working better or worse!). 

Next up on the menu is … 


This isn’t quite what you may expect when it comes to your usual lead generation. This section is based on both your competitors and the keywords you entered when you started your project. 

In my case, for example, my “leads” section will bring up any mentions of my niche keywords that are perceived to be in the right context for business. That means it’s not just going to grab any post that has the words “business coach” or “done-for-you content” in it. It’s a little smarter than that! 

But it should offer me some helpful leads from people who may be looking for what I offer. They’re not always spot-on, but it’s well worth browsing them—you never know what may come up. 

The second part of this section is based on competitor monitoring. Remember, sentiment analysis is about monitoring the feeling behind the text… And wherever there’s a comment that includes your competitors’ names and comes with negative emotion behind it, it pops up here. 

This may seem harsh, but it’s actually an invaluable tool. If someone is unhappy with your competitor’s service, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to do better. 


Now this is where the stats start to become super interesting… And where you can learn more about your brand’s reputation than anywhere else. 

Each report—Mention Statistics, Alert Comparisons, and Influencers—offers valuable insights into your brand’s performance across social media. 

For example, Mention Statistics includes a spike graph so you can see your number of mentions over time, a pie chart of positive/negative/neutral sentiment (feeling) towards your brand, and the gender, age, and location of the people who’ve mentioned you. 

Alert Comparison is a handy side-by-side of you and a competitor. You’ll be able to see a chart showing who has the larger share of voice, a comparison of each of your overall sentiments, both of your top mentions, and the influencers who are talking about you. 

The Influencers tab shows an overview of the top influencers who’ve mentioned you, which you can also find under the other menu items. 

In total, the information you glean from your own mentions, how your competitors are doing, and the comprehensive reports is more than enough for you to learn from and use to your benefit! 


This is where you can add any new competitors you want to keep an eye on, as well as phrases you want the software to ignore when searching. 

You can set an alert in standard mode, which is where you can be reminded about topics, specific brands, or particular keywords. 

Or, choose Boolean, which is more in-depth and can find your chosen keywords in more specific contexts. 

At any time, you can choose to view all of this data over the past week, the past month, the past 90 days, or the past 10 years. An excellent way to get a good overview! 

Why Do I Need This? 

If you’re not monitoring what’s being said about your brand, how will you ever address concerns or build/nurture online relationships? There’s huge value in reaching out to those who share you, your business, and your ideas online. Even complaints can be valuable data that you can use to mend relationships with your customers and restore their faith in you. 

And if you’re not monitoring your competitors, how will you know the best way to outdo them? The best way to boost your social selling is to find people who have complaints about your competitor’s product and turn them into hot leads. 

Awario is a comprehensive tool that can put you a step ahead of everyone else in your niche! If you use the data to improve your brand, build new relationships, and nurture the ones you already have. 

How To Get Started 

Does Awario sound like something that would be helpful for you, but you aren’t quite 100% sure? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get a 7-day free trial to use it on your own social media and get an idea of whether or not it will work for you. 

You’ll be able to create 3 alerts and monitor up to 30,000 mentions of your brand. This is a great way to get a feel for how it works and if it will be valuable to you. From there, you can choose from 3 different paid plans. 

They’ll keep your data for 14 days, so you have a bit of time to think about it. No need to make a hasty decision! 


I truly believe that a lack of awareness leads to some of the greatest missed opportunities! Whether in life or in business, being aware of yourself, those around you, and the environment is imperative if you want to be the best you can be. 
Awario helps me to make my brand the best it can be. It can do the same for you. You’ve got nothing to lose by signing up for a free trial! It could be the best thing you do for your brand.

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