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In-House vs Outsourced: Pros And Cons When You Hire Affiliate Marketers

There are lots of ways for product promotion and each company chooses the most appropriate for them. One of the best is affiliate marketing which lets you get the most efficient result. It helps to promote the product with minimal risks and costs which makes it appropriate for both big and small businesses.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In general, it is a way of product promotion with the help of partners. An affiliate marketing team finds the best practices for the promotion and gets the reward – as usual, it is a sales commission. It is much more efficient than standard reselling when the partners just buy your product and sell it later at new prices.

There are also various types of affiliate marketing. For example, affiliate marketing with a very strong connection between the affiliate and their product. One can also choose related or unattached affiliate marketing where the partner’s influence can be lower or absent – the choice is always up to the company.

The main benefit of this marketing is that one can work with an affiliate marketing expert remotely. The only needed thing is stable contact with a partner that provides ongoing support and promotion of the product. As a result, the product gets popular and both sides get the income.

How Affiliate Marketers Can Help Business

As it was mentioned before, affiliate marketing can help to increase sales of the product. The work of the team is not limited only to the work of data annotators or other experts. It is all-around product support at all levels of promotion. Annotating data is only one of the steps for product advancement that also includes sharing on social media platforms, promotions with podcasts, videos, etc. Additionally, when a company decides to hire affiliate marketers they also get the possibility of sharing experiences and getting some new useful skills.

The work with affiliate marketers can also reduce the risks of lost funds because the transfer of costs is made after the payback of the product. One can safely find the right partner and hand over the work to a data annotation specialist and other experts who will save funds as well as the client’s time which makes it one of the best strategies for business.

What is more, one can change their affiliate marketing program at any time. It is possible to make it more or less expensive depending on the financial abilities of the company. This flexibility can also be changed according to the current market situation and the personal desires of the client.

Pros And Cons Of In-house And Outsourced Affiliate Marketers

One can choose various types of integration of the affiliation marketing team into the project. Some clients choose in-house, while others find offshoring services better. Everything depends on one’s personal preferences as well as on the location of the company. And, of course, all types of work have their benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, the work with the in-house team looks easier as it provides the client with control of all the processes of promotion. The company in that case can always be sure about the quality of the final result and its effectiveness. However, there are some drawbacks to this model of work. The experts can easily get burnout with constant pressure. As a result, they commit mistakes, and some of these bugs will be costly. It is also impossible to provide such type of work if the dedicated team lives in another town or even country as it will be financially inefficient for them to move to the new office only for working on a project.

That is why some companies choose offshoring for the work. In that case, one still saves the control of the work and does not need to pay some extra costs for workers’ needs. In general, this type does not differ from in-house working, except for the fact that the workers can live in other countries. But here comes one of the biggest drawbacks – the time zones. The large difference in time means that the outsourcing affiliate marketing team may work when the client already has night. Despite this fact, more and more companies choose this type of work as it allows them to save money and create the most favorable conditions for the activity.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to promote any type of product. It is financially efficient and lets one save time and costs without any risks. Regardless of some drawbacks, it is still one of the most reliable ways of promotion.

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