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HYPR: The Ultimate Tool to Acquire Customers Through Influencer Marketing

To reach a wider audience and more potential customers, you need to embrace influencer marketing as part of your overall marketing efforts. 

But there are two problems. First, finding influencers manually will waste a lot of time and stress you out. Second, you’re less likely to find the right influencers for your campaigns.  

That’s why you need a tool to do all the heavy lifting for you. Now, how do you find the right influencer marketing tool to meet your marketing campaign needs?  

Here are 6 vital factors to consider: 

  • Influencer identification: the obvious metric for an influencer is their number of followers. But identifying the ideal influencer for your campaigns goes far beyond that. Are their followers your ideal audience? Do they have the right engagement levels? A great tool will provide these insights. 
  • Influencer outreach: this can be difficult if you have to send individual emails to influencers. An influencer marketing tool should provide a platform to reach your identified influencers. 
  • Influencer campaign organization: an effective tool allows you to organize your campaigns and influencers for each campaign. 
  • Number of channels supported: the best social platform for your influencer campaigns depends on your ideal buyers. An influencer tool should support your favourite channels.  
  • Campaign and influencer analytics: tracking vital metrics about your campaigns and influencers will give an insight into your performance. A tool should make these metrics clear. 
  • Reports: to have records of your campaigns and influencers, an influencer tool should allow you to export reports.

Hyprbrands: the ultimate influencer marketing tool 

HYPR is an all-in-one tool for your influencer marketing campaigns.  

There are a lot of interesting influencer marketing tools out there, but HYPR is particularly exciting because it not only has all the features you need to run an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish, but it also offers tools to help simplify the process as much as possible.  

So let’s take a deeper look at how it works and how it can help you run better performing influencer marketing campaigns in the future: 

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Influencer discovery 

Finding the right influencers to work with is much more difficult than one might think. You need someone relevant, with a big enough audience and someone who genuinely targets your main audience.  

Plus, you can’t even rely on follower stats alone – you need influencers that your audience actually interacts with on a regular basis.  

So when I first tried out HYPR, this was the feature that I was most interested in. Let’s take a look at how it works.  

When you click on “Search Influencers,” you have the option to search for a topic, keyword, hashtag, or influencer name. Furthermore, you can refine your search by audience, influencer, or platform. 

HYPR tracks over 1 billion social accounts weekly. Furthermore, it has a database of over 12 million influencers across 30,000 content categories. While searching, you have 25 filtering options to ensure you find the most suitable influencer.  

What do these details indicate? No matter the type of marketing campaign you want to run, you’ll find the right influencer for your ideal audience using HYPR.

hypr screenshot

When I search for the keyword “fashion” and add audience filters such as female, age 19  25 and located in New York, I get these results: 

hypr screenshot

This particular search is useful if I want to promote a fashion store in New York that sells products for females aged 19 to 25. By finding influencers with this audience, it’s easier to get my marketing messages across to my ideal buyers.  

HYPR supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Besides, HYPR allows you to sort this list based on different criteria: 

hypr screenshot

You can also save this search for future reference: 

hypr screenshot

For each influencer, the number of their followers and engagement rate is obvious: 

hypr screenshot

If you click on the 3 dots at the top left corner of each influencer’s profile, you can add the influencer to a list, to favourites, or export to PDF. 

hypr screenshot

Below that, you can see their audience geography from the country with thhighest number to the lowest. Also, the influencer score is visible. 

hypr screenshot

To select a particular influencer, select the box at the top right corner. After doing this, possible actions will appear below: 

hypr screenshot

In other words – HYPR has some really powerful search and filtering capabilities for influencers; I love the fact that I can see how their audiences engage with them and who forms their audience – this allows brands to only focus on influencers that your audience is genuinely interested in. 

And this is the most important element – reaching your audience rather than going for a huge audience just to get the reach.  

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Influencer overview

To see more details about a particular influencer, click on their profile. Here, you’ll see the audience interests, geography, and education/household income. In addition, there are age, ethnicity, gender, website URL, and social media accounts analyses. 

hypr screenshot

In the top right corner, there are actions you can perform. Among them is “Export to PDF” which provides a copy of these metrics.  

hypr screenshot

Clicking on “Export to PDF,” you’ll see 2 options: 

hypr screenshot

When you scroll further down the influencer page, you’ll find details such as average engagement rates, email address, and Google trends for the influencer. 

hypr screenshot

For Instagram, there’s an option to run a health report on an influencer’s followers. 

hypr screenshot

This is an anti-fraud measure. Because in most cases, the total number of an influencer’s followers doesn’t tell the full story. Some influencers buy fake followers to give an inflated view of their influence – cheating? Sure – but it does happen so it pays to keep an eye out for these things.  

Unfortunately, fake followers will hurt your campaigns rather than help.  

However, with the HYPR health report, you’ll have an idea of how real an influencer’s followers are. This can help you decide whether to engage an influencer or not.  

If there’s a field you want to create for influencers, then adding a custom field is a great option to do that.  

hypr screenshot

To add a custom field, click “Add One Now” and you’ll see all the details. 

hypr screenshot

With the custom field, you’re able to add many details to your influencers. 

hypr screenshot

Organizing your influencers  

On HYPR, lists help you organize your influencers for a campaign.  

For instance, you can name a list according to a specific campaign. This way, adding influencers to a list created for an influencer marketing campaign becomes easier. 

To access lists on HYPR, click “Lists” at the navigation bar. When you do this, you’ll see your lists and the number of influencers in each list. 

hypr screenshot

When you click on a list, you’ll get details of the influencers.  

hypr screenshot

To add an influencer to a list, click on the 3 dots at the top left corner of their profile; if they already belong to a list, you see the list with a mark beside it. From here, you can create a new list by clicking “Create new List.” Alternatively, click an influencer’s profile and you’ll see an option to add them to a list among the options in the top right corner of their expanded profile. 

hypr screenshot

With this feature, it’s easy to organize influencers for future marketing campaigns, particularly if you’re planning to work with several influencers, such as a campaign with multiple micro-influencers.

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Audience overlap 

One really exciting feature on HYPR is the audience overlap feature.  

For a marketing campaign, you might consider 10 influencers. But rather than engaging all the 10 influencers, HYPR can show you if that’s actually necessary. 

With the audience overlap feature, you’ll see the percentage of users common to your influencers. In some cases, 5 of the 10 influencers might already have 99% of the audience available to all 10 influencers. 

This way, you can use 5 influencers for your campaign, save cost, and still reach your target audience.  

Here’s an example from the 5 influencers I added to this “Fashion” list. 

hypr screenshot

Here, 506.3K of the total 509.7K followers are unique.  

You can see the number of unique followers of each influencer below their image. 

 In this case, there’s no need to eliminate any of the influencers since they possess unique followers.  

Also, you can see the combined age, ethnicity, and gender of the followers at the left side. Below is the audience geography.

hypr screenshot

In comparison to the audience overlap for the list above, check out the list for the Kardashians: 

hypr screenshot

Here, it’s obvious that less than half of the total audience size is unique. Which means they have millions of followers in common.  

Therefore, it makes sense to eliminate some of them from a campaign as half of the influencers with the biggest follower counts can reach most of the audience. 

The audience overlap tool shows the combined audience size for Instagram by default. To see the audience on other social channels, select “Twitter” or “All Networks.” 

hypr screenshot

When you select “All Networks,” the audience size becomes bigger. If you want to see how each influencer contributes to the audience size, click “Graph” at the top. 

hypr screenshot

With the audience overlap tool, you can get the maximum reach from as few influencers as possible. To achieve this, HYPR provides details about influencers whose followers are redundant. 

Running an influencer campaign 

After researching influencers for your campaign, and adding them to a list, the next step is to create your influencer marketing campaign. 

First, click on “Campaign Measurement” at the navigation bar in your account. This leads to a page where you can track your campaigns. But if you have no campaign yet, you can create it here. 

hypr screenshot

Click “Create New Campaign” to begin. 

hypr screenshot

Here, enter basic details about your campaign such as campaign name, date, and keyword. On the next page, add thinfluencers you want to your campaign. 

hypr screenshot

When you click on “Add Influencer,” HYPR loads a form where you can enter thhandles of your influencers.  

hypr screenshot

After doing this, you can click on what you want to track and fill in the details – this is something that is very exciting because it allows you to track each sponsored post made by the influencers you work with and track the results in real time.  

For example, if they posted a regular Instagram post, you can add it here to track so that you can see how many interactions it received.

When you’re done with this, click “Add.” Then you’ll see your dashboard. Here, the influencers are yet to be invited.  

hypr screenshot

If you scroll down, you’ll see your campaign analytics dashboard that’s yet to be populated with values. This is because the campaign is yet to run. 


Apart from analytics, you can see the posts, stories, and influencers on other tabs. Now to begin your campaign, you need to approach the influencers with your offer. Of course, not every influencer will be willing to work with you. 

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To make the whole process easier, HYPR offers the Creator Relationship Management (CRM) Suite where you can track your interactions with influencers in one place.  

Details such as the number of influencers you’ve approached, the number of emails opened, the number of influencers who have responded and others. 

hypr screenshot

Added to these, you can see your budget, the amount you’ve spent, and the number of candidates for your campaign. With this tool, it’s easier to manage your interactions with influencers. 

For easy organization, HYPR categorizes candidates into different categories.  


After building up a list of influencers for your campaign and setting up your budget, you can begin your campaign. During your campaign, HYPR provides vital metrics to track performance.  

Some vital details are the number of posts in your campaign, overall engagement, and participating influencers.  

hypr screenshot

Furthermore, you’ll see the engagement rates for each influencer and the engagement timeline.  

In the “Posts” tab, the posts in your influencer campaign are displayed. Finally, there’s the audience geography, age, ethnicity, and gender of your campaign audience.  


As a matter of fact, one of the brightest spots I’ve found in HYPR’s excellent service is its customer support. If you have any hiccup while using the tool or just find a metric confusing, their customer support is always ready to answer all your questions.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The Ultimate Tool to Acquire Customers Through Influencer Marketing: a review of @HYPRBrands #influencermarketing” quote=”The Ultimate Tool to Acquire Customers Through Influencer Marketing: a review of @HYPRBrands #influencermarketing”]


Influencer marketing has massively grown in popularity over the years for one simple reason: it works.

However, there are now so many influencers that it can be very difficult to find the right ones to work with.

With HYPR, you have a tool that can help you find the influencers to reach your actual buyer personas and target audience.

Added to this, you can reach out to these influencers, run campaigns, and track your performance as you go along – this is something that really simplifies the process and would definitely recommend to anyone struggling to manage their influencer marketing campaigns or who simply want to generate better results in less time.

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