How to promote a hotel on Instagram properly

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How to promote a hotel on Instagram properly

Instagram is a powerful tool for brand promotion. There are already many exemplary hotel accounts. Surely, your competitors will be among them.

The page of your hotel in Instagram can also be a good channel for promotion. There are three important actions without which it is impossible:

  • filling out a profile;
  • content creation;
  • online and offline promotion.

Correctly fill in your profile

Make the hotel logo the title picture of the profile. If there is no logo, use a photo that will show you to the guests: reception, main entrance, memorable decoration elements.

In the description, tell us about your unique offers and competitive advantages. Here, the main task is to catch the guest at a glance. In a few seconds, he should understand what you are offering and where to look for it.

Add your phone and email to your profile so that the guest can get in touch with you quickly. If you have a business profile, setting up the communication buttons is more convenient than typing everything by hand. This way, subscribers can call or email you directly from your profile.

What to publish

Put yourself in the guest’s shoes and think about what might interest him. Tell us what you have to offer to make your guests feel comfortable at the hotel. If you often have children coming to visit with you, show that your rooms are fully equipped. Or concentrate on the entertainment that the hotel has to offer.

A photo will do for your profile:

  • interior;
  • the sights nearby;
  • hotel staff;
  • celebrities who’ve been staying at your hotel;
  • regular guests: people are interested in watching live photos.

The main thing about the content you post is that it’s good for the guest.

Attract more subscribers

A beautiful account is great. But you have to make people know about it. Every subscriber you have is a potential guest, and guests are potential subscribers.

Tell us about the account on your resources, on Instagram, third-party websites and partners (like Victoria Inn Hotel Winnipeg do) and in person when guests come to the hotel.

On your resources.

  • Add social network buttons to the official website.
  • Tell subscribers of other social networks that you have a profile on Instagram.
  • Tell us about your account directly on your booking confirmation.

Instagram has internal promotion tools:

  1. Contests, voting, polls

They raise the activity of subscribers, motivate them to like your posts and leave comments. The easiest thing is to offer guests to publish a photo with your hashtag in exchange for a small discount or bonus.

  1. Likes and subscriptions

Don’t be skimpy on likes and sign up for potential guests. This way you’ll notice your guests to your account. If your content seems interesting to a person, he will also subscribe to you.

  1. Hashtags.

They have several useful actions at once:

They make it easier to navigate your account. A unique branded hashtag will show you all the posts about the hotel.

I advise you not to treat the hotel profile as an ordinary advertising platform. Endless ads about your services are unlikely to supply you with subscribers, or even reduce. Approach the management of your account in Instagram creatively, with a sense of humor. Be a friend to your guest.


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