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How grocery loyalty programs could save families struggling with the cost of living crisis

In the last few years we have experienced unprecedented times, and faced challenges not seen for a century. As we move towards the end of the global pandemic, we are now facing a serious rise in the cost of living

As we see the effects of inflation, and a now possible recession in the not too distant future, it is imperative for governments and businesses to implement services that can reduce some of the pain people are experiencing.

What is creating the cost of living crisis?

In the UK, there are now two main factors in why we are seeing a cost of living crisis which is affecting millions of people across the country. As the political bureaucracy of Brexit still affects the import and exports of products, the British people have seen the strength of their money weaken in comparison to previous years.

Another factor is the global inflation which has taken afoot in the past couple of years. As inflation causes prices to rise quicker than their salaries, many people are feeling the cost of living, and nowhere else do people feel these affects more than their food bill.

The rise in food prices

According to the Food and Drink Federation(Fdf), the food and non alcoholic inflation has increased to the highest rates in over a decade. This is an effect of the two factors mentioned above, and it is causing many shoppers to find new ways to reduce their food bill.

What is a grocery loyalty program?

A grocery loyalty program is when a grocery company offers you discounts and rewards for repeat purchases at their store. One of the oldest and most famous loyalty programs is the Tesco clubcard, which is regularly praised as one of the best grocery loyalty programs available on the market.

Why do grocery loyalty programs work?

To understand why they work, you have to understand why companies offer them. A good loyalty program not only encourages customers to frequently use their store, it is also an effective multi use tool for the business. We live in such a data driven world that customers wish to compile as much data as they can on each customer, to further optimise their business.

Companies can use data to improve their marketing costs, staff costs, and, most importantly, their inventory costs. A reduction in these costs will then be passed on to the consumers at the checkouts.

As we talk about the effects of the living crisis on people’s food bills, we have to address the fact that many food stores are throwing out huge amounts of food each day. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the UK throws out 9.5million tonnes of food waste each year, 70% of which is produced for human consumption. This is a frightening statistic in a world where people are struggling with their food bills due to the living crisis. For this reason, a good grocery loyalty program can help the companies improve their data on how to reduce this wastage.

The simplicity of a loyalty program

Ultimately, a good grocery loyalty program offers customers discounts and special offers as a reward for their repeat business. As families struggle with the cost of living crisis, every pound saved will help.

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