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The ultimate tool to execute your business tasks at a low cost

Juggling multiple tools can be a waste of your time and money. Beyond that, you have to deal with the learning curve that comes with these tools.

But this is the reality most small businesses find themselves in today. From meetings to storage to project management, you need tools for different purposes.

However, when you discover a tool that can replace two or more tools, it’s only a no-brainer to pay attention.

In this Flowz review, I’ll show you various aspects of this multipurpose tool. I believe you’ll find it interesting that Flowz can replace as many as 3 or more tools in your workplace.

Apart from these tools, there’s a service section where you can get many tasks done for your business in little time.

How can Flowz help you run your business more smoothly? In a moment, we’ll go through the important details.

Running your business with Flowz

When you log in to your Flowz account, the first page you’ll see is your dashboard. Here, you can see the summary of your activities.

Luckily, you have an option to customize how your dashboard looks. Just click on “Customize” at the top right corner of the page.

Once you do this, you’ll see a popup to select the widgets you want to see on the dashboard. Below that, you can change your background to any of the over 15 backgrounds available.

To dive further into each application, you can do that at the top left bar. The applications here include:

  • Drive
  • Talk
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Projects
  • Meeting
  • Activity
  • Contacts
  • Circles
  • Call Center
  • eSign

Once you click on any of these, the tool will open on a new page.

Flowz Drive

On this page, you can create folders for different use cases and add files to them. To access this tool, click on “Drive” at the top left bar.

Here, you can create new folders and other types of files. When you click on “New,” you’ll see the options available.

Looking at the drop-down, you can also upload a file from your computer when you click on “Upload file.” So, if you have a file you want to share with your team, you can upload it to the relevant folder.

Beyond uploading files, you can also create them within your Flowz profile. For instance, there’s an option to create a document right here. 

Rather than navigating to an external tool, you can write content within minutes. For example, when you click on “Document,” Flowz will open up the editor.

Beyond documents, you can also create spreadsheets, presentations, and even whiteboards. For a folder or file, you can access more functionality by clicking on the three dots on the folder.

At the left sidebar, there are icons that let you view files according to different criteria.

You can see your recent, favourite, or shared files. Furthermore, you can organize files based on tags. When you scroll down this page, you’ll see the amount of storage you’ve used. Of course, available storage depends on the Flowz plan you’ve subscribed to.

Flowz Talk

In the “Talk” section, you can have conversations with your team members and guests. These guests can also be your clients.

To access this section, click on “Talk” at the top left bar of your Flowz page. Once you do this, you’ll see your conversations on the page.

You can begin a conversation by clicking on the “+” icon at the top left corner of the page. This will trigger a popup where you can fill in the details of a conversation.

Here, you can create restrictions on who can join the conversation. For instance, Flowz provides the option to allow guests or other Flowz users in your company to join the conversation. Likewise, you can protect the chat with a password.

After selecting your preference, click on “Add participants.” Then, you can add participants that you want to discuss with.

This tool is vital when you need to talk about various campaigns or other aspects of your business. And apart from that, you can create conversations with clients on their projects.

Flowz Mail

To use the Mail feature, you have to connect your email account first. Flowz allows you to select among Flowz, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo mail accounts.

If you want to connect your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo account, you’ll have to create an app password that you can use on Flowz. For instance, to import mail from your Gmail account, click on “Manage your Google Account” in your mail and then select “Security.”

After connecting your account, there are features you can exploit here for more effective communication. First, you can send emails right from Flowz. 

If you receive a lot of emails, you can mark some senders as important. Doing this will ensure their emails end up in the priority inbox. 

There’s also an option to mark some emails as favourites. You can uncover even more options when you click on the three dots beside each element in the left sidebar.

Here, you can add a sub mailbox. At the bottom left corner, there are more mail settings to make your mail communication more effective.

Flowz Calendar

When planning tasks for a day, week, or month, you need to specify the time to complete these tasks. That’s why using a calendar is vital to keeping yourself, and your team focused.

With Flowz calendar, you can see an overview of a day’s, week’s, or month’s activities. To access the calendar, click on “Calendar” at the top left bar.

You can select a period based on the events or tasks you want to see. Furthermore, you can see the list of all events for a period when you click on “List.”

Flowz Projects

From time to time, every business has to run projects. This can be to develop new products, improve current products, launch marketing campaigns, or hire new employees.

Put simply, there are many projects you can run. And Flowz has provided tools to get your projects executed on time. To access these features, click on “Projects” at the top left bar.

Inside a specific project, you can specify the tasks you’ve done, the ones you’re currently doing, and the ones slated for the future. Flowz uses a simple Kanban-style to display the tasks under each list. And you have the option to add more lists or edit the current ones.

To edit the task, click on it. Doing this will bring up a popup on the right side of your page.

Here, you can add a tag or assign a user to the card. Moreso, you can set a due date and write a detailed description of the results you intend to achieve after completing the task.

You can also upload new files or share them from Flowz Drive if they’re relevant to your task. Beyond that, you can drop comments while executing the tasks. The last section here is the timeline which displays every activity on your card.

Once you finish a task, you can move it from the current list to the next one. If you click on “Task Deadlines,” you’ll see deadlines as they come up.

Flowz Meeting

The reality today is that you have to work with team members thousands of miles away. The same applies to clients.

Unfortunately, sending emails can be insufficient to discuss some vital issues. In some cases, you need to meet with as many as three or four team members.

Flowz Meeting is an app that solves these problems with audio and video calls. Beyond that, you can share your screen and even chat during the conference call.

On the meeting page, you’ll find many actions to take including:

  • Starting a new meeting
  • Joining a meeting
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Viewing upcoming meeting

On a call, there are even more available actions. For example, you can manage presentations, add new participants, or even record the call.

Beyond the tools I’ve explained, there are even more tools to explore in Flowz. The call center makes it easy to run a customer support solution for your business.

Meanwhile, the eSign feature allows you to send documents to people for digital signatures. Likewise, with the “Circles” feature, you can create different groups of people for different purposes.

Collaboration on Flowz

While going through this tool, you’ll discover that many of the features have been added with collaboration in mind. But to collaborate with your team members, you have to invite them to the platform.

To do this, click on “Invite” at the top right corner of your page. Doing this will trigger a popup where you can enter your team member’s name and email address.

The team member will receive an invite in their email inbox. Apart from team members, you can also invite your clients onto the platform.

Flowz Services

Another vital aspect of the Flowz ecosystem is the services section. In this section, you can get experts to take up a lot of services for a fee.

Luckily, there’s a wide range of services that you can employ here. You can also use the search button at the top right corner to find a service.

Furthermore, Flowz allows you to use the filters at the left sidebar to find a service in little time. Once you find the service you’re looking for, click on it for more details. For instance, I’ve selected content writing service here.

On the page, I can fill in more details to help the Flowz expert do a good job. There’s also a cost analysis on the right side of the page.

 With Flowz services, you can outsource many tasks to Flowz experts. Another benefit here is that you don’t have to go around hunting for the right freelancers.

Flowz customer support

If you have any issues while using this tool, Flowz makes it easy to contact customer support through:

  • Chat
  • Knowledge base

The best part about it is that you can access the support from your dashboard. While using the tool, you’ll find a button at the top right corner labelled “How it Works?”

When you click on this button, you’ll see a knowledge base article about the particular feature you’re using.

Flowz pricing

For its features, Flowz is one of the most affordable tools you can use today. It also has two simple pricing plans.

Flowz pricing plans include:

  • Free: as the name implies, this plan is free forever. You get 2 GB storage and 30 days of activity logs. For services, you get a rate of $0.27 per minute, 24 hours turnaround time, and 2 revisions per job.
  • Premium: this plan costs $12.5 monthly. You get 100 GB storage and 1 year of activity logs. For services, you get a rate of $0.23 per minute, 16 hours turnaround time, and 5 revisions per job.

You can use the free plan to see the possibilities before signing up for the premium plan.


Once in a while, you’ll find a tool that can eliminate a lot of stress in your business operation and make your tasks more efficient. Flhttps://www.flowz.com/signup?utm_source=Lilach_Bullock&utm_medium=Lilach_ContentMarketing&utm_campaign=Influencer_2021&utm_id=LB_Post&utm_term=LB_Marketing&utm_content=Contentowz achieves this with tools that most businesses depend upon today.

I’ve found Flowz to be a reliable tool that can conveniently replace at least 3 tools you currently use in your business. But you can see for yourself by signing up for the free plan.

What are the most important needs in your business operations? Does Flowz meet them? Let me know in the comments!

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