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Flower Decoration Ideas for a Radiant Home

Flower prints and decorations can quickly add life to your home, thanks to their beautiful colors and shapes. Fresh flower arrangements can bring more than just a unique pattern to the house, as they can also add more oxygen and fragrance to a space. Whether you opt for fabric, photos, or the real thing, these interesting decor ideas can bring the best of the outdoors inside.

How to Add Flower Decor to Your House

Framed Botanical Printables (Bold or Muted)

A flower gallery wall that could fit in any farmhouse or country home will look elegant on your hallway or living room wall. Muted colors or washed-out photos look best with this wood furniture, but bold pop-art daisies can stand out against white or neutral-colored walls.

Assorted Perfume Bottle Arrangement

Repurpose perfume bottles into beautiful petite flower vases by washing out the contents with soap and vinegar and stripping the paint. Californianians can order for Bouqs flower delivery in San Francisco if they want to swap their dying perennials with fresh blooms on their schedule.

Floral Printed or Painted DIY Furniture

Print out copies of a botanical fabric and carefully use an Exacto knife to cut out the portions of the print you wish to add to a dresser, chair, or table. Use medium-strength adhesive to place the botanicals on your furniture and coat it with a clear acrylic sealant once the glue dries.

Throw Pillows with a Floral Design

Floral printed pillows can be found at most decoration or home stores, but you can also sew a pillowcase yourself after buying a botanical fabric. Floral throw pillows look great on patternless couches and chairs, but if you want a bohemian look, pair clashing patterns together.

Flower Tub Board for Baths

Instead of a wired tub board, buy or create a pressed flower board by locating a spare flat piece of wood. Sand down the wood to ensure no harsh edges can cut you. Dip dried flowers in paint and press them down on the board for color. Finally, seal the board with a wood sealant. 

Teacup Vases for Cut-Flowers

Fill ornate teacups with small roses with the stem almost wholly cut-off. Place common haircap moss where the stem is poking out to complete the arrangement. Water your teacup frequently because the smaller vase size will make it harder for the plants to stay hydrated.

Kissing Balls with Crepe Paper Flowers

Kissing balls are small to large decorative balls that can be filled with crepe paper to add texture. Place these kissing balls on the mantle of your fireplace or in the kitchen for color. Be sure they’re sturdy enough that they can be laid on candlesticks without crushing the paper.

Patterned Fabric for Furniture or Blankets

An older piece of fabric furniture could use a positivity tune-up. The boldness of the print can range based on your style and other decorative features. If you don’t want to buy new furniture or cover existing pieces, buy or make a throw blanket for the living room or bedroom.

Holiday Decor with a Floral Touch

During the holidays, you can add a floral touch to traditional items, like a YuleTide Wreath, Christmas Tree, or Menorah. Decorate these objects with fake or real flowers at the base to look like the item is sprouting from the ground, or fashion a garland that can wrap around the piece.

Silk Flower Mobiles for a Nursery

A unique way to add flowers to your home is by creating a silk flower mobile for your baby’s room. Made for looks rather than play, it can make for a beautiful addition to a nursery. Hang the mobile downwards, like a reverse bouquet, and add ribbons, lights, or other ornaments. 

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