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Need more traffic? Link-Building is where it’s all at. Here’s the simplest way to do it!

You can SEO your article from top to bottom, but if you’re not building great backlinks, you’re missing out on a bunch of traffic. 

In case you aren’t sure, backlinks are links to your website from other sites. Decent backlinks prove that you’re not just a random person spouting useless info. They give you some kind of authority, which is invaluable for becoming successful online. 

If gaining more traffic, better traffic, and bumped-up authority is what you’re after, here’s how to use link-building to do it with as little fuss as possible. 

The Power of Link-Building 

How often have you bought a particular thing/course/programme/experience because it’s endorsed by a celebrity? Or gone to a specific specialist because your trusted doctor recommends them? 

Getting a finger-point from a trusted authority is like a shining beacon. Imagine being a business person and getting a shout-out from Richard Branson. Or being a college-level football player and being name-dropped by Tom Brady. 

That’s what backlinks have the potential to be. A “celebrity” endorsement. An authority in your niche’s thumbs-up. A testimony to how good you are at what you do. 

The Link-Building Challenge 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But link-building is not without its challenges. In fact, many businesses neglect it entirely because either a) they don’t know it’s a thing, or b) they have no idea how to go about doing it. 

Those who do venture into it without having a great idea of how to go about it run into challenges pretty quickly. Link-building is a process. It’s not just something you do once and then it’s done. Or something you can casually get done at the end of your work day. 

And there’s so much that goes into it, that chances are high that at least one of the steps will be a challenge for you. Link-building requires: 

  • Researching prospects 
  • Selecting sites for outreach 
  • Writing top-quality content 
  • Choosing which pages to link to 

It also typically involves being ignored, being rejected, and having to go with lower-authority links rather than the ones you’d really like. 

So What’s the Solution? 

Link-building is a necessity if you want to be seen as an authority in your niche. Ignore it at your peril! There are two ways to go about building quality backlinks, and I can promise one is much easier than the other. 

  • Do the hard, tedious work yourself 
  • Get a link-building agency to do it for you 

DIY Link-Building 

Sure, you can do it yourself. But I don’t recommend it unless you have a lot of time and energy on your hands. Here’s why: 

  • Takes a long time 
  • Requires focused daily effort 
  • Needs to be done on top of normal content creation 
  • Google algorithms change often 

Every aspect of running a business and a website takes up your valuable time during the day. Why fight through the complicated process of link-building when you can get someone else to do it for you? 

Link-Building Agency 

A link-building agency is the way to go. They’re up to their ears in link-building experience, up-to-date with the latest algorithms, and have the time to dedicate to building quality links. 

Traditional link-building methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. It’s an art and a science, and link-building agencies are the artists and scientists. 

My Recommendation: dofollow.io 

The catch is choosing a reputable link-building agency. Not all of them have your website’s best interests at heart! 

Want backlinks from top-authority sites like HubSpot, ZenDesk, MSN and the like? Enjoy working with companies who are easy to deal with and over-deliver? dofollow.io is the link-building company to have on your side. 


dofollow.io is a reputable, trustworthy link-building agency that specialises in growth for B2B, web tech, cyber security, HR/Ed-tech, and SaaS businesses. 

Here’s why I recommend them over most others: 

  • Superior link quality: Backlinks are built on relevance and a high level of authority. You won’t find any fluff links! 
  • Link diversity: Link variety is essential for a natural-looking and performing website. dofollow.io gets their variety right, which pleases the great Google. 
  • Strategy: There’s no hit-and-miss here. They build your strategy according to a number of factors, including niche, objectives, and where your business is right now. 
  • Consistency & Time: These link-builders know that quality takes time. They’re upfront about that, but they deliver what they promise over time. 
  • KPIs: Not all links are created equal. With dofollow.io, you get links that have been assessed for relevance, domain rating, and growth, among other things. 
  • Reporting: You’ll have access to all the metrics you need so you can see exactly how your links are performing for you. 
  • Pay-For-Performance: You only pay for the links they secure, although there’s a minimum budget of $3,000 p/m. IMO – worth every penny. 

Apart from the link-related stuff, they’re just a great company to deal with. 

  • Previous experience that shows their expertise 
  • Excellent communication that keeps you informed. 
  • Quick answers to your questions. 
  • Flexibility thanks to a no-retainer policy. 
  • No hidden costs. 
  • Simple onboarding process. 


What I love about dofollow.io is that they don’t just do the same old thing and expect new results. There’s no “traditional” link-building that recycles old links from a dusty list or over-optimizes anchors to your detriment. 

dofollow.io avoids any old tricks that may be “easy” but compromises your site’s authority. They’re not just about handing you links and leaving you to do your thing with them, either. They take an active role in helping you outrank competitors and stream in organic traffic. 

Final Thoughts 

Link-building is something you can’t afford to neglect. If you want to grow, you NEED to be getting quality backlinks to your site. 

And using a reputable link-building agency is a no-brainer. Unless you have the time and energy to devote to it yourself (and let’s face it – who has extra time, as an entrepreneur?), using an agency is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to build your site’s authority. 

I wholeheartedly recommend dofollow.io. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and expect nothing less for you!

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